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LOWELL JOURNAL. - Lowell Ledger Archivelowellledger.kdl.org/Lowell Journal/1880/11_November/11-24-1880.pdf· LOWELL JOURNAL LOWELL MICH. A LIKE PAPER IN I LIVE TOWN. TerniH!—ii»1.50 - [PDF Document] (1)




TerniH!—ii»1.50 a y e a r ; 7A CIH. (o r S ix moK.

yjsr. Etnsr iD, Alitor and rulilinluT.

All kindv of Job Printing donu in first-class stylo. Price's as Low iw tin1

Lowest. New TyjK', New Prrssos.

L •

L O W E L L B U S I N E S S C A B D 8 .

PECK * MrnANNKLU Plirnldaim and Hur feoa t . OOce In lUak Ulork.

ROBKIIT MAIINII ALL, Cooper. O u t Wnlrr St. Flour IwrrrU and ull kinda »r Ciulnin


EA . C l I A F l f AN. rb<>l<«ni|>h ArtM. • Uooma M a t lo r<Mt-Offlc«, up uliilni.

MM. CIIAHE. Dakrr r ami Kntaurant . Op-. podt* Miulc Hall.

IL K I C K K H T , l^iwfil and It™ • taunuit. Oppuxllo I'ullrn'ii Klo k,

JC. W E S T , Uruinclot ami Kutlnnvr. Airrnl • forl i^oulne Kunbrr Tolnl. OpixMlle For


JC. SCOTT, Honlitan-. Kuli Doini ami • 0U»». Bulldrra HnnNarv • aprcUlI)

OppodM Fonct MIIIh.

JQ. L O O K . DniiTK^t and litatlnnrr, Jtc , T)nlon Block.

WI L H E L M * E L A N A d AN, draleni In BooU and Blio«.«. (.'lullOug, Ac. Union

Block, W«« bide.

JO H N G I L E S A Cl i . , (Irocrrlni ami IVuvU-Icnn, Crockery, UIom Ware, 4c . L'nluti Ul'k

JM. W E A T H E K W A X . Dry Oood*. Cloth-• In*, BouU, Bbocs, Uata, Cuii*. 4c . L'nkiu


DA K E IIOUME. Corner Main and W«1 Water Strwtii. A. Dake, l-rujirietor.

AT K I N H Jt A D A M S . Uealrraln Airri<'iilliiral Implrinrutn, Kann U*d«, 4c. . Bndce HI.

O W K A W I U T E , Boot!, Shoe*, Leather, 4c . Ilrldgu Btrw-t.

JC. H A K E . Marble Work*, on.- do..r eart of . Muatc Hall Block, Bridxe

0 W . 8TONE, Carrla^B Builder, Bridge _

DKLOS 0 . II EN It V. Houxo ami C a r r i w Pointer. King 4.AiDphli-tl'* Block.

KT M . Crockery, KoUooo, 4c .

ILTON M. P E R R V . Altorner at U w and Solicitor In Chancery. Bank lllc«-k.

B A R 1 I E K , Oroceriea. I'mvlilmn, Uralisin'a Bluck,

c O. STONE * CO., Dry (l<«>la, and > Shoe*. HaU. Cape, 4 c . Hank Bl<a k.

N • HaU, Cap*, Notion*, i f . (iraluuna Block

Lowell omnibcs line, c m waiter*. ProprteU* Leare order* at Hotel*.

MeCARTV. Wholesale and lletall tJr.«-er , Bank Block c

CHABLEH A L T H E N . Cli.ll.lni;, U n i t . Fur Blihlnc Goods, Hat*, Cap*, and Trunk*

Union Block, WealBldc.

T O R N W I N O L E R . Wholeaale and lleia'-l V Dealer In Onjcerim and I'ro'laluii* Union

W J. W E B B , l l i js ician and Kuiv>-in Office •j orer Postoffice. Henldence, Jlr*. N. 1>.

T o u n r

A B. G R A N T , Kurseon and Homaw|>atliic , rti)*lclan. Office over Scott'* Hard*are

Store. ^

RI I l I N t i u Q i u U o e of the I 'mce and So a Iat t PuUk*. (ir«hJLni'» Hlm-k otcr lUrtirr •

• torr Auu oootinura the Tailonnc buamrwi

o. A. Bosmsoii, C. o. "TUMI

ROBINSON, S T O N E & C o , Manufacturer* nf and Dealer* In


Bruahe*. Harneaa Oil. Sospa, 4c . Collar* of our own inanufai'tii>v

Carriage Trlmmtn* a Stm-lalty. l^n-uu-d West end of Flat n r e r bridge.



Over Nst'l Buck, Lowell, Midi.

P r a c t i c e l a mil t h e Cour t* .

Milton M. Perry,

Real Estate. Loao aoniis i i rai ice



E C l f E 1 0 Bt>T unrcoicuslilo tonnt.



M V C O A T .

Mr DtHir. dear coal, Iw faithful tu Uie end; We both mow old: ten rears hsve cone,

TbrutiRti whirh my hand has hruilird thee, an c:rnt friend;

Not more could Socrates have done. If weakened to a threadUare state.

Tliuu ktlll mini suffer mao)' a blow, E'en like thy muter bntTetbe storms of faU-,-

My food old coat, we'll uwver put—oh, no! I still can well rememlier the first day

1 wore Uiee—for my tnemorj '* strom;: It wan my birthiUy; and my romnules naj

Chaute<l thy ulories In a SOUK. Thy poverty nilirht make me vain;

The frieuili wlio loted me loutf ago, TIIUUKII thou art jHior, will drltik to thee

agaln-My ifooi old coat, we'll never |>art—oh, no!

This fine-drawn rent—its cause I ne'er forijet— It benms ufiou my metnory (1111:

I feigned one nieht to fly from my I.Laelte, And even now her irriuii I feel.

Site tore thee, but she ntaue mote fast My fetters, while the wrouKed me so;

1 lien two whole da)s in mendlnj: thee abe passed;

My good old coat, we'll never part—oh, no! Ke'er druuecd with muak and atnlier hast tliou

been, I.Ike coats by vapid coxromlis worn;

Ke'er In an anleclmnilier wert Uum seen Insulted by the Inrdllnjf's sconi.

How wistfully all Pnum has eyed The hand that ribbons can bestow!

The field llower is thy button's only pride— My good old coat, we'll never part—oh, no!

We shall not have thus.- foolish days igaln When our two destinies were one;

Those days so fniugbl with pleasure and with pain.

Those days of iniDKled rain and sun. I somehow think, my ancient frieud,

I'nUi u coallesa realm 1 go; Yet wait awhile, together we will go;

My good old coat, we'll never part—oh, no! —Jteriiiiwr.

T l i K LOi.M-.lir* O F K A N S A S .

Bcnj . A, Harlan,

At to rney and Solicitor. _Bpedal attention lo Conve^snclns, _ ^ WrIUnjf

Wilis, and buaioea* In I 'robate ' •Office, OVER CTTV NATIONAL BANK.


J. ORTON EDIE Phytlolan Surgeon & Accoucheur.



Beildenee—No. 97 Sheldon St

W. »• WlUiUM

W U l t a H f A W y l l c ,

ATTORNEYS and SOLICITORS Over City Natlon&l Baak



lEHDlLL'S SPAVIN CURE. T h e Moat N u e e r u f u l R e i n e d ) e dtwot

ered, aa l t l a cerUIn In It* etloou and not blloter. Ueod proof below ;

fltOM REV. E. I'. GRANGER, Preoldln* Elder of the St. Albon* IllaUlit

ST AIJMK*. Vt., Jan . IHNI Osimi —In reply to your letu-r I will tu) that

my experience w; fth kanda i r* Spavin Cure luu been »ery oatlafactory Indeed. Thn-e or foor year* a w I procured a Inittle of your aKeiit. and with It cured a h o n e of laineiieo* cauted l>y •pat in Loat Heawm my h o n e Iwc-anie very lame and I turned lilin out for a few ttevk* » hen h t became better, but when I put Idm im the road he Brer w a n e , when I discovered that a riocbone waa funn lnc 1 procured a bottle of Kendall'* Spavin Cure, and with le** thun u luit tic cured him *o that lie I* nut lami-, neither can (he bunch be found. ReepectfujJy r u u n .


BTOCOUTOX, HaoD.. Uan-h IS. IWU. Gsans:—In justice to you and myself I think I

ouffat lo let you know tliat I hnve removed two bone ipavln* with Kendall * Hpavln Cure, one

one; don' t know how IIIIIK the s|mvin been there. I hsve owned uio home elKht

It took me four montlis to take the one off and two fur the ammll one. The

horw I* entirely well, no bunch to lie seen, and not at sll atlff. This Is a wonderful medicine

UeHtHictfiilly your*. CHAS. E. I'AKKEU.

Kendall'* Spsvln Cure I* mire In It* effect*, mild In Ita action, aa It doe* not blister, yet Is penetrat lngand powerful to reach any deep-seat-ed pain or remove any bony rn iwth or other «n-Uigement, such aa spavin, aptlnts.curlis. callous, sprsln*. sweUlnp, any lamene** and all cnlarve m u u o f t he jo lnuaud l imb* . or rlieuinatl*m In man, or any purpoae tor which a liniment I* used i s man or beaot. I t 1* now known to be the beat Unlment (o rman ever used, acting mild, yet cer lain In I t ae f fecu . S<nd address for illimtruted loreular, which we think elve* potntive uruuf of Ita virtnea. No remedy has ever met with aud i unequalled auceeea to our knowlodce, for beuat aa well aa man.

Price VI per bottle, or six buttle* for |S. All dnuoflsU b a r e or can get It fo r you. or It will be seal to any a d d n s a on receipt of iirice b r th propr ie ton. DB. B. J . KENDALL £ CO.,

Hrrl Enoaburgh Fall*. Vt .

Several years ago. am! slioitly a f t e r the renionetiratiun of silver, countcr-feilinjf received a wonderful impetus, and the West and South esiiecially were Hooded with bogus coin.

The largo lluating pojiulation and the wilderness of the border country rend-ered the task of unearthing the coiners a hard one, but af ter several seasons of lersistent and stealthy work, the Jnited Stales Detective Service be-

came natisBed as t o the location of a t least one gang of the " sharps," and Jack Densmorc; an experienced agent, was instructed to visit the State Kansas), ingratiHte himself with

counterfeiters, ami learn ot their haunts and habits.

The duty was a dangerous one. but the man selected to |-erfurm it had faced danger and even rii ath, too often among Kastern criminals lo hesitate a moment ; and so it happei^'d that ,upon

certain l.azy September evening. Dens more disguised as a Dutch peddler, dropped from the Western-bound train on the Kansas 1'acilic road at the little station of iilack Wolf, in Kansas.

F o r a moment he gazed after the re-t reat ing cars, then turned, and in broken Knglish inquired of tlie station agent the route to Wild wood Tavern.

"I vas what you call ih t range mit dis putt de koundry," said the peddler, smil ing; "but a f r lent of mine up de river, he gay go to Vild vood Taven, and you sold lots of goods in dot koundry."

