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PERSONAL DETAILSSurname: AndrewsFirst Names: Karen Anne HopeResidential Address: Apt 312, Lavista 1

Dubai Silicon Oasis,DubaiUnited Arab Emirates

Telephone Number: 056 227 6341 (M)Email: [emailprotected] of Birth: 14 September 1973Age: 41 years oldNationality: South AfricanMarital Status: MarriedHome Language: EnglishUAE Residence Visa: Yes (sponsored by husband)UAE Drivers Licence: YesWebsite:


My lifelong fascination with human behaviour culminated in qualifying as a clinical psychologist, graduating with distinction and full academic honours in 2008. With 6 years of clinical experience working independently and consulting as part of a multidisciplinary team in a cross-cultural environment, I excel at psychotherapeutic and neuropsychological assessment including detailed clinical history, appropriate psychometric evaluation and collation of collateral information and the formulation/implementation of clear treatment plans. I draw on cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic methodologies as determined by the needs of each client. I have worked extensively with children and with adults.

I am a talented communicator, conflict negotiator and team leader with an affinity for management as well as a confident researcher and lecturer who relates easily to people from all cultures and creeds. I am a critical thinker, able to adapt to the demands of my environment.


Clinical Psychologist: Board registered with Dubai Health Authority Clinical Psychologist: Board registered with Health Professions Council of South Africa


Postgraduate Degree: Master of Commerce (2007 – 2008)Subject: Clinical Psychology (with Distinction/Cum Laude)Research Thesis: Normative Indications for Xhosa-speaking Unskilled

Workers on the Trail Making Test and the Stroop Test (with Distinction/Cum Laude)

Postgraduate Degree: Bachelor of Commerce Honours (2003)Subject: Psychology (with Distinction/Cum Laude)Research Thesis: Rhodes University 1st Year Psychology Students: An

Exploration of Identity (with Distinction/Cum Laude)

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (2000 – 2002)Major Subjects: Information Systems (with Distinction/Cum Laude)

Psychology (with Distinction/Cum Laude)

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

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Normative Indications for Xhosa-speaking Unskilled Workers on the Trail Making and Stroop Tests.Andrews, Karen; Shuttleworth-Edwards, Ann; Radloff, Sarah // Journal of Psychology in Africa; 2012, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p333

South African Neuropsychological Society (SACNA) 12th Biennual Conference, March 2010. Special Symposium: Test development in the South African cross-cultural Arena: Comparative normative data for the WAIS-III, WISC-IV and selected neuropsychological tests. (Normative Indications for Xhosa-speaking Unskilled Workers on the Trail Making and Stroop Tests)

Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) Conference, August 2009. Special pre-conferenceWorkshop. (Normative Indications for Xhosa-speaking Unskilled Workers on the Trail Making and Stroop Tests)



May 2010 – April 2014

Organisation: South African Department of HealthPosition: Clinical Psychologist (permanent post)Description: Psychotherapeutic and neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis and

treatment/intervention - the provision of psychological services to a diverse range of child and adult individuals, groups and communities in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team, based at a dedicated psychiatric clinic and working closely with a major training psychiatric hospital.Supervision of clinical intern psychologists and intern art therapists.Developed and presented workshops to diverse client audiences.Please see Appendix A for a detailed description

January 2009– December 2009

Organisation: Fort England HospitalPosition: Clinical Psychologist (one year contract)Description: Forensic assessment and case management for the Maximum Security Unit;

group work and individual therapy for the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit; running a ward based anger management program; inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy; scholastic assessments, neuro-cognitive screenings, neuropsychological assessments and appropriate referrals; initiation of community outreach program to an under privileged rural secondary school; provided workshops, training and support to HIV/AIDS clinic.Please see Appendix A for a more detailed description

January 2008 – December 2008

Organisation: Fort England HospitalPosition: Intern Clinical Psychologist (one year contract)Description: Intern forensic assessment and case management for the Maximum Security

Unit; group work and individual therapy for the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit; assessment, case management and individual therapy for Female Acute Psychotic ward, group work and individual therapy for Male Pre-discharge ward, inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy; scholastic assessments, neuro-cognitive screenings, neuropsychological assessments and appropriate referralsPlease see Appendix A for a more detailed description

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

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July 2005 - January 2007

Organisation: Frobel Sungrass American SchoolPosition: English Teacher, Life Skills Program DeveloperDescription: Proposed and developed life skills program for students aged 4 – 14 years,

teaching grammar, conversation and creative writing to children aged 4 - 14.

