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Destiny 2: The Final Shape is here, and to help prepare you for the fight against The Witness, we’ve put together the best builds for Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. These D2 builds give you all the tools needed to stomp out the darkness inside the Pale Heart of the Traveler.

Do note that within the Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign, you’ll get access to the Prismatic subclass that should carry you for most of that campaign. The setups we have provided for each class are still a viable option for whatever is thrown your way.

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  • The Final Shape Hunter Build
  • The Final Shape Titan Build
  • The Final Shape Warlock Build

Best Final Shape Hunter Build

For the best Final Shape Hunter build, we did our best to honor the main bot himself, Cayde-6. This Solar Lucky Pants build gives you all the firepower needed to take on the enemy in your way.

Exotic ArmorLucky Pants
Exotic WeaponMalfeasance
SuperBlade Barrage
Class AbilityGamblers Dodge
MeleeKnife Trick
AspectsKnock 'Em Down
On Your Mark
FragmentsEmber of Torches
Ember of Singeing
Ember of Empyrean
Ember of Searing
Ember of Mercy


The best Exotic for this loadout will be Lucky Pants. Many Hunter mains were happy the Exotic legs dodged a nerf because of its strong ability to boost the damage of your equipped Hand Cannon.

There is an “Out of Luck” timer that resets this buff, but combined with the right weapon, high level enemies crumble with one mag.


We suggest the Solar Subclass for its ability to boost weapon damage with Radiant while keeping you alive with Cure and Restoration.

Blade Barrage is a solid super for this setup since it has a short cooldown and can take out large groups of enemies.

Knife Trick is perfect for defeating multiple enemies at once, and Gamblers Dodge recharges those when needed. For your Grenade, we suggest going with the Healing variant so you can instantly activate your Cure and Restoration effects to keep your health up high. It’s also a great option for team play since it heals allies as well.



For your Aspects, we first suggest going with Knock ‘Em Down for multiple reasons. This adds multiple projectiles to your Blade Barrage to increase its area of effect. Also, whenever you’re radiant, any knife final blow will result in a refund of your powered melee charge.

The second aspect is On Your Mark, which helps increase your reload and handling speed on precision final flows. This stacks up to three times for extra effect and you can even dodge to hit that max number immediately.


Fragments are as follows: Ember of Torches, Singeing, Empyrean, Searing, and Mercy.

  • Torches ensures you constantly have Radiants as long as you’re attacking with your powered melee. This combos perfectly with Knock ‘Em Down to ensure you instantly get that refunded knife.
  • Empyrean keeps your Radiant and Restoration effects going longer as long as you keep up Solar weapon or ability final blows.


With a Hand Cannon-focused armor Exotic, you need to combine it with something strong. Malfeasance is the perfect Exotic option for this for many reasons. First, it fires slugs that burrow into enemies, eventually exploding, dealing extra drama. It’s extra effective against Taken enemies and can even naturally stun Unstoppable Champions. If you’re lucky enough to have the Catalyst for this weapon, you’ll gain extra range and the Vorpal perk to deal more damage to vehicles and bosses.

Your other weapons are mainly based around damage while waiting for the Out of Luck debuff timer to disappear. Currently, we’re big fans of the rocket sidearm “Indebted Kindness” from the Warlords Ruin dungeon for its serious damage and ad-clear ability. For your Heavy, weapons like Apex Predator from the Last Wish Raid are great for burst damage against bosses.

Armor Mods

HelmetKinetic Siphon
Heavy Ammo Finder
ArmsHeavy Handed
Kinetic Loaded
ChestSolar Resistance
Arc Resistance
Void Resistance


LegsKinetic Weapon Surge
Powerful Attraction
Time Dilation

Kinetic Siphon is a great option for getting Orbs of Power from your Malfeasance final blows.

Hands-On gets your Super back fast with melee final blows, and Heavy Ammo Finder keeps your rocket filled to the brim.

On your arms, having Heavy Handed ensures every 10 seconds you’ll get orbs from your powered melee final blows. Also, Kinetic Loaded gets that reload off fast for your Malfeasance, so the buff can activate faster.

Chest piece is built with resistance mods based on what encounter you’re currently going into. Generally, we put on just an element resistance for basic play, but sometimes sniper or melee mods are needed instead.

Your leg mods are focused on Kinetic Surges to increase your damage by 17% while having an Armor Charge. You’ll get these charges by simply picking up an orb, but note they do have a timer on them. A Recuperation mod is great for getting health back when picking up those Orbs of Power.

Finally, your cloak should have Reaper to gain an orb when defeating a target after using your dodge, Powerful Attraction to automatically pick up those orbs when dodging, and Time Dilation to ensure your Armor Charges last longer.

This build is also set up to deal with different Champions that you’ll find in endgame content.