"Wall, Dutchy, I don't reckon yer'il do much trade, bu t 1 ken tell ye the ro.ul, if yer goin'."

So saying, the rough Westerner gave the necessary directions and in the gloaming Densmore disappeared.

T i l try every house from here to Wildwood," muttered he, when out of hearing, "but I'll tind Price's. That 's the name—I'rice. And when that 's found out, look out! If I can capture Dick Trice my for tune is made."

A t U o'clock Carl, for so he called himself, sought shelter at a settler's cabin by the roadside, and paid for 8up|>er, lodging and breakfast with gaudy iace.

A t noon lie paused again to eat and trade, and still again many times du-ring the afternoon.

Itefore night he had heard the name of Price, and before night too, several pieces of counterfeit coin had been passed upon him.

It was a li t t le af ter sundoun and with weary tread Densmore was climb-ing up a long hill, where the struggling road was fringed with bushes and woods, when a step startled him, and smoment later a slender boy was ut his side.

"How you vas, little feller ?" said the detective, "Dose vas a nice noight"

jtM. a. »vu» | "Yes, sir," said the youth, looking at Or. itapid*. him sharply. "Whereare you going?"

"Me going V Oh, I w as going lo sell de things in my pack. 1 vo goin' lo gel rich." and the peddler chuckled.

"No. 1 mean to-night. Where are you going to stay ?" said the boy. "This "road stops in the woods here."

Densmore paused. -Deroad stops! Py schimminy! Den

dot road got himself lost at de las' turn. 1 loiight dis road went fro ' dee voods to de place you calls de Tavern, hey Y"

'Oh, you mean Wildwood Tavern V That 's over tha t way," and the boy pointed into the darkness, " i ' ts five miles from here."

"Py schimminy!" sighed poor Carl; "live milesl I neffer get there to-night. 1 sleep mil dese woods." and he began to unstrap his paek.

The boy eyed him sharply. Then ho said:

"No, you needn't sleep in ihe weods, 1 live at the end of this road. Come with me. You can slay at our house, I guess,"

All, dot vas a good poy," said Dutchy, gladly. "Dot vas nice; and get some supper, too, don't 1V"

"I reckon." replied the boy. Keshouldering his puck, the two

continued to follow the road, the youth leading, until, half a mile far ther on, a cabin apjieared in the shadows.

"Here's my housed' said the guide, "Go to the door, and I'll run and tell father," and he disappeared toward the barn.

Densmore looked sharply about him. This was Price's. A long, low cabin, strongly built, with small barred win-dows, a bam buck of it, dreary woods upon all tides. A regular den. The detective shuddered.

"A bad hole; yet he's the chief. 1 f 1 can catch him. with the dies, it will destroy the gang."

Then with a resolution to succeed or perish, h t slowly moved toward the door.

As he niLied his hand to knock it was suddenly opened. A heavily-built, heavily bearded woodsman stood be-fore him—a man with skill and cun-ning in l ib face, aud a desperate threat-ening courage in his eyes—a devil to dare, a giaut to do—Dick Price. He glowered upon the jieddler, shading the Uickering torch Le held with one brawny hand, while his piercing glance searched Densmore's 'ace.

"What d'ye want?" "You vas de little poy's pa? Dal

vas goot I want stmiel'ings to eat | Iteneath it appeared a door secured and somel'ings lo sleep. De U t e |ioy by long it on lulls. Thest- being shot said so." And with simple natural-1 and the tenp mised, a Might of steps ness Carl brushed aside the mighty | was seen. doorman, en te i e l the cabin, threw his The four strangers descended, one pack on the floor, and. with a sigh of i carrying a lantern, antl Price dropped relief, dropped into a low bench near the lire. "Ah, dal vas goot."

For an instant anger flamed in Price's face; but before he could speak a back door opened, nmi a woman, young, lithe and charming, entered, and with a glance a t the man before her, said:

"Ah, this is the peddler Will spoke to mo of. Ho lost his way, dear," she continued, going to Price, and laying her hand upon his at m; "and Will met him on the road, and asked him to stay with us to-night I t 's all l ight."

The passion died from the man's face; the voice of the woman thrilled Carl. This girl and the Iniy who hail guided him were one. She was the spy of the gang.

"So yer a peddler, eh?" said the hos t advancing, "an' lost yer way ? Well, yer welcome to our lire and fare; but 1 tell ye a little more ceremony will lie better with Dick Price next time. I was nigh shaken' ye!" antl he smiled grimly.

Carl smiled, too childlike and bland, and said, "Yaw," The host and his companion were amused.

"Where's t he boy ?" asked I'rice. "He went to the barn," replied the

woman, as she buised hersell prepar-ing the evening meal. "He was too tired to eat, and will not lie in to-night."

Carl was sure now that woman and boy were one.

A plain bu t plentiful supper was served, a f t e r which the peddler am his host drew before Uie open Uh with their pipes. Naturally the con-versation turned upon trade, and Dutchy very willingly ^old of his suc-cess, and even showed the silver which he hail gatheied during the day. Price picked a piece of it from his hand,

"This 'ere's bad," said be. " V a t ! Pad?" and Carl leaned for-

ward excitedly. "Oh, you vasfoolin'," he continued, examining the coin. "Dis vill pass."

it may pass, but it's counterfeit, all the same," said Price. "I 'm sure of it.',

"Veil, neffer mind. It 's good enough for me," said the peddler, with a smilf. 1 only visit 1 had a tousand tollars

mil i t " "Wall, I reckon ye could ffll it." said

Price, resuming Ins pipe. "1 heard a foliar say to-day lhar was lots o' it around."

Pysch immy! 1 vould like to gel it." said his companion. " I t vas goot effry vara I go "

1 know a fe ' lar what 's got some of the stuff."said Price, iu a low tone; " b u t he lives a aile from here. Ye could buy it o" him. 1 reckon."

"For how much?" said Carl. "Oh. maybe one-half." returned the

other. "1 can't say. I t 's bad stuff lo deal with, ye know, an 1 never touch i t "

One-half! You mean two dollars for one? Py schimminy! 1 vill give two hundred tollers for four, an" got myself rich!" cried the peddler.

Price smiled. -Hut how kin ye pay for it ?" "Neffer mind 1 know." said Carl.

Show mede fel <w what 's got it to sell, until I pay him mil i t "

Well." said the host, risin . " I ' l l find him for ye in the mornin'. Do you want to turn in ?

•Go ler bed—ter sleep, 1 mean," "Oh, yaw! I was tired myself oud

t o n i g h t " A moment's consultation with the

the door behind them. Then opening a sort of hidden closet he drew from it a box of rough silver coin anil a milling machine, with which he began to work.

Densmore breathed hard. "Trapped!" he whispered; "trapped I

The gang complete. And now for work!"

Noiselessly he arose ami approached the ladder. In either pocket were his pistols, in his hand a pair of bracelets, on his breast his star.

At the top ot the ladder he paused, struck his fool against the floor and coughed. There was a quick stir be-low.

"Mr. Iirice! Mr. Hrice! Vas you dero?"

A half growl from below answered him:

"What do ye w a n t ? " "I vas sick, Mr. Hrice—1 vas so hot

a s m f f e r vas! 1 vant a little vnter, Mr. Hrice, if you please, Mr. Hrice,"

"What the —" then came an oalhk

"Me still, ye Dutch fool; and I'll hi ing water. Don' t come here."

"Oli, no, Mr. Brice! Hut some valer Mr. Hrice, for God's sake. I vas 1 tim-ed alife!"

There was a moving about the room, a patter of dipper and pail, and then I'rice approached the ladder, Densmore breathed hard. The steps came nearer, nearer; they mounted the ladder, lie crouched, waiting. An instant more antl the bearded face of Price apneared above the opening in the floor, and his right hand was raised, holding a tin cup of water,

"Here, Dutchy—ye're enrsed hard to lake care of—here's yer drink."

Carl's arm was outstretched; but. he touched the dipper, there came a sharp click, ami the handcuff clused about the wrist of the coiner, and at the same moment, the cold muzzle of a heavy Colt's revolver pressed against his forehead, antl the voice of the de-tective hissed in his ear:

"Not a sound, or I'll kill you! L'p with your other hand."

The man was fairly eattghl and he knew it. The color fled from his bronzed face, leaving it ashen-hued; a cold sweat gathered in ashen beads upon his brow; the prison doors yawn-ed before him; but one glance into the deep eyes of the detective was enough, and with a shudder and a groan he al-lowed the handcuffs to be clasped about the other wrist.

And now go down; without noise, too,' said Densmore, 'or—'

Price obeyed, and its he turned upon the floor below the d •tective was at his side.

'Sit there, 'and he |iointed toward the table, 'with your back lo the door,'

Again the coiner obeyed, oowing his head UJIOII his hand. Then Densmore crept to the trap, closed it. and shot the heavy bolts.

Without raising his head. Pi Ice whis-pered :

'They'll smother.' 'They uiusl run their chances,' re-

plied Denmiiore. coldly. Sii saying, he crept near to the cabin

door, and waited. He must have the woman, the spy, the last and the liest of all the gang.

The moments passed; the hour was!

Trifles. products of this mine were hastily 1 offered for sale the market w m l d be

. , , : glutted at once, but the same plan will Oysteni have a language of their probably be adopted as Is followed by

ow iu and clams stew. , [i,,, i{0ti,cliilds in their Spanish iner-»i ^r.Hi' 0 0 f "r ™ t " " , n 8 ? a r 5 J ' " " ' etiry mines, and the ore will be sold in tha t the potatoes had nn onion smell, , n c h H n m | i quantities that the price when Mr. loodle suggested that P'T- can be maintained nearly the same. If haps they had be,n cooked in u s a u o - the mineral becomes cheapcr . l t will pan w ith a leak in it. | probably be employed elsewhere than

Tourist to Highland fiorter: "Is the j in medicines, the arts, dyeing, pigments midday train generally up to time, and amalgam, and there will be an in-porter?" Por ter : "Wed. you'll see, creased demand. •dr. sometimes she wass sooner ant A body of water probably once stood sometimes she wavs earlier, ant some-1 over the territoiy occupied by the times she wass pcfore that too?"

There are n great many t-kiiful en-gineers on our railways, hut we never knew one yet who could kick bis train around a curve with the grace and success with which a flrst-class actress can perform the operation.

When the teacher was relating the parable on the Prodigal Son, and w; -just at the In'.eresting point where the father and son meet, she was Inter-rupted by a li t t le boy, who, with an eye to a business with which he was probably already acquainled, asked: "Yes: but what became of the htiga?"

A chicken lived; a chicken <lli*i; HI* dniutiilelu and bl* wing* were fried. His feather*, by a dealer dried. And, venr shortly dyed. Poul be bail aone, admiUlng that. How couws 11? There UIHIU her hat His pluiaet—a Mortal chicken's rise A glorious bird ot paradise.

Curiously innocent nolions of anat-omy are peculiar to children. The fol lowing fragment comes from Pan's nursery: Harry to Cissy, who is nurs-ing her doll: "Oh. CIs, I'see dot mch a pain!" Cissy, sympathetically: "Poor dear! Is it where the china joins the sawdust?" Harry, i l lustrating: " N o , Cis; it 's where the squeak comes."