December 2004 – June 2005

Organisation: Sesame Street English SchoolPosition: English TeacherDescription: Teaching grammar, conversation and creative writing to children aged 4 – 14.


March 2004 – May 2004

Organisation: Mercer Human Resource ConsultingPosition: Assistant to Snr. Human Capital Manager (short term contract)Description: Composition of business correspondence, emails and memos, diary management

on outlook, co-ordination of meetings, power-point presentations, online research, spreadsheets.


2009 - 2014

Designed, developed and presented a number of workshops to schools (teachers, students), hospitals (patients, nurses) and community client groups.

2007 – 2008

Designed, developed and presented a seminar on sexual identity and gender identity for masters students.

I supervised undergraduate volunteers on a community autism project. I also mentored psychology honours students.

2000 – 2003

While completing undergraduate and honours studies, I was a supplementary lecturer for Economics 1 and Information Systems 2. Many students credited me with their successful exam results.

I tutored Psychology 1, 2 and 3; Industrial Psychology 3; Economics 1; Information Systems 2.

I also taught computer literacy to underprivileged children.


June 1998 – June 1999

Organisation: Citibank N.A.Position: Vendor Manager (one year contract)Description: As part of the Year 2000 Project Team, liaised with purchasing department to

procure multi million dollar purchases of data centre computer equipment, handled contract negotiations and service level agreements.

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

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February 1998 –April 1998

Organisation: Chase Manhattan Bank Position: Human Resource AssistantDescription: I was the assistant to the Graduate Recruitment branch of the HR Department,

sourcing and head hunting high level graduates.

August 1997 – January 1998

Organisation: SBC Warburg Dillon Read Position: Human Resources Operations AssistantDescription: Liaised with departments and agencies to fulfil various specs, arranging

interviews, administration of hiring process and managing orientation.


June 1995 – June 1997

Organisation: Coca Cola SABCO Position: Branch SecretaryDescription: Composition of business correspondence, emails and memos, diary management

on outlook, national and international travel arrangements, co-ordination of meetings, minutes of meetings, liaison with management and staff


Iain Reid – Head of Psychology, Fort England Hospital (Clinical Supervisor)Tel: +27 46 622 7003 (office)Email: [emailprotected]

Ms N. Mtoba – Senior Manager, South African Department of Health, Sub Makana DistrictTel: +27 46 622 4901Email: [emailprotected]

Professor Ann Edwards – Rhodes University (assessment supervisor and masters research supervisor andco-author)Email: [emailprotected]

Jan Knoetze – Head of Rhodes University Psychology ClinicTel: +27 46 603 8500Email: [emailprotected]

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews





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Clinical Psychologist: 1 May 2010 to 31 April 2014Department of Health: Makana Sub-district