  • For Barrier champions, as long as you have Radiant active, your weapons can pierce their shields and stun them.
  • Unstoppables are stunned from your Malfeasance or by getting ignitions with Scorch damage.
  • Overload champs will just be based on that season's current champion mods so keep an eye on your Artifact for what works best.

Best Final Shape Titan Build

Exotic ArmorSynthocep
Exotic WeaponTractor Cannon
Class AbilityRally Barricade
MeleeFrenzied Blade
AspectsInto the Fray
Banner of War
FragmentsThread of Generation
Thread of Fury
Thread of Warding
Thread of Continuity

This Destiny 2: The Final Shape Titan won’t be too surprising for many since Strand Titan has been on top for quite a while. Incredible melee damage and healing provided by our Aspects and Fragments make this a juggernaut of a build. Even with upcoming nerfs to Strand Titan, this loadout is likely to still be the top choice for many guardians.



The Exotic for this setup is the classic Synthocep Exotic arms. The Bionic Enhancement trait increases your melee and super damage when surrounded while increasing reloading and handling for your equipped weapons. Now, many players might say, “Well, you get more melee damage from Wormgod Caress," to which I agree. The biggest reason we choose this is because you don’t have to keep up consistent kills to have your melee buff, plus it helps the Exotic weapon with this loadout.


Strand is the best choice for this setup for many reasons. First, its Super, Bladefury, is currently by far the strongest roaming Super for Titans. Players get increased melee damage and speed to slice any enemy in their way into ribbons while also being able to suspend them.

Your powered melee, Frenzied Blade, is a top choice and can also Sever targets, ensuring they do less damage. Grapple grenade is perfect for movement around the battlefield while also providing a massive melee hit on its completion.


The Aspects are what really take this loadout to the max.

Into the Fray provides you with damage reduction due to Woven Mail when destroying a tangle. This adds tankiness to this setup while also increasing your melee energy while having Woven Mail active.

The real reason why this build is so strong is the infamous Banner of War aspect. This provides you with increased melee damage and a healing pulse whenever you get a melee final blow, finisher, or Sword kill. It stacks up to four times and even increases when your teammates complete the same actions. Banner somehow turns this melee-focused setup into a partial support build because of that consistent healing provided.


The best Fragments are as follows: Thread of Generation, Fury, Warding, and Continuity.

  • First Generation increases your grenade energy when simply doing any damage. This means your Grapple returns faster for more movement and damage.
  • Fury is great for increasing your melee energy to get more of those Frenzied Blades activated.
  • Thread of Warding ensures your Titan has Woven Mail when picking up an Orb of Power for consistent damage reduction and melee energy.
  • Continuity increases the effects of your Sever, Unravel, and Suspending.



For the Exotic weapon we suggest the classic Tractor Cannon Power Shotgun. This weapon from the original Red War Campaign emits a powerful pulse that pushes back targets while also suppressing them. If that wasn’t enough it also debuffs targets for an additional 30% damage to make it perfect against champions and tougher bosses.

Another weapon to have in this loadout is a shotgun with One-Two Punch to gain increased melee damage on a single hit. Do note you have to shoot in between punches to gain this buff to damage. Your final weapon is completely up to you. Still, we suggest any of the Into The Light primaries for the Indomitability perf that increases your melee energy when getting a final blow.

Armor Mods

For the mods on your armor, everything is focused on creating melee energy to keep up those massive melee attacks.

Heavy Ammo Finder
ArmsHeavy Handed
Heavy Handed
Heavy Handed
ChestArc Resistance
Solar Resistance
Void Resistance
Better Already
Recuperation or Invigoration
Titan MarkReaper
One-Two Finisher

Your helmet should have two Hands-On to increase the super energy on melee final blows and a Heavy Ammo Finder to keep your Tractor Cannon filled.

On your Synthoceps, we recommend three Heavy Handed mods to give you an Orb of Power every second you get a final blow with it. Since this is a melee-focused build, you should constantly have charges available to keep orb generation flowing.


The Chest piece is also just based on what resistance you have at the time, but the Aspects of this loadout are barely relevant.

Leg mods should be a Recuperation for healing on orb pickup and an Invigoration to reduce the melee cooldown on your Frenzied Blades, plus either Recuperation to increase your tankiness or another Invigoration.

Finally, your Titan Mark should have a Reaper to get an orb of power on your weapon's final blow after activating your barricade. This is great in case you run out of powered melee attacks and need more orb generation. Also, an Outreach reduces the melee cooldown when activating your barricade as well. Finally, One-Two Finisher is perfect to generate melee energy when having full Armor Charge stacks and getting a finisher.

For Champions you can essentially deal with each of these within the subclass itself.