There was a large boiler of sealdint! water over a lire in Ihe yard, and several black imps playing near it. Suddenly a shrill voice was heard from inside theshan ty : "You,Gawge Wash-ington, keep away from dal ar Idler! Directly )nu is g wine ter upset de Idler all over yerself, and yer will In- fust one to nay: "Twant me. mammy. '"

A you ig man in Yule College went to a barber-shop to be shaved. It was the lirst time that any other hand than his had performed that operation, and he had allowed his beard to grow for a week in order to appear as if he needed shaving. He sat down In the chair. The baiber passed his hand lightly over his cheek and Haiti "Shaved on-e to-day, sir, haven't you?"

Danbury's grateful polieeman was at breakfast, wrestling with a piece of remarkably tough veal. His wife said lo him, "You always say there's some-thing to lie thankful for in everything, I guess you'd lie puzzled to llnd any-thing to lie ihanklul for in that veal," "Not at all," he cheerfully responded, stopping lo breathe; "I was just think-ing how grateful we should be that we mi I it when it was youne." "I will slay," he sang, "and will slu*t' mj

While slumber seais jour eyes; And the sUll, deep night will see me Ma)

I'tnlcr the starlit ski.-*. I will wake and sini: Ull the nionatti: star

Shall glow In the eastern sky." Hut he dldu't: her "pi" came out right lhar,

Aud "lifted" him nine feel high. A well known and estimable person,

who carries on a mortuary business, wasatoused from his sleep by a violent ringing of the bell about three hours before sun rise. Somebody with a German accent asked him if he was in-

Utah mine, which was so heavily charged with antimony that it was pre-cipitated, and in addition to this eri»-nomic impoitance, these mines are ex-ceptionally remarkable geologically,

Pricoa Real ized by Rel ics ,

The passion for the possession of remarkable relics has led to extraor-dinary prices being sometimes given

An E i e c t n o R a u r o a d ,

Mr. G. F. Green, the electrician and inventor, showed us a new car for his electric elevated railway which he has made lor that enterprising and wide awake Grand Hapids dry goods house. K. P. Kidder A: Co. Some time ago we gave an account of this departure in the way of railways of which Mr. Green is the original inventor, ante-dating Siemens and Btlison—a tact our people should take pride in remember-ing.

The ear itself is 13 inche* long,about three inches high and weighs to pounds. It contains within itself a small motoi which is of sufllcleut power to carry 100 ponnds ut a good rate of speed. The car in running is noiHeless, so ad-mirably have alt the adjuatments of wheels, etc., been made. The car is ai so supplied with what is a new idea in railroading, viz.: a governor which con-trols the speed of the t rain as it ap-proaches the "i tutlons." This govet n-

for things of little value in themselves. | " r automatically slows the train a t a

drawing to a close, and the detective , ^ r " •jy'111 J ' e said he was. lutened. with bated breath, for his 1 ,,i?"J4„ rr.V , e . U " C , ^ w r - , r 1 ^ ^ coining victim, when suddenly, with-• V , r ,

1l ' , ' r ' "" 'd Mr. John Smith,

out a sound, the door opened, and Net- • 8 a ( ! J ' - at1 P r oJl 'e rf an 1 I in tumil l.itr 11| . i . .r , il .<11..., " ,1...

tie entered-As she did so, Densmore stepped

. . . . „ . „ . forward and would have laid his hand woman, and Price called Uie peddler to upon her shoulder; but in a single fellow. Carl picked up his pack and , ^ , [, i r l COuiurehended ull and climbed the ladder that led to the l o f t . ' ^ l h a w i;u ihriek the spranc "fr^m 11 w a s e v e r " just came kind There was a shakedown on the floor. i..... l l i m . .i,,,.,.,;,.,, f p ' i..^ u „ , l u 1 o' natural, like a slunk of sugar-coated

Impending funurai. "Den," cried the unseen German. "I unt niein friend vill drouble you for two biers."

"The Buffalo Exj ress wants to know who invented kissing. We don't think

Uie woman had drawn a pistol. . . . . . .7 —r. 1 Hut there was no struggle. With I prayer meeting.

. . . . . . . —Conitnirr/til Ai /nr t i t r r .

disappeared Densmore heaved a sigh. "It's hard work playing Dutch." he j l i e ; ; ^ 1 ^ 1 , ° ^ a deadly

muttered. i light in thec learb lue eyes, Carl leveled Then he opened the pack, and from |J18 i,(.aVy weapons, one at each of the

t drew two heavy revolvers a bow e- U l f U l ^ U . f u r e l l j m i a i l j l o w

knife, three pairs of handcuffs,and the | .

L'p with your hands! In the name star of the United States secret service.

•ommi rdn I A dtert iter.

A n u m o n y in U tah .

Some interesting facts in regard to antimony have been presented by Pro • . I . « a, | • I' ••*»*aTv««»a»»aa«ai». « i i i 11 < iiii.il* . . . . . . . . . *•.*•• A i V

I may have work iiefore morning. 0 f t | | ( J national government i arrest fessor J. S. Newberry, who has rwent-Uwuitbtbe, "and Uieae are good bed fel-1 y0 U g , caoUfr fe i tm. Quick V ' 'WI

0I8- . . . . . . , ,i ' The last word was addressed to the

He removed his coat, blew out the W o u l l i I 1 f o r ^ ^ t | i m . candle, and lay down his mind busy ^ ^ , . . 1 H deaperat* l ight ; but, before with the events of the day, and iu the detective cnt ld aUv her. i.h« i.iat,.I forming some plans for the morrow.

While thus engaged the sound of a door stealthily opened attracted his attention, and a moment later he heard

the detective could stay her, the pistol was turned, there rang out a sharp re-port. and from her side there welled Ihe hi ight blood, splashing the wooden floor, and with a moaning cry she tot-

men's voice. below, guiet ly leaving ^ K u J l j a l f

Ins bed. he crept to a knot-hole in the ] i b i u ; k l e t l h h v 1,ll |lk_ floor aud listened.

"Hot the peddler?" It was the woman's voice. "Never mind him," replied Price

"Ned," he continued, apparently ad-dressing the new-comer, "we've a cus-

Diek! Only once she spoke "Hetter this than a prison.

And to die with you. love." Then came a lluUering sigh, and .~he

was gone. An hour later Densmnte stood be-

ly returned f rom an exploration of the antimony mines of Soiilheru Utah. Mines were discovered e ' o u t twenty years ago m I "tali by a air. Savage, but then working was forbidden by Hng-hain Young, w ho feared an influx ol Gentiles into the territory, and in con-sequence, the few exploring parlies eonstanUy feared a re|ietition ol the Mountain Meadow massaere. Af ter Young's death, however, the elders of the Mormon church encouraged the de-velopment of the mines. Alter (Colo-rado had la-en thoroughly explored, it was found that Iherewas gieat wealth in the mineral lauds cf l ' ta l i—great de-posits of iron that would sometime be

or sometimes perfectly worthless. The following Instances of extravagant sums paid for objects more or less cu-rious lutve been recorded: A tooth of Sir Isaac Newton's was sold in 1810 for £7:10. I', waa purchased by a noble-tnati. who had it net in a ring which he wore constantly on his flngei.

The prayer-book used by King (.'lias. I. when on the seaffold was sold iu London in 1825 for 100 guineas.

The hat worn by Nnjioleon Honu-parte, at the batt le of Eylau. waa sold in Paris, in 18:1.'). for 1,020 franca (about ilKO.) I t waa put up for sale at .lOO francs, and there were thirty-two bid-ders.

The Ivory arm-chair presented to Gnstavus Vasa by the city of l.tibecx was sold, in isa.'), to the Swedish chamberlain, M. Schmekel, for 68,000 florins.

The coat worn by Charles XI I . at the battle of Pul tawa. and preserved by one of his oflicers and at tendants , was sold in IS'jr, for .V! 1,000 francs.

The two pens employed in signing the treaty of Amii ns were sold in 1S25 for £500,

The pens used in Paris for signing the treaty of iieace, concluded af ter the Huasian war, were presented to the Empress Eugenie, by whom they have no doubt Ix tn carefully preserved,

A wig that had lielonged tit Sterne was sold a t a piiblic auction in Lon-don for 200 guineas.

An old wig which had belonged to the German philosopher Kant, was sold after his death for 200 francs.

Voltaire's cane realized 500 francs at a sale in Paris.

A waistcoat belonging to .1. J . Hous-seau was sold for WOO francs, and his metal watch for 500 francs.

At the French village of Pezenas some years ago there was an old arm-chair, which was said to have been fre-quently used by Moliere. When he was living in this village he was ac-customed every Sunday afternoon lo go to a barber's shop, in a corner of which this chair was kept. The shop was the resort of all the idh-rs and gossips of the town, and there politics were discussed, and all the newsol the day repealed. The chair formed a kii.d of observatory for the dramatist , who was in the habit of attentively watch-ing all that was going on around him. The old chair was brought to Par is to lie sold, and realized a considerable sum.

Matiumomal.—The books of a cor-poration sty led'"The Matrimonial Hen-etit Company" has been opened for membership. The temporary office of this strangely named institution is at No. :(:J4 Vine-street, but it is proposed lo rent commodious head-quarters at Pike's Opera-house Huiiding as soon as business gels brisk enough. When the reporter's attention was directed lo the concern by an advertised notice in Hie press, he thought some one was pla) ing a practical juke. I t was learned by subsequent inquiry tha i the "Mat-rimonial HenelilCompany" was a duly incorporated body, the charter mem-bers being Lewis Hernanl. A. Mc-Micken, Jr . . J . H. Morrow, Joseph Seller, and W.C. Smith. Lewis Har-nard said the scheme was a grand one. and, what was more, i t was unique. The society was a mutual benefit one. the characteristic being to pay the benefit on the marriace of a member instead of at death. The capital stock was lo be 82,000. The initial cost of membership was with an stssess-menl of 81 on the marriage of a mem-ber. What fools the members would be lo rema n single when they could get 81.000 by getting married. SUJI-po«e they all gel married at once! Where would the asseshiiieuts come f rom? Hut jierhapa Lewis Bernard and his com|ieers have banded them-selves together as philanlhropiBls. to open a way whereby all the old maids can lind husbands and happinesa. Their society ought lo Im called "The Organization for the Suppression of . . l i t l I*, a 1 ' W t A^llDMJUVV nvwvj fvaikf " • livr.i til.ti «l<>l..ta n<' ill f'l f |J | f- III- ' ri^ttlllf.VUVfll lift VIIC .

, mer upstair*—a I uu;n peuaier—and f o n . United Slates Coniniissiouer a source of public wealth, copiier, coal 1 single Hleasedness." Ciudntuiti (Ja he wants four hundred. 1 bring him , k l wildwood, and delivered his prison-1 and some . l iver. It is only lor a y-ar ! I U . to j e in the morning. He l lbuy | t , r Two boura later a iwsse of ollicer* i that antiniony bas been known to exi»M

The door opened a second time. ^ o l l i W f c u l i y ^ , . , 4 Southern Utah. 1 r e m l l y . b l i f a c e c lwe to tlie | half dead, from their cellar fui t taeel Professor N'ewbeny received

given point. Attached lo •rm car un-derneath is itn apar tment lor aiticjes to be carried.