As an intern and immediately after qualifying, I worked at Fort England Hospital, South Africa, the major psychiatric hospital at which I completed my training, gaining valuable experience in all aspects of the clinical psychology field. After that I was employed by the South African Department of Health as the resident full-time psychologist of a busy psychiatric outpatient clinic, with close links to Fort England Hospital - the same hospital at which I trained. I had to set up the clinic and manage its services. This included building relationships with clinical resources in the area, setting up and managing psychological services at other clinics in nearby areas and gaining the trust of the community gatekeepers - all in a multicultural, multilingual environment. I maintained close ties with Fort England Hospital and took part in in-service training and continued professional development throughout my employment in this post. I have long experience of working closely with a multidisciplinary team to provide psychological assessment (including diagnosis, psychological formulation and treatment plan), treatment and management of child and adult patients in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings. Assessment, psychological formulation, diagnosis and the development of a clear treatment plan are particular strengths of mine, as I was fortunate enough to be trained and supervised by Professor David Edwards, one of the foremost international authorities on cognitive behavioural therapy and schema therapy, in the art and science of psychological assessment including structured interviews, clinical history taking, psychological formulation, development of treatment plans and report writing. I was also trained and supervised in neuropsychological assessment by Professor Ann Shuttleworth-Edwards, a prominent neuropsychologist who has received international recognition for her contributions to the field of cross-cultural psychological research, and who is cited by the "bibles" of neuropsychology. I wrote my Master's thesis under her supervision and the article I wrote based upon my research was published in an international journal of psychology, with myself as first author and Professor Shuttleworth-Edwards cited as second author. In my 6 years of practice, I have worked with many diverse child and adult clients from multiple demographics with a diverse range of mental disorders, ranging from the mildly dysfunctional to the extremely pathological, on an individual, family, group and systemic basis. In my therapies with individuals, families and groups, I draw on psychodynamic psychotherapy models and cognitive behavioural models as appropriate to the case. I keep clear, detailed and appropriate records of my work with a strict regard to confidentiality and the guiding ethics of my profession. I am passionate about psychology and being a psychologist, and I conduct my work with professionalism and empathy.

I have extensive experience of working with children and adolescents who have formed part of my clientele throughout my 6 years of clinical experience as previously explicated. I relate easily and well to children and adolescents, and enjoy working with these age groups who have always formed a significant part of my client demographic. I am trained in and have many hours of experience with both structured and unstructured play therapy for young children. I have also worked with many adolescents and teenagers.

In addition, my experience with neuropsychological assessment and brief screening assessments was largely with children and adolescents, who would generally be referred to the psychiatric hospital (Fort England Hospital) or the Psychiatric Clinic by concerned teachers and/or parents, or sometimes by the legal system. Neuropsychological assessments required a full battery of psychometric tests and a full clinical history supported by extensive collateral information as required by the needs of the case, whereas brief screening assessments were generally conducted under time pressure and focused on clinical history and brief screening for major learning disorders, disorders of early development, cognitive disability, psychopathology or risk assessment.

The primary purpose of the clinical psychologist position at the Port Alfred Psychiatric Clinic, South Africa, was to provide psychological assessment and psychological intervention at primary health care level at a dedicated psychiatric clinic in Port Alfred, South Africa and the surrounding areas - to provide clinical psychology services to individuals, groups and communities in collaboration with the health care team comprising consulting psychiatrists, medical doctors, clinical psychologists, community clinical psychologists, consulting social workers and nurses.

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

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Key responsibilities and performance areas of the clinical psychologist role:

Conduct suitability and needs assessment to identify the need for and type of psychological services required within the local district:- Together with the manager of the local service area, planning for and acquiring the necessary resources to ensure the provision of the above mentioned needs.Working within a multidisciplinary team to provide the identified psychological services.- Performing clinical psychological assessments to make diagnosis and plan/implement interventions- Provision of psychological expertise to multi-disciplinary teamProvide clinical psychology services in respect of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and psychological problems.- Work collaboratively and network with health care teams to provide holistic patient care.- Consider the individual, social, political and environmental factors that contribute to the psychological well being within communities in rural and urban settings and incorporate these factors when providing services. - Undertake appropriate research, analyse information and apply appropriate treatment to reduce distress, behavioural and psychological problems.- Provide therapeutic interviews and counselling to patients and the immediate social interactive environment.- Provide psychological assessments and assess results to identify the source of problems and determine the best line of treatment.- Provide follow-up services to groups and individuals for support and evaluation purposes.- Maintain detailed records of progress of therapy and results of assessments or brief screening assessments- Make appropriate referrals and feedback to referral sourcesActive involvement in the professional development of fellow mental health professionals- Participation in group discussions and case conferences, as well as liaison with other local clinics- Provision of orientation, support and supervision for psychologists in community service. - Provision of inservice trainingProfessional Judgment – reflecting on current processes and, as necessary, evaluating alternatives; engaging in innovative decision-making when unanticipated situations arise; andEngage in effective communication (both verbal and written) and interactions between departments, personnel and other service providers.Collaboration/Consultation – developing and maintaining relationships with clients, communities, and organizations, as well as negotiating and mediating between different stakeholder groupsCollect data, analyse these and use information for service planning, decision making and management reporting.Evaluate the results of programs aimed at improving personal and organisational effectiveness.Conduct academic research and use results to inform service planning.Provision of psychological services and expertise in community related research projectsIdentify and prioritise projects aligned to the strategic intent of the Department of Health.