  • Barriers can be stunned with Unraveling weapon rounds, but simply suspending them with your Super should give you the time to take them out quickly.
  • Speaking of suspending, Unstoppable champs stun with this as well, so Bladefury is the perfect option.
  • Strand has nothing intrinsic to stun Overloads, but Tractor Cannon suppresses Overloads, stunning them.

Best Final Shape Warlock Build

Destiny 2's Warlock has a classic build that has somehow stood the test of time and a few nerfs along with that. Sunbracers are a perfect option for those looking to clear many enemies at once with giant Solar Grenades. This loadout is not only good for ad clear but also does a great job against bosses.

Exotic ArmorSunbracers
Exotic WeaponGjallarhorn
SuperWell of Radiance
Class AbilityPhoenix Dive
MeleeCelestial Fire
AspectsTouch of Flame
Heat Rises
FragmentsEmber of Torches
Ember of Empyrean
Ember of Searing
Ember of Singeing.


The exotic Sunbracers give your Warlock the ability to instantly throw up to four Solar grenades after getting a powered melee kill. This is a great option that synergizes with both Aspects in this build while also adding an immense amount of damage. Now, these recently have seen a bit of a nerf, but even so, the sheer damage this adds can’t be ignored.


Your subclass element needs to be Solar since you can't use the Sunbracers Exotic with other elements.

For your Super, we suggest Well of Radiance for its ability to keep you and your team alive in sticky situations. Well is perfect for those looking to flex between solo and team play since it fits both needs.


Phoenix Dive is great for those looking to move around more while also curing you in the process.

Either melee option works, but Celestial Fire is great if you’re looking to add a long-range melee option that scorches targets.

Finally, to make this build work, you must use the Solar Grenade. This continuously damages targets within its sphere while getting some added benefits from your Aspects.


The Aspects in this build are key to increasing the damage of your Solar Grenades while also keeping that gameplay loop flowing.

First, you need to equip Touch of Flame to increase the linger duration of your Solar Grenades. This also adds an effect that lobs lava at targets within the grenade's sphere. With this combined with your Sunbracers, the battlefield is covered in explosive damage, melting most targets.

Second, you need to equip Heat Rises so your guardian is able to shoot, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Also, if you consume your grenade, it instantly cures nearby allies and yourself. With this, you also gain a massive amount of melee energy when getting final blows while airborne, meaning you can feed your Sunbracers faster. A side note is that when you activate Phoenix Dive while having Heat Rises, you gain restoration and scorch targets upon landing.


The best Fragments are as follows: Ember of Torches, Empyrean, Searing, Singeing.

  • Torches keep up that Radiant effect as long as you’re doing damage with your powered melee.
  • Empyrean adds to your Radiant and Restoration timer with each Solar weapon or ability final blow.
  • Searing is very important for keeping up consistent melee energy as long as you’re scorching targets. Also, you gain a Firesprite that grants grenade energy on pickup, adding to the flow of this setup.
  • Finally, Singeing recharges your Phoenix Dive faster when scorching targets. All four of these fragments flow into one another, ensuring your Guardian has all the ability and power needed.


For the Exotic weapon, we suggest the classic Gjallarhorn for many reasons. First, it’s perfect for boss damage alongside all the Solar Grenades you throw around. It also adds more projectiles to your teammates' legendary rockets, meaning more team DPS.


Your other weapons are mainly your choice as well, but we recommend at least a Solar Primary with Incandescent. This spreads Scorch when defeating a target, meaning your abilities recharge faster. If you’re looking for great energy weapons, something like a Mountaintop or Scatter Signal should be the perfect combination for all-around damage.

Armor Mods

HelmetHarmonic Siphon
Ashes to Assets
Heavy Ammo Finder
ChestArc Resistance
Solar Resistance
Void Resistance
LegsSolar Weapon Surge
Solar Scavenger
Warlock BondReaper
Powerful Attraction

A Harmonic Siphon is perfect for Orb of Power generation with your Solar Primary. Heavy Ammo Finder keeps that rocket filled to the brim and Ashes to Assets gives Super energy when you defeat targets with your grenade.

Put three Firepower mods on your Sunbracers to ensure you’re getting consistent Orbs of Power on grenade kills.

The Chest piece is your choice, depending on what type of activity you’re currently going into.

Leg mods are focused on a couple of different areas, like damage with a Solar Weapon Surge, healing with Recuperation, and a Solar Scavenger to get more ammo for your Gjallarhorn.

Finally, your Warlock bond should have a Reaper to spawn an orb from getting a weapon final blow after using Phoenix Dive. Outreach so you gain melee energy after using your class ability and Powerful Attraction to gain all those orbs after using it.


  • For Barrier champions, as long as you have Radiant active, your weapons can pierce their shields and stun them.
  • Unstoppables are stunned from your Malfeasance or by getting ignitions with Scorch damage.
  • Overload champs will just be based on that season's current champion mods so keep an eye on your Artifact for what works best.

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