The railway is suppoiied on arches depending from the ceiling; each "rail" is composed of two plecesof strap iron separated by a band ol listing to tlead-en tho sound. The rails are chaiged from a battery composed of five cupji which is appropriately placed in the cellar and connects with the track. The rails thus charged furnish the power by means of theeleclro-uiagnei-ic motor on the car. There is an ar-rangement by which the motion of the car is automatically reversed on reach-ing its destination either way. and all the other appliances for tho perfect working of the machine are supplied.

The clerk be'iind the counter has a telegraph key by which the car is con-trolled. When hr has made a sale the car sCarls for him; he lakes hold of a tasael, liraws down the bottom of the car, places the goods on one side, and a ticket with the change on the other side. The car is let up antl starts for the cashier and bundler. and returns with the bundle and change to the clerk at a ra;iid rate of speed.

The whole workmanship of this fly-ing apparatus was done by Mr. Green himself, and is excellent. In a few days this Httle carrier will be making ita rapid and labor-saving trips in the store of Kidder & Co., taking the place of the car—the first of the kind ever seen—placed there some time ago. The present one has a number of decided improvements.—A'>//'7nwzoo7'f/c;/r«y)/i.

Libel and ita Lega l R e m e d y ,

The only really efficient examina-tion of tbe character of Candida .es for oflke Is made by the press, and the most powerful check, though not by any means the only one. in ollicial mis-conduct is the Inquisitiveiess and rail-ing of tbe newspaiiers. This is perhaps not an Hdmirable system of inspection, much less an ideal one, but it is the only one as yet devised, and it may be said that without it jMipular govern-ment by fiequent election would hard-ly be possible in our time. Newspaii-ers. however, could not, or would n o t do this woik it kept under dose legal r e s t r a in t As a matter of fact, they are virtually exempt by law or opin-ion f iom all check in the mailer of criticism of ollicial persons. The pub-lic virtually says lo them, "Say every-thing that conies into your head about

J O B W O R K ,

0*rda^lU-Hoada,Clrculars ,PoMton».

1 to,, no,


a m

Neatoat and P r o m p t o i t Man o n ,

AMD 4*


* M r H a w Before Onlerlrf F luwhe r*

any, thank you,' sed J, 'Not drink with met M e ! Hill Feathergil l! When 1 ask a tenderfoot to drink I expect him to prance right tip an ' no inonkeyin'! You h-e-a-r me!'

Well, when hia hand went down for his revolver. 1 whipped out my old fllo qtiick'eii lire 'mi scorch a feather, aud hw Ijied him one right acrost the face. When he fell I thought I'd killed him, a n ' t h e s'ioon l i l l in 'up wiin bummers, I sorter skinned out, notknowin ' what might happen, Purty soon a chap in a red ahirl come up to me, Sez he, 'You the man aa ke-arved Hill Feathergill? Cos, ef so be as you are, ef you don't wa i r t ev ry man in thu hill to climb you, don't you try lo hide yourself— the boys is askin' for you now.'

It sitiick nit! that my friend had the idee, no 1 waltzed back and went up and down before tha i s'ioon for nigh thren houiH. I'd tound out Hill wasn't dead an' was bad medicine, but it wouldn't no lo let down. Pur ty soon I see my imin a-headin' for mc. His lace hail been patched up Ull il looked like the closing ou t display ol a retail dry goods stoie. There was so little counlenance exposed that 1 couldn't guess what he was a-aimin' ut. so I Uroiight my hand back of my collar an' grabLed my file.

'Hold on t l iuv. old man; hold on.' 1 sez he. 'gimme y'r liand. I'm friendly, I 've pot no lh in ' ag in you, not a thing, but—you'll pardon my curiosity—what lort of a d—d weapon was that, stran-ger?"

Dcuu t i fu l W o m e n .

Mrs. Scoot Siddons has la-en talking to a Toronto World reporter about b atiliftil women. She thinks that regularity of features is ra ther tire-•"une, and causes u lack of expression, "Mil's Neil&ou,' bIih says, 'had not a sal-isfastory face. Mrs. Laugtry is one of our irregular-featured beauties, and. ts usual with Hn in. she has a great deal of expres-don. and a most mobile countenance, which, with blue eyes, make a most ingenious expression. Of handsome women tha t 1 have seen, by lar the lovelirat is the Countess of Lotthdale, She Is queen-like in her style, possesses syromelry of form and has regular features, aud yet not stony. She is a sample of a regular-featured woman with a good express-ion, The Princess of Wales is exceed-ingly like her pictures, and is wonder-fully young looking. She is a little deaf, and her mobility in t rying lo catch everything makes her inteiest-ing. There is a charming complai-sance about her.' American women have fa r more lieauty. Mm. Scott Sid-dons thinks, than llioiie of England. 'Hoslon and Philadelphia,' she says, ' a re the places where I have seen the greatest amount of lieauty in a short time—especially very young women. In the South women have a mature ago. I t is in the lir-.t flush of girlhood that one sees the most handsome faces on this continent. It is rare tha t you see a beatilifttl face in England, and 1 think that is why they make such a fuss over those that ihey have now hold of. I prefer the Canadian very much lo English women, because they have much greater ease of manner, for one thing. There is an absence of tha t slilfness which Hpuils young English women in society. Austral ian ladies are more like English women than Canadians are ; they are generally much paler, and almost always very tall. They are freer than Englisii women and not co free as Americans men in office; some of It, a t least, will

probably be true, aud our interest will! - a happy medium.' beserved by having the t ruth come1 - - . out in any shape." Magg ie MitchoII.

Mr. Uamerton, the well-known au-! thor and painter, describes, in a recent | I'he Hernhardt isn't the only actress number of Macmillan's Magazine, his in the world. We've got some good experience in seeking redress for a libel on him, printed in a French news-paper, in the city near which he was residing. Ho called on "a wiseold law-yer"'about bringing an action for libel. Said the lawyer a t once, "Nobody ex-pects you 10 fight the editor; it would be doing him lar too much honor: but you migh t perhaps, challenge one of the highly respectable geatlemeu who keep the paper agoing with their money, and pay the editor to do their dirty work. You might be able to get at one of them, 1 dare say. if il

ones in America, andju ie of them is Maggie Mitchell, brave little lady, of whom the Washington Post says: Mag-gie has been on the stage for thir ty years. She acknowledges to forty-three. and as site litis made a great deal of mon -y, people wouder why she does not retire. The t ru th is. t ha t she is not so rich as she was, and her work now is for her children. Some years eg 1 Iter husband. Paddock, bought the Forrest place, a t Long H ranch, paying 875,000 there-for, 840,000 id which was cash

were agreeable to you." Mr. Uamerton i down. Time ran on and interest thereupon observed that "dueling >\ not much in his line." and that "En-glisluiien did not generally light duels." "This," he adds, "was frank but impru-dent, The lawyer looked at me sei iou>-

and taxes with It. but the little com-edienne is in no sense it business wo-tuau,and s-j she lef t eveiyibiug to her husband. One day the remaining 8:;5,000 fell due and could not be met.


could Bcatcely. I |>erceived. ex|iect to uiainlain a very high place iu his es-teem, . , . Af ter a while he recovered from Ihe slunk, and said, 'Weil, nobody exjieels you to light with that rascally editor, at all events . ' "

On the Continent, the legal immu-nity believed to be enjoyed by lite newspaiiers in this country excites surprise so great thai a disltngiiisbed French publicist has descrilied the American press as 'despotism tern-in-red by assassination;' his belief lieiug that the only leal remedy against libel enjoyed by the American

A Mi Mi an Dam k.—The Mexicans | citixen lies in Hie muider of editors, are fond of daneiug, but at San la Fe He relates, iu illustration of this, that

see and hear. Three sharp-looking, ihe 'oTien crave r f Vioot 1 leHer'asklni' wIiatTlie ntniiiBriue wiis w ' l l U ^ " o l o o u n t , ' l " , " 1 * H l in good it is not uncommon for American roughly-dretuid men entered. S ^ e b r a ^ t T d m e i t l J l m m and what II » a s worfh When it 1 2 M , , d , M" " l , , v ,H- m , h r ' " •«>l '« l ' " to have a memorial - - - • iffa^YriP'Ki'.s r i

heard the dull sound of the. cKel, posits of a really vaittsble m e u l . min- ^ e ^ J n the f u u ! ^ d a o ^ s am-Hey fell upon her oollin. Then be ' ers were brought down from Salt Lake I i u L d ^ l h X ^ ^ ^ tnrned East a aid again, bis duty done.! O l y and the oie .af ter being i ranM«^- u | 1 „„ . J ^ r o ( , | U ^

The coiners of Kanaas no m-ie. | Uie gen Heme other, and when

hi'UAi-s.—Il is a good plan lo have I ^^usly, antimony had been supplied pretty scrap-bags in sitting room, din- , Spain, Algeria, jiorliins of the

ly aud sadly, A gentleman who was | ' he place was sold on mortgage and not strongly disposed to fight a duel brought less than her first payment.

and she awoke to a realization of the fact that sh

Densmoie found that he could both room : ana the next day the detective specimens from a Mr, Loomls. with

11a! all here!" said Price in a low tone, "That 's good, 1 want half a thousand of the queer to-night, for we kin send lo the tavern to-moirow, and Ihe chap above wants some. Did you bring the dies, Bray ?"

The n au addressed shook his head. "1 haven't been home, an' jest come

f r tu i Elkhorn. Send Nettie, My old woman will give'em U) her."

i'rice turned to the girl. Are you afraid to go. Net?"

ing room aud bed room; they may be ; European Continent,and lately mostly : oinamental, aud are ceitainly ver\ from Horneo and <>yion. A new de-1 useful. Since trying this 1 have saved mand has arisen for antimony from

— I pam-r rags enough lo buy all the Hn- England, where il is said lo be used in Afraid ( she laughed, and touched , w u r t l ,,,.,^1,.,] ii,e bouse, and have 1 l l l , ' manufacture of shells as well as of

her bosom, just drawing the butt of a | occasionally bought a broom also. Ev- Bullets, aud il was rei^rted that the pistol into s i gh t - " a f r a id , Dick? ^ e 1 . i . - i . i- i-r . know better nor that ."

Wall. then, my gal. if ve go

the music begins Hie young men walk out into the middle of the floor and beckon lo the young ladies whom they deslie for partners. At the close of the dance the ladies return to their

natnei of the editors \shu have fallen tinder the VM-apons of persona whom they have slandered, together with the date of each tragedy —AUutilir Munlhli/.

Exc i t cd Hib Cur ios i ty .