Clinical Psychologist: 1 January 2009 – 31 December 2009Fort England Psychiatric Hospital

Maximum Security Unit (1 January – 31 July 2009): Forensic Assessment, forensic case managementAs I was interested in broadening my forensic skills and abilities, I returned to MSU as a fully qualified casemanager. I assessed for forensic fitness and responsibility, which occasionally involved fullneuropsychological assessments, as well as liaising with police, prosecutors, social workers and the familiesof the accused, and formed part of the multidisciplinary team managing each case.

Substance Abuse Treatment Unit (1 January – 11 December 2009): Group work, individual therapyThe focus of this placement was predominantly a group psychotherapy inpatient program for adults, withsupportive individual therapy as required. Together with a colleague, I designed and initiated a role-playbased psychotherapy group in the ward programme, and lead the two groups on a weekly basis. Individualtherapy was also provided and if necessary at discharge, brief orientated therapy with appropriate referralswas made, linking the patient to required resources. I formed part of the multi-disciplinary team makingdecisions about the treatment and management of each patient.

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

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Ward E (October - November 2009): Anger managementI lead a detailed seven-session anger management programme based primarily on basic Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles and self-control strategies (such as relaxation, mindfulness, problem-solving and assertiveness training).

Outpatient Psychology (1 January 2009 – 31 December 2009): GeneralA range of people come to Fort England Hospital for psychotherapy on an outpatient basis. These areusually patients who are unable to afford private psychotherapy or whose medical aid funds forpsychotherapy have been depleted. I worked with a range of patients for weekly individual sessions,including adults, adolescents and geriatrics. Some of these therapies were long term and others were of abriefer duration. I worked with these individuals on a variety of problems including: mood disorders,anxiety disorders, disorders usually occurring in childhood, family problems, schizophrenia, ADHD, sexualdysfunction, substance abuse, gender issues, etc. From1st July 2009 to 31st December 2009 I consulted at thePort Alfred CPS on a one-day-per-week basis, and from 1st November I worked there 2 days per week. Atthis clinic I offered brief and longer-term therapy, as well as various assessments (see below).AssessmentsThroughout the year I offered assessments at Fort England Hospital and in community settings for bothadults and children, including scholastic assessments, brief cognitive screening assessments, fullneuropsychological assessments, screening for ADHD, assessments of the patient’s needs and appropriatereferrals, and follow up assessments. Some of these assessments came through the Fort England HospitalCommunity Psychiatric Services clinic whereas others were directly referred.

Nombulelo Secondary School (1 January – 31 July 2009): Community outreach programmeTogether with a colleague, I initiated a community outreach programme to this senior school, which islocated in a disadvantaged socio-economic area and is comprised of students who are unable to affordprivate psychotherapy and who are unable to attend Fort England Hospital as outpatients for variousreasons. I offered individual assessments to a number of adolescents who were referred to me by the school,on a one-day-per-week basis. I conducted full neuropsychological assessments on some children and briefscreening assessments on others, as was required by each individual case.

Rafael Centre: Community HIV/AIDS clinic I initiated support and assistance to the staff of the Rafael centre in the form of telephone calls and visits onan ad hoc basis throughout the year. I assisted in identifying candidates for therapy and made appropriatereferrals. In March 2009 I worked with a team of volunteers (mostly university students) to design aprogram for an outreach programme offered to HIV-infected and HIV-affected children. I also attended anoutreach camp and offered crisis management therapy. In September 2009 I presented a workshop to young-adult volunteers involved in a second outreach programme (please see “workshops” below).