'1 lead»ood,'said the strauger,pulling

Side of the room and the gentlemen to i , , ! ! c , ' . 0 ,1

1 , ' I 1 , ' J U . p i ? their own," 111,111 U ^ " J * u '.""K l'.1111 "I tlie milk, *1

1 ery bli of cloth, every postal card and , Biltiah Govenimeul w ishes to aecure i . 1 circular tha i would olherwise have p . W " tons. 1 he supply from Horneo 1

t<» Isa ati a.lit inf#t IL.I na i,..f l.a.n... WUlt riltlUirCll tl> 1m* faillllL' III S.llltll*'! (1 • blfl UH»

N o t a Fike.—Gilbjoly lives down not far frout a lie met the milk-

went there when Uie first rush was | made for the hills, Hather a rough : crowd thelirsl lot, you bet,more whole-

some now. When 1 got there 1 was dead luoke—dldu't have a dollar, didn' t

i es dear. , ,, , , """ bag Wing of silk or merino, and 1 tons were gathered Irom the out-crop £ ^ 1 . k i S i t £ L ? r kn kf- o u l > w < u ,» , o u 1 a blacksmith Aud throwing a lieavy cloak about 1 l | | t . ^ HniBiied with a crotched seal-1 tunnels wete then sunk | h " . t hi k s , . v - "Vnth - w a 3 a 11 l l , , a v y file. k'iow.

her, and encasing her head in a ||ood, l o p . o r t | i e y I u l l v be made of J ava can- and it was w.uked like coal, although ^ S l i i « « vnu ..iiifm 1 wn l,i».k 1 , 0 1 1 1 inche# long, which 1 the girl opened the door and disap- w i U l » w l r e around tbe top u. there was much waste, as the t\u,-. o d o w " ,n-v • ^ ' k . l h e handle in

Tsfass s&m*. 1 1 grsusis- sssSJts^! ! "Hovs, go below, lire Up and prepare . , 1 The deposit stretches over thousands

the rest o' the metal. I'll stay here. 1 A girl only 8 yews old was arrested o f a m . b , ] t B value is unknown, but it and when Net comes with tbe dies | for drunkenness, at Low eii, To com- jg ^ o r e valuable than any other in we'll coin. 1 w a n t a full load tienight, 1'lete the disgraceful pictuie. the ^ this country, except the vast mines re- . Lure -.hat has for we're a 'most o u t Here, f ive me a I ' " l l e l l " u r B insensible in discovered in Senora,Cal., thirty of the old Arl lift." I a cell wi thout attention, - - --

As he ccaaed 6j>eaking he seized a I c) i

heavy iron bar and thrust i t beneath | Standard tha t cats can be trained to The veins are from four to twenty the hearthstone. The others joined j retrieve game as well as dogs do. When feet thick, aud have been penetrated hand with him, and with desperate , he takes his gun in his baud his three i to a distance of forty feet, whereas in efforts the live slowly raised the great cats are in ecstasies in anticipation of i the other mines the thickness of the Btone. 1 sport. | veins is measured in inches. If the

your c o « t " ' X ^ w n Z / 0 " " " l k i r " ' ( W B t i " 1 , r ' U k v ^ Arkansaw mail your cows. VaJvaloii IStwt. carries his bowie knife. I'm not ex-" actly a temperance man, 1 jus t don' t

The idea of sending over the furni - ; drink au' don't meddle with ary other la i ini i has been manufactured ou t ! man's dr inkin ' - that 's all, Oue day—

. . , Art ie ship i tesolu te .asapre- 1 hedn't been in Dead wood more 'n a | miles f rom the Gulf. This is supposed 1 sent from the Queeu of Great Britain week—1 was s i t t in ' in a s'ioon—only

A genUeman writes t<i the London 1 to be the largest deposit in the world, lo the President of the United States, | place a man kin si t to see any society —w hen a fellei come in, a reg'lar hust-ler, with his can ful l and a quar t over.

by a man-of-war, has been abandoned, and i l w ill go as au ordinary parcel by a mail steamer, and will be presented to tbe Preeidftnt witbo' i t any fuss by the British Ministry.

He' i la revolver on each side of jh i s bell, an'looked vicious. Nolh in 'mean about him, though. Ask't me to drink. 'No t

had a hard t ime before her, and so tbe little woman is still on the stage. Maggie Mitchel. Mtice her first great success in New York, nine-teen years ago. has been a carry all for her ent i le family. 15I10 feeds them, lodges them and clothes them. She h a s a u old fa ther between 70 and bo w ho is a veritable "Old Eccles," and the only way he can be kepi from giv-ing way lo his w ickedness lies in lock-ing him up and feeding him on regular rations of whisky. In spite of the familiarity with her plays and acting. Maggie Mitchell is hlill one of the great playing stars of the stage. She makes money constantly and every-where. and she deserves to. She bos crealcd a school in acting, and her school Ih lieyund imitation. Few wo-men have given as gteai pleasure to the public.

( r i t i m > Facts .— Bees are geometri-ciatis. Their cells are so constructed as with tbe least quanti ty of material, to* have the largest-sked spaces and t he least possible loss of interstice. T h e mole is a meteroroiigistTlie bird called the nine-killer is an ari thmeticiarj- as also the crow, the wild turkey 'and some other buds . The torpedo, the ray. and the electric eel a ie electri-cians. The nauti lus is a navigator He raises aud lowers his sails, casts and weighs anchor, and performs oth-er nautical acU. Whole tribes of birds are musicians. The beaver is an arch-itect, builder and wood cut ter He cuts down trees and erects house's aud dams. The marmot is a civil engineer l le does not only build houses but cont t rucls aqueducts to keep them diy. The white au t s maintain a regu-lar army of soldiers. Wasp# are pau-er manufacturers . Caierpillars are silks spinners. The squirrel is a fer-ryman. With a chip or a piece of bark for a boat, and bis tail for a sail, he crosses a stream. Dogs, wolves, jackals aud many others a ie hunters ' The white bear and the heron are fishermen. The ants are regular day laborers.

Mrs. Eeed of Deadwood Is under ar-rest lo r stealing u bouse. She hitched s ix oxen to it. while the owner was absent, and drew i t away.


LOWELL JOURNAL. - Lowell Ledger Archivelowellledger.kdl.org/Lowell Journal/1880/11_November/11-24-1880.pdf· LOWELL JOURNAL LOWELL MICH. A LIKE PAPER IN I LIVE TOWN. TerniH!—ii»1.50 - [PDF Document] (2)


L « w * I I . M l e h l g i D . N u v r m b v r 34, 1*110.


I KM «1

E d i t o r i a l C o m m e n t .

The re Un' t it Democratic coun ty in KanMU.

ConKroMinan Conger I* « cand ida te

fo r Un i t ed State* Senator . Qen. N e k o n A. Milea In to l>e chief

nignal officer in place of Oen. Merer , do-ceased.

I l a n l a n ia t h e champion o a n m a n of the world , but a boat ia good for noth*

l o g on d r y land. Alice Oatea tu rned w r r and broke up

a few daya i ince . She isn't as good a* t h e w h e a t , bo to speak.

W a d e Hampton ml vimw the nouth to remain solid. H e seems to hold a special grudge aga ins t the sou th .

"Clothe m e in dreama," says Fannie Driscoll In her late poem. Too th in , r ann io , fo r thla weather .

New York aenda three Woods to Con-gress thia t ime. Fe rnandy U one of them—which is enough of t h e k ind .

T h a t Chinese forgery cost the Repub-licans Cal i fornia and Nevada. Tlie lie got the s t a r t of the t r u t h in thoee states.

Qen. S h e r m a n is in favor of increas-ing t b e a r m y to 80,000 enlisted men . Ita effective fighting force now it leas than

88,000. T n e S a u Francisco Chronicle th inks

tha t t h e Chinese and Qrcenback ques-tions w e n t ou t of politics wi th t h e close

of t h e la te campaign .

Pres ident Angell 's mission t o China has been suooMeful. A sat isfactory

t rea ty be tween t h e Uni ted Sta tes and

China has been made.

J amea Gordon Benne t t is charged wi th tbe in tent ion of buy ing t h e London Telegraph. H e ia probablr anxious to become a foreign power.

Tbe di f ference between Denia Kear-ney a n d W m . Barnum ia—Kearney does h i a d i r t y work open-handed a n d doesn't

deny i l . T h a t Is. he iu*d to—he's dis-engaged now.

Gov. J a m e s D. Wil l iams uf Indiana , bet ter k n o w n as "Blue J e a n s Wil l iams," died on Saturday last. H e was nearly 72 years of age. The final fune ra l ser-vices take place to day , Wednesday .

Oen. G r a n t said in his spe<-ch before t h e Lotos C lub In New York : " 1 am 48 y e a n of a g e a n d have been for ten y e a n . " If he keeps on he'll get to be a newsia-per paragrapher . before ho k n o w s U.

A decision of the s u p r e m e cour t has jus t been rendered which knocks most of t h e t ax t i t les higher than a ki te. Par-ties Interested In th is kind of bar ter will be pa in fu l ly interested in tha t decision.

The only s h a r p t h ing Gen. Hanco*ck did in t h e late campaign was to hang on to his u n i f o r m and major-genera l ' s com-

mission. H e probably f w l s more resign ed now over bis defeat t han bo would

if he bad resigned before.

The Post a n d Tr ibune says most truly

that " t h e Amer ican people will not soon forgive or forget t h e Chinese letter

forgery, or t h e people w h o m a d e use of i t ." Forget it? Never—with no Pina-

forical except ions—Never!

A weal thy and beau t i fu l young wife uf Philadelphia, aged 17, fell desperate-ly In lovo wi th a young Spaniard aud tried to steal h im and r u u off w i t h him tbe otlier day . Detectives prevented . Her husband came m i g h t y near being a

grass widower.

I t looks now aa though the present

Secretary of t h e S ta te Senate . Mr. E. S. Hosklns, and the present Clerk of the bouse, D. L. Crossman. would be re-elected wi thout opposition. They ore llrat-class o f f iccn and their re-election by a u n a n i m o u s vote would bo only f

deserved endorsem*nt .

J u s t as soon as thi-y found tha t Bar-n u m w a s the und r dog in the fixht, some Democrat ic p a p e n tha t had been e t -boying h im on in his d i r ty work, be-

gan to h a u l off and pelt h im w i t h rock*. H e deservt* tha . s toning but—well , it 's queer, a in ' t i t , " h o w some t u r k e y s

w i l l ? "

Several S ta te papcr« have announced

t h a t J a m e s H . Stone, manage r of tbe Detroit Pos t and Tribune, desires to be read ing clerk of the nex t House of Rep-

resentat ives a t Wash ing ton . While >t wou ld be difficult to find a be t t e r m a n t h a n Mr. Stone for the place, t h e report t h a t b e is desirous of the position Ik er-


Mr. B a r n u m will probably d rop his l i t t le scheme t o r e tu rn to New York fo r Hanco*ck. I t would be fa r easier fo r h im t o go th rough the eye of a needle t han to w e a r a vent big enough to do the o ther t h ing . Mr. B a r n u m is not im-mensUy. i u e l f , just now. It would take

a t least five pecks of h im to make a bushel a t preaeut wr i t ing .

The t h r ee most p romim at candidates for U . 8 . Senator a re Senator Baldwin,

Ex-Gov. Bagley and Hon. O. D. Conger. The n a m e s of Hon. J . F. Joy , Congress man Newber ry , CongrcMman Burrows a n d Dr. R y n d have a l t o been meutluiiod In connect ion wi th the place. Our leg-in la ton elect will hav« to niakn the he lect ion. Let them act wisely and lor the best in teres ts of Michigun.

For 8|«eak«-r of the next House ol the Michigan S ta te Legula lu ro tho iiaiiu» of Hon . S. C. Moffat of the ( i iand

Traverse dis t r ic t , and l i on . O. W . Hop-kins of Detroit , have be« n ment ioned . I t is unders tood that Mr. Moffat ii mak-ing a push In tha t direct ion. while Mr. Hopkins is not . The np^iker ' s gnvt-l will fa l l iu to good hands , w h e t h e r it In-Moffat or Hopkins. The present legis-la ture conta ins plenty of llrst-clasn ma-terial fo r high and h o n o n b l e positions.

The r ed ahlrted d e u l s o l Sou th Caroli-

i t i nv i •» Ulfcii i«rvulioi "lnoll iuuo" ai the recent election, ah usual . They bull-dozed, in t imidated aud shot ••nigg*rs" and " r a d s . " and W a d e H a m p t o n , whoi><-neck o u g h t to have been s t re tched years ago, smilrt1 at thu glorious result . We t r u r t t h e t ime will hooii como when the

n iggers ' and • rads" of Sott ih Carolina

will do t l f i r share ol nhooting on such occasions, il such work it- t o bo cominu-

J i m c r u t .

Well , now, this is win ter w i t h a big W .

I lan lan can now afford t o " U y back on his oars ."

Sara Hernhard t ha* • waist like t h e Isthmus of a n hour ghua.

The K u r d s have been repulsed. Had-n ' t they be t t e r cheese it ?

Queen Victoria 's real name la M n . Al-bert Wett in—so there. We never w a n t

to lie a queen.

Tildcn is as silent as his grove. Ho

hasn' t even turned over in his coffin

since election.

If Lord Bcaconsfield'a f r iends would stick to h im as well aa the gout does he wouldn ' t compla in .

Mr. Yost of tho StaunUm Virgin ian wants to be Postmaster General unde r Garfield, Yost for luck.

To "Music ians" : If y i u w a n t to s tudy harmony go to Detroi t and get in wi th the C o m m o n Council there .

J o h n C. Ca lhoun , nephew of the fa th-er of secession, Is insane. But not In-tentionally so, as was his uncle.

Lansing dramat ics have been p laying " T h e Laat Loaf" to largo audiences. Lowell would l ike a slice of t h a t .

Five of ou r foreign m i n i s t e n have been editors nf country n e w s p a p e n . And when we g<» there' l l In- s ix of us.

Belinda Lore edi ts a Kansas paper. She wi thes she were a man . and w e don ' t blame her. No man 's name u Belinda.

Mr. English of Ind iana hasn ' t smiled since election. Um—tha t ia, he—why we don ' t mean t h e iimllo you ' re th ink-

ing of.

There ia a n elephant 's tusk in New York t h a t weighs 164 lbs. I t waa bo large tha t t h e elephant couldn' t get it in hia t r unk .

The wi fe of a fou r mil l ionaire in N. Y. city is a t t h e head of a cooking school

bless he r old heart . She is a well bread woman .

J o h n n y Davenport says t h e next rev-elation In t h e H o r r y forgery c a t c will be a t h u n d e r clap. Bet you Hewi t t has

both e a n f u l l of fingers.

The quest ion of polvgamy will come up in the nex t congress. Po lygamy ia

a to r t of G e m Puzi le—you th ink you've got i t when you haven ' t .

Robert B u m s of the Inman line has crossed t h e ocean over 200 t imeo .—£r .

And Roliert Burns, the poet, has cross-ed the ocean over 1000 lime* 200.

The At lan ta Coni t i tu t ion begs pardon —but it " w a n t s for Secretary of t h e Navy a m a n t h a t can s w i m . " Aha— we're jus t the buoy you ' re looking for.

A Liverpool paper says t h a t " t h e Countess Modjeska Is nn I r i shwoman and her n a m e is simply M n . Magee." Well, she's a dnrlint , a n y h o w ; so pha l ' t the odds.

Should England become a Republic dur ing t h e present reign, Queen Vic-toria would sink to plain M n . Wet t in .— Det. A'nnr,

Maybe she would but the ' Pr ince of Wales would be j u s t a t dry as ever.

Gen. Garfield's successor in t h e House has been chosen; his successor in the Senate soon will be and now w h o shall

aaccced h i m on the tow path of the rag-ing canal? Ah—now there 's a chance for Ben. Butler .

Prof . Swing has sued tho Chicago Times for damages , unde r tbe copyright law. for publ ighing a se rmon of hit be-fore il was delivered. No th ing could make us m a d d e r than a t r ick l ike tha t . We hope he'll jus t m a k e Storey h u m p around.

The Post and Tribune th inks t h a t "if there 's a m a n in the Georgia Legislature tha t will come u p on b is mer i ts It It Mr. Henry Turnipseed of Clay coun ty . " A newspaper tha t will steal In a n d spr ing ujwn t h e public a vegetable p u n a t Ih i t season of t h e year is no gen t leman . Our address Is Lowell.

If tbe opposition had " f u s e d " on Blanchard Webber ' s m a j o r i t y would have been about 4,000 to 5,000.

The to ta l prohibi t ion vote o t Michigan a t t h e late election was K l against 8,297 fou r y e a n ago. The a t t i t ude of Ihe liq-uor d e a l e n ' awtocla on probably ac-

counts fo r the change. Tlie prohibition-ist# very sensibly voted the Republican s ta te ticket th is fall.

Tho official re turns show tha t t h e Michigan house of representatives will stand—87 Republicans and 13 Demo-cra ts : Senate , 30 Republicans and 2 Democrats. On joint ballot tho Repub-licans will have 117 vote#. Democrats

15. There isn ' t a s t raight greenbacker in e i ther house.

Now Ihe election li over and ull is quiet, has it occurred lo you t h a t out of t h e 47 electo: al votes wanted by De-mocracy, to put with the 138 f rom the soutli which Were pledged and pocketed

at the Cincinnat i convention—we say has il occurred to you tha t ou t ol iIiIh 47 the Democrats , a f t e r one of t h e long-est and hardisii fought campaignii ever seen in th is count ry , finally suco-eded in ge t t ing 13? And tha t while they were ge t t ing the** thu Republicans got 214?

Confonsion l>. good for t b e soul, they say. Several prominent Domocratii | ia |*-n in t h e M»utli have, Binc« f lec t ion , admil t ' s l the i r bul l-do/ lng nietluxU and are lustily hhouling that it was all

wrong, for it has made the nor th solid against tln-iii. That ' s why it is ail wrong —"it makes t h e north solid against

t h e m . " It would U- all r ight if it d idn ' t " m a k e t h e nor th solid against them, we s u p p o v . Such confession may In-good for the noul. but it must be a very susceptible soul that can be quickened bv It.

A s T U A f t e r U m B a t t l *

Let t h e no r th be once fu l ly convinced t h a t t h e south baa accepted In good fa i th t h e rraulta of the war , t h a t it will s teadfast ly abide by and defend th* amendment* to the cont t i tut lon*. tha t It will eame«tly denounce and oppoe* all un fa i r method* in conduc t ing elec Uon*, t h a t It will e a r n m l y endeavor to Hccuro toa l l men equal right* a t all

time# and under all circumRtance#, then tho north will conf ron t tho *outh In fu-t u r e only to *hako hand* and forget sec-tional lines and anlmoHlties. Wil l tbl* day ever come? Let u* hope It will. The south has every th ing to gain by It and upon such condition* aa stated the nor th would gladly meet tho south half way and br idge over the bloody chasm tha t

has so long separated t h e two great sec-t ions of t h e Union. Unlee* the #outb doe# this—unless It assure* t b e no r th by It* act* a* well as promise* tha t It baa coaaed it* war fa re upon itself . It cannot

expect t h e nor th to ceaae It* war fa re aea ins t tho cruel a n d revolut ionary methods of the south, whereby just ice is defea ted , r ights a re denied and hu-man life 1# endangered a n d lost. The nortk i* determined upon th is point. All it a*k* l* justice, equal right*, fair play.

These m u s t be secured and maintain-ed. The nor th mean# it. Let t h e south see t h a t i t is dune and It will have done

itself t h e greatest blessing t h a t can be conferred by any power th is side of

iven. Let tho bet ter clauses of the south rise in their migh t and put the heel of condemnat ion upon all un fa i r method* and political outrage# and they

will find the nor th the i r be«t f r iend. The south can r ight It* own wrong* bet-te r t han a n y power else. Wil l It do i t? I t can place lUelf in a position to blee* itself and be blessed by t h e nor th . Wil l i t do i t? " I t 1* a consummat ion devout-ly to be wished.'1 Wi l l i t do it ? Any in-dicat ion in tha t direction will be regard-ed aa a hopeful i lgn.



Cherry Balsam W I L L C U R E

o o u o z z a .

C O L I D S C f e


H U N T & H U N T E R . 21 m8 Agent* fo r Lowell, Mich.

Y o x j a a b T a c a i a s r OO TO

t y W R I T E F O R C I R C U L A R S . , «

A B - I 'ROPniETOR 4 L D . o m a : 2 0 4 . W O O D W A R D A V t i h o t H O I T . M i e n

Health Journal bent htts.

J o a r a s l O I c s n l B f * .

Pres ident Haye# will go t o Europe nex t year .

Clara Morris is the best dressed w o m a n in America .

Violeta were in blossom in Providence on the 12th of Nov.

Expor t s of domest ic breadRtufft fo r October, >25,011,758.

Large quant i t ie* of b u t t e r a re now m a n u f a c t u r e d ou t of la rd .

Robert T . Lincoln i* one of t b e r e p u b - ' can e l e c t o n o f Illinoi*. Ohio ha* the p remium crop of whea t

thi* year—52,5(K),000 bushel*.

The whea t crop of thi* coun t ry i* e«ti-a t ed a t 455,000,000 buchel t . K ing Ka lakaua of t h e Sandwich la-nds, is coming to America on a visit.

M n . Burne t t i* wr i t i ng a new novel fo r Scr ibner . bu t t h e doe# it In bed.

Brig. Gen. J acob Zeller of t h e Uni ted State# mar ine corps died T h u n d a y .

McCullough celebrated his 48d birth-day by p laying Virginius in New York.

Cornelius J . Vanderbi l t has jus t fin-ished a $100,000 house in Ha r t fo rd . Conn.

Henry Abby's p e n o n a l profi ts on Sara Bernhard t ' s fint week in New York were $18,000.

Chicago will have a splendid $500,000 i v a t e hotel, corner of Michigan ave-ae and 21st street. Tho Phi ladelphia Chronicle Herald re

ma rks tha t divorce is t h e signal for a o m t i o n of hostilities.