Workshops presentedWorkshop at Rafael CentreIn September 2009 I was asked to design and present a workshop to volunteers working with HIV infectedand affected children, to teach them basic counseling skills and assist them in managing their own emotions.I duly presented this one-day workshop, which was very well received. Special-Needs Learners Education WorkshopIn November 2009 I designed and presented a 2 hour workshop on ‘The psychologist’s role in identifyingchildren with special needs’, to approximately 50 local teachers from disadvantaged schools.

OtherJournal ClubI attended one journal club meeting per month and also formally presented my journal article in 2009 to mypeers and seniors in the discipline for review before publishing.

South African Society of Clinical Psychologists: Community Service RepresentativeI was elected to be the Community Service representative on the executive body of this society, and attendeda number of executive meetings in Johannesburg, where I offered the Comm Serv perspective and broughtforward various issues affecting Comm Serv psychologists.Friends of Fort England Hospital CharityI attended meetings of this charity in 2009, formed part of the volunteer group doing street collections andinitiated a fund-raising event in the form of a dinner-dance, which was a successful evening that raised asubstantial amount of money for the charity.

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

CV - Karen Andrews May 2015 Clinical Low Res - [PDF Document] (8)

Intern Clinical Psychologist: 1 January 2008 – 31 December 2008Fort England Psychiatric Hospital

Maximum Security Unit (1 January – 31 March 2008): Assessment, case management.My work in the maximum security unit involved the forensic assessment and case management ofobservation patients, including neuropsychological assessments, presentation of each case at the weeklyward rounds and working with the multi-disciplinary team in the overall management of each case. Iworked with state patients on an individual basis, and presented forensic cases at the hospital caseconference, where my summation and assessment in terms of forensic fitness and responsibility werescrutinized and discussed. I further presented journal articles to all interested parties at a CPD registeredjournal club.

Ward D Female Acute Psychotic (1 April – 30 June 2008): Assessment, case management, individualtherapyDuties included the assessment and diagnosis of acute psychotic female inpatients, attending ward roundsand working in a multi-disciplinary team in the management of each patient, as well as offering individualtherapy to specific patients. This included working with broad spectrum diagnoses including psychoticdisorders, mood disorders, substance-induced disorders, cognitive disorders and personality disorders, etc.In this rotation I presented one acutely psychotic case to the hospital case conference.

Ward E Male Pre-discharge Ward (1 April – 30 June 2008): Group work, individual therapyDuties including attending ward rounds and consulting with the multi-disciplinary team about themanagement of each patient. I offered weekly group therapy sessions with a focus on psycho-education andskills development to prepare patients for leaves of absences, and individual therapy to specific referredpatients and individual assessments.

Community Psychiatric Services (1 July – 30 September 2008): Brief assessment, brief-term therapyThis psychological service is offered to the community on an outpatient basis. The focus of the service wasthat of brief screening assessments, neuropsychological assessments, short-term therapy (6 – 8 sessions),crisis counseling, therapy assessment and appropriate referrals to external resources. Assessment of high riskpatients in terms of suicidality or psychosis formed part of assessments for admission to the hospital.Outpatient assessments, brief-term therapies and referrals were provided for both adults and children andincluded referrals to substance-abuse rehabilitation centers, social workers and community clinics. Duringthis rotation I presented my Masters research to a wide audience comprised of psychiatry and psychologyclinicians, which was well received.

Substance Abuse Treatment Unit (1October – 31 December 2008): Group therapy, individual therapyThe focus of this placement was predominantly group psychotherapy for adults. I was trained on thestructured month-long SATU substance abuse program and ran regular groups as well as individual therapysessions to patients attending the program. During this rotation I also worked on ward A Neuro, runningopen therapy groups for patients with personality disorders, mood disorders and other Axis 1 diagnoses.Individual therapy was provided to those who requested it and brief orientated therapy with appropriatereferrals made if necessary at discharge and linking the patient to necessary resources if required. I alsoattended weekly ward rounds on both SATU and ward A and formed part of the multi-disciplinary teammaking decisions about the treatment and management of each patient.

Curriculum Vitae –Karen Anne Hope Andrews

CV - Karen Andrews May 2015 Clinical Low Res - [PDF Document] (2024)
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