Tlie All iance has sued the Chicago Time* for damages for publ i sh ing a ser-

on of Prof . Swing's .

Lieut . Fl ipper, the colored West Poin t g radua te , is said to bo s teadi ly w inn ing his way to dist inction.

A r t h u r will re ta in his connection wi th h i t law firm in N e w York d u r i n g his vice presidential t e rm.

If Gen. Hanco*ck did not get tbe presi-dency he got seven gold-headed canes, which will last him longer.

Rev. Josiah Hanson, Harr ie t Beecher Stowe's original " U n c l e Tom," is to have a new $2,500 church a t Dresden Ont.

W a r m , for y e a n the champion of tho world, it now a t Montreal

down , and a f r jendless pauper. Nearly 77,000 octavo page# will lie ta-

ken u p wi th the "Records of the W a r . " about to be published by t h e govern-men t .

A practical missionary in New York spir i tual l a b o n a m o n g

P<>or not coffee.

New York Fenlaus are t ry ing to raise


Cures Back Ache 0S

And all diMOssi of tbe kldnej-i, bladder and u r ln s r j o t f a n * by wrsrlnR tho

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Simple! S e n i i b e- Di rec t , Fa ln l e i i . T w e r f n l .

It CURES wber# *11 rl»e fallr. A Hercl*tlon and ReroluUon in mrdlclne Abao.ptloa or dlrrct sppllcaUoo. a* opposed lo un ia th fac to ry Inter-nal medldnes. Bend for our t r r a U w oa Kldnejr

backs his spir i tual l a b o n among hi* wi th a car t laden w i t h bread and

. a g t o wi th which to nend ex-head cen

(rouble*, sent free. Bold by d m n i s l . or sent by nisil, on n-crlpt of price. * 3 . 0 0

Address T H E " c H L Y " l U V Q P A P CO.

Williams Block. DETROIT. Mich..

This is Ihe OriElnsI snd Genuine Kidney Psd. Ask for II and t ske no other.

N o t i c e t o B t i l l d c r H . I hereby wish lo nollfy through the public

ircsssll who are cunlemplallng building ihit r s ion. that I now hsve on hsnd s full aupply of

aeaaoned lumber a t the *erT low prices teen in tbe followlncpiice list. All wbu are detlcning to build will And it to their Interest to csll upon us and examine our qudlUe* of lumber before purchssinr elsewhere Keductlon made on bills,

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10 to 20 IS & up.

M o t ••

One dollsr ext ra for eT t r r t feet In length of bill ituff above It feet J . M. STERNS.


Sena to r K m i a n of New York will re-tire w i t h great re luc tanec f r o m the Uni ted S ta te*Sena te . Th rough the man-a g e m e n t of t h e sou the rn ( the controll-iug) e lement of hi* pa r t ) ' he honor-ed wi th the c h a i n u a n a b l p ol the com mit tco on patent -—a position tha t the Democracy ot t h e g rea t commercia l - l a te he hai ls f rom, had never dreamed u i o s k l o g — n o t e v m for the i r favor i te o n . K c r n a n . The cha i rman of the Sen-

a te c o m m i t t e e on patent* will be mi l l -


Mow M l e h l g a n W r n l .

( • • r B e l d ' a r i u r n l l t y S 3 , a l i i ;

The official canvass of the S ta te gives Oarlield 185,l!i>; Hanco*ck, 181.301: Wea-ve#. iM.SM: Dow, 902;aiiti-hecrct, Amer-ican and work ingmen ' s candidates , etc. .

3i2. Tbe canvaKi on s ta te u f t i cen will l ake place December 7th. The green-back vote i» considerably le»s than hall

ol w hat it w a - i n IfcTS. Tlie Democrat ic »'ttc Is 52.7!r? m o r e than il w a s in 187!?.

a n d the Republican vole th is lull ex-ceed? tha t of 1876 by 58,915. Tlie total vote thi# fal l for lb*- various candidate#

for President exceeds t h e to ta l vote of 1878, by 73.177—a t remendous increa-*. InstHid of ge t t ing any benefit f i o m llii-incr. ase, t h e greenU' icken lose not only the i r expected proportion of it but ibey l o * 39.460 of the i r Note of 1878. Tlie re-sult show# tha t Michigan i«, of the stal-wa r t State*, a vigorous s ta lwar t

ter J a m e s Stephens as missionary cf the cause to Par is .

I n the New York Tombs 14 men and 2 women are now confined, charged wi th m u r d e n commit ted in thot c i ty s ince May last.

Carlyle, grieving because bo ha# no s t r eng th to work, sits wi th the fire etill •moulder ing within h im. and wait* fo r t h e t ime tha t he m u s t go.

An Engl ish woman named Miss Mabel May is said to have been selected as t h e companion and assis tant of M n . Gar-field in t h e Whi te Houmj.

Ten Broeck, t h e celebrated t u r f m a n , is 80 y e a n old. The winning* of hi* stable d u r i n g h i t 10 y e a n ' s tay in Eng-land aggregated near ly $200,000.

Sura Bernhard t wear# in the " S p h i n x " a dres# "so co rmsca t ing tha t it seems to put out t h e l ights and to fu rn i sh the splendor by which one tee# i t . "

The heat of genuine affect ion can find no more glowing expression t han that of the IrMbman w h o said " A r r a h , me dar l in ' , I wish I whs iu jai l for stealing ye ."

F. F- l i a r t ram. one of tho wealthiest men of Rockford, HI., was married Sat-urday, to his mother-in-law, M n . Cran-ilall, and thus become* g randfa the r to his im n chi ldren.

Will iam Preston J o b n t l o n , L L D., a Yale graduate , has been unanimously elected piesidenl of t h e Louisiana StatV-L 'n lven i ty , to which thi- agricult i iral and mechanical college is attachi-d.

An.onli i ig to the treanury depar tment est imates, the coin and bullion in the United Stall-* on the fin-t of this month aniounti-d, in gold, tu $454,012,030; sil-ver $158,271, t27.

The imtMiry de|>artment Thursday purchaw-d 415,000 ounces of fine silver for the Umted Stali-x min t s at Philadel-phia, San FranciM-o ami New Orleans.

The cost of the second St. Loui i cen-nus Has aliout $25,000. It was found that t he r e were 5,000 more people t han were reported in the first enumera t ion . Thus it cost tbe govornnu-nt $5 apiece for every addit ional name.

An i loi iement par ty a t Vincent . N. C.. consisUti of four couples, all of whom had l*i n forbiddi-n by parent# to mar-ry . They met at t r a in t ime in the rail-road stat ion, and then stood u p in a row before a c le rgyman.

Tlie oldest house in t h e I'liiti-d State* ih niipiHwed to Im- at Pembroke. Mas*. In 16',1i I eleg Marker's ancestors built a for t of Ntono and mor t a r as a defense against the Indians, a n d it has been used as a d ining room for years. Tlie main bui ld ing is only 10 years yojingiT.

I he acid Blood is t h e p r imary cause and susta ining dower of Rheumat i sm. W h e r e t he r e is Alkali there can be no Rheumat i sm. Tlie " D n . Bosa .nko Hiiki m a t i c C l r E , " is a chemical ly pre-pared Alkaline, neutra l iz ing t h e acidi ty and removing chronic inf lammation by absorpt ion . It is not claimed that t h e c u r e is a panacea f o r a long cata logue of diseases, l ike m a n y others , but fo r R h c u m a r i t m and Lamo Bock a lone it is a sovereign remedy, pr ice 75 cent*. Sold bv ail drugBists. ICrl

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OKODATE ORDKIt - B l s t e of Miihigan.Cuun 1 ty of Ken t . - s s . At a m-ssIou of Hit-i ' lobst* Court for tbe county of Ki-nt. boldrn s i the I'ro bsto office, In thi- City of ( irsnd l lapidi. on Monday the n f l i*n lh day ef .\ovrml>er. in lb s year one t b o u u n d right hundrrd und eighty,

r r s s so t—CymiK Prri.ui>. J u d c e of I 'mbs ls In tbe m s t t r r uf thei-staieuf Husauosb C u u e r .

deceased. On reading snd nilng the |>einioii duly ««-rtn»d

of I ssar Cuaser. prs>ini; s u i . « g other ihings thst the Inslnimrut now on llir in thit o m i t , purponing tu I* Um l u t trill and Irstainriit of aifaf deceased ms) l.r aduilUed In fn- l -a l r slid the r iecut lon thei-uf snd sdnimMist loi , u( - n d ™ut» mmr lie grant.-.] to KnuUinir r Nasun. i.o r i ecu tur liring In u i d si l l n smrd

Tlwiruin>ultia ••nlrrni t i is l Mondsy I t r thlr-Ovntli dsy uf Hfs-i-uilx-rm-«i a i t r u o r l . « k in Ihe forenoon, lie a u i g n H for t h r hraring ol u i d | » tltion. snd thst thr lirlia at iaM of said -erased and all othei perMnn in t r r r s tn l in said r . ta le , are rrnulred tu a p | » « r at a srsaion of said i-ourl. thrn lo lie bnl>lrn at thr I ' roUti-nai . ' r in the city of Ursnd lUUd . . In said ruuu l ) . snd show < if s n r there lis why Ihe prsyi r of ti.r iiriiii.mrr •hould nm l ivgrsn tn l . Anil It l> f u n h r r order-ed 'list sai<l petitioner g i t r nu l s , to thr jn i-iinns Inlrrrstrd In said estate, of thr prndrncy of said petltii n. and Ihe hrahng thereof by raunlni: a copy of this I.idrr to b r pulilislinl in thr lyiwell J o r s s s i . a n r * spaiier pilnleil and lirculaiing la tsld county Kent ihrer succrsa i i eae rks . pre-Ttoua lo said day of fararing IA true copy i CVKVS E PERKISB.

AtioLra B. Judge of lYoliate 2JirS



[Edward M Adam*. Clmilt Conn Cooimi-sloDi-r NcRrynold s Muck )

pUA.NTKHV KALE btsto of Michigsn. the Vy Cirvuit Coun for the Cotiutv of Kent-ln Chsnc»r>'

John W i j l l a r ro s , Comiiluinunt. VI.

Th.vdvrt Nelson, Mary A Smith, Clsm Hnn-well. 'neodore Nels jn Jr.. AnismU Nelson. Ed-ward Nelson and Xaniipjn.- Nelson. Defendant*.

In pursuance of a di>'i, ,< mailr In said cause

county, (to-wlt Court lilo. k socalledi. In the d t y of ( irsnd Ka|iids. in said county, all of vil-lage M s tbrc«- and tour of block twenty


Kopf & mil's



They nre n w mnnufnctnring all

the Intwt style - of Klegant black

Wnlnnt, marble top liodn om

s e t s , f i ne painted Sets, llook-

c a s e ^ - , S e c r e t a i i e s , Karmere' ( ' o p -

boards j-nd a complete line of

Chaiis. T h e y have jasi receiv-

ed large invoices of Parlor S e t s

in spun silk, raw silk and H a i r

Cloth and tlie largest assnrt-

ment of Couches. Mattresses and

Spring Beds ever st en i n this

market, all of which w i l l be sold

AT DOTTOH PRICES. R e m e m b e r we sell for cash on-

ly and can thereft re give

Lower Prices than any house t h a t t ^ e l l s goods

o n l ime , 'I h e y w i l l n o t b e un -

dersold by any l i i i i i «e in Grand

Rapids or Detroit

Store and Salesroom, Bank

Bloc Lowell. Factory south

of Grund R i v e r , near depot.

K O P F <&. H I L L .

G R A N D I N D U C E M E N T , — I I i % i l f i i —

Will be given Free to Customers patroniz-ing the BOSTON STORE, Saturday, y

December 25th, 1880. O O I U t H I A . 1 V I 3


Received by one firm in Lowell. A t prices that will undersell a ' ! Coinpc i t i o n . NVe have t h e nami*, t h e r e f n i v must have the Game.

G o u d * must be sold if low p i iu - s w i l l do i t . W e bou.lit otir goods direct from N e w

Y o r k a n d F u c t o r k - s . w h i c h i n : i b l e « u 8 t o s e l l g o o t i d a t

I = ^ I C E : S ! Particular pains have been t a k e n i n se 'ec. ing t h e finu-t line of


I I Q L O f H I E f G I "We can show the Largest and Finest stock

in Lowell. A

All Goods Sold are Warranted as Represented or Money Rtfunded.

It will cost you nothing to look it our goods, ns you will surely save 25 cents on every dol lar by i lading wit h ns

Compare our Prices with Othf rs then Remember that we Sell

Best Dress Prints, Warranted, 5 Cents. Heavy Sheet ing, Finn ult-ached SlicctinK. Snlcndid Oinchnnis , l l eavy Sli ir tnip, P la in 'WoihIh I Drt-M GooiIb. I lnndsonie Dress OooJg, Silks, to r t r i m m i n g , Sa t in* fo r t i i inming .

ft Cents. 0 " Our CnqiclB, I j i rgcst Assort men t in Lowell,

prices f rom - - - 20 ct*. up. Mens' Boots. - - • 51.60 up. Litdies Slioes, , - - 75c " .Mens' Suit*, heavy, - $4,00 " Boys' •• •• . . . 2,50 " T r u n k s f rom - - - 75c "

Don't fail to call a n d price ou r goods, t hen t rade where you can t rade the best. A lways look fo r tho

M. Jacobson& Co., Lowell, Michigan.

W e Propose to Sell Goods srcg,CHEAPER^>ii



1000 piece Diirk Print*, F i u t Color*. 5c 500 uiere* Bei t L"n«(Jiile Mnslin. 9c. 1000 pi' ten Vnrd wide t'lilileiiclied Muslin. 0c. n n r t h 6c. '•utid Ginjjlmin*. 8c. mi l 10c. Guild Tnlilo Linens, 25c. T u i k t y Ri d Tnlile Duiiui-k. 50c. wnrtli 05 cent* GhimI >liirliii^H In PlNitlMind flr ipes. 8c und 10c. w n f l h 10c mid 12r. Good blue Htid lir-.wn Denims 10c and 12Ji;. GimmI Ticklnu' Or. 10c. und 12lo.

Wenrc llielieiidiiunrters fur nil k ind* uf Tuhle Linen*. Napkins , Tmvvl . and rnwel ln^. We sell tlle*>- g m i d t a l lower pilce* tlmn c m lie f<iiliiil in Hie Stale

Splentlnl liurftnins iu Clunks. SIinwI*. lilsck Silks. Rlnck Cnihinere*, Cultireil ('•slmiere*. Blnck Alpncn*. antl nil k i n d t nf drr** uuodi1. Our «t*K;k of tlle^• Kiiiid* is larger mid mir price* lower l l i m ever In fore.

llHtiildime Suiting", be, lUc, nn l 121- Plaid Suiting* 12Jc. 15c nml 20r. Plain Alpuras . sll cnl l i in , i luuii in I 2 | c . llnnit-oniu Bnicaile iln ss jjimd- m

20c. and 2Sc. w n n h 25 mid 80c F ine Mmnle Clutli*. all cnlnr*. 20c ami 2-11 Fiue all wool Blark Cashmere*. 45e and SOc. All wuul Culuii-d Cusliim ieo. :• culm*, d u n n tu 45c. Good Black Silks. 7.ic. 8Sc. and | l . 0 0

Colureit t r imming Silk* anil Snlitis, in ail new shade* at pupular pt icei tlreat bargaiti* in Fi It sod Unlmiiral S k i n t Omul Balmurul Skirt* 50i; aii>

tipwitrd*; gimu Fel t Skirt* SOc GOc, 75c. 85e. and ( 1 00 An iminriise stuck uf N>itions. Ilusiesy, Uluves and Cortet*. The hcxt Cur

sets in the city at SOc. 75c, and $1 00. Ladle*' winter hose f iom 10-. a pair u p . Children'* woolen ose a i very lu»

piice* Notwl th i l and ing Ihe idTance in woolen giuxl* we are Hill tell ing Blanke

Flanm-U, Blanke* nud K e n m c k j >enn» n t / i ld price*. Heavy Kentucky Jenn* 15c. SOc and 25c 0 «id White IllankeM $J 00. *2 5i

and f 3 DU a pair. Grey BUnket* f rum | 1 SOa pair uu. Large l ized Red t 'om-foitalile* ( I 25 Large aired White lied qnillr 85i4, $1 .10 nnd t l 50.

Our m i c k uf Cluak*. Doltuant and aliawl* it entirely new Clo tk t from 12.00 upward*. Very h*nd*<inie Dolman*$0 00 snd upwanl*. lleavy Duuhle and all tVmil Miiawlt 4 antl 5 dollar*, lli-avy Bi aver Sliawlt fiuui 2.50 tu 10 du l l an llro d i e anil Palsli-y Sliiiwl* frum 5 dull*r« up

Noitingliam Lace fur window c u r U i n t at 10c, I2c. ISc. 20c and 2Sr. We are te l l ing Carpels anil Oil Clo th t a t luwer pricet tlian ever. Flour Oil Cluth. SOc. Bargains in Oil cloth*, rug*, etc Cantuti FUnnel* 8c. White Flannel* 12 1 2c Heavy Water pioof cluth 00c.

We will make It to the inter t t uf every citizen of t / rand Rapidt , aud wi th in a radius ut 100 mile* of Grand Rspids . tu do t l u i r t rad ing with u*.

JOHN FITZOEhALD 6c OO , New York City Store. No. 72 Mohroe Street.


J O H N K O P F . O R T O N 111LL.

U N D E R T A K I N G . W i ; k e e p t w o H c n r a c s n u d

i - i ' l i a l i l c l i o r e s uimI d r i v o r a \ \ l i l r l i a : c fiti'iiished

and lh« entirr of I,lock tbiny-elcbt. anil lot ouo of l.loik ihlny-Dlne. *11 according to Kkl-ardaA Wkklixu'* ivor.lrd plat ot Ibc «il

Wof l/nrrll, in tlie countr of heat and StaUi irliiltBO. au<l ol»o * Mripot laud lylnc wnilh

of a line ninalnc sIuuk tin- tomb hue ot block nlnrteeu. tseuty, tliirtv-tlcbt aad ibirty-dae of wid iill«j:rof Umrll nnd c u t of a Hoe runnlnr southerly from wrst.lde of *nid lot one of said block tblrtv nme *nd north nf Orolinc Bnell'i nod llenrj- Sbepard'* Un.l«. and west of hiKh-«*>• niDDlnK to tho D. i. M. B. K. depot, all in Kent county, Wiclilran.

EDWARD M ADAMS. Circuit Court Cotnu UalMiir.

Kent County. Nlciiiean. Rcrv icB 4 M * u t a

Complalnints SoUdMrt. I»»ts<l Grand RtpMv Nov iXb, I w

I ?

u &

Mr, J o h n Kopf and Mr. Wil l Lolly, two experienced Under takers , will re tpond J ) io ull cull. » '

Our si.u k embraces all the various c l a u c s of good* to be found in the llr»t I a i* unde r t ak ing eatulilisliuientB of the'cit ies.

Kopf & Hill, Bank Block.

TO THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: raoir. O U I X J M i b t ' L ' E I ' J S I

FRENCH KIDNEY PAD, A Posit ive and |N-nnnnent cure guaranteed in a l l co t e t

of Uravel , Diitliele*. Dro|isy, B n g h t ' s diseaseof thu kid-ncys, Ineontinejice and Retention o t Urine , Inf lamation of t h e Kidney*. Ca ta r rh of t h e Bladder. High Colored Urine. Pain in the Back, Side o r Loin*. Nervous weok-

i less, and iu fact all disorder* of thu B M d e r a n d Ur ina-\ y O.-jjatib, whe the r c*ntnicted by private diseases o r |1 iheriviae. This great remedy has Usen used wi th sue-

.-s- for neat ly ten y e a n in France , wi th the most won-lerftil cura t ive elli-cts. It cu res by aliHorption; no nau*

I, .euu# Internul tnislleines In-ing re<|uired. W e have lum-I ' " I 1 ; '.\r lei l i inuniuls of ciirea by ih i t Pad when nil e l ie I i.td fnileil.

L \ I > I I . H . if you a r e suffer ing f rom Female Weak-iims. l / ' i icorrh'iM. o r dls<-nNcs iH-cuilnr lo females , or In V!01 " " V . ' l r " y i t i r d r u g g i s t fur /Ve/. Guilmtllc'i I rrnrh hidnru hul. and take no other . If he hn* not K-it it. - i i d f i OOand vuii will i w e i v e Ihe Pud by re-t u r n mai l . Addre .* U. s . Bnim b

F R K N O i l P a d CO., Toledo. Ohio-

Prcf. Guilmctt's French Liver Pad Will isisiilyely i ure Fever and A p i e . D u m b A r i u * . Abuo cake, Bilioti* fever Jaundice . Dysjs |>sia. ami and all diseases of the liver, s tomach and blood Tim pt. l i itKu liy aliMiriiiiun. and t* |wniiar,ent. Ask yon r drumrist fo r tin. pad ond tiike no ot her. If lie do<« not k i v p it. send | l . 5 0 t o t h e FRENCH PAD ( ' O ilT

OHIO, and receive it by r e t u r n mail For « l e by j . C '


B X O O » OK A N * C A S E O r C A T A K B U I T W I L L KOT C C B E .

J . D. Wea the r fu rd , of the Iiouh- of A. T. Stewar t K. I 'u. , Chicaso. 111., writes;— ' Gent lemen, I t ake pleasure in informin); you that 1 have used H a l r s C a i a r r h Cur.-. It has cured me—I was vcrv bad—and don't hesi tate t a s a v that it will cure a m ca*« of Ca t a r rh . " J . D. W E A T H E R F O R D .

We manufac t t i ro and sell it with a posit ive Gua ran tee that it will cure any case. Accept no subst i tute . For sale by d rugg i s t s general ly. If your druggist does not luippen to have it send to u » a n d we will forward a t once. Pr ice 75cents |H r l>ot-tle. F . J . t ' b e n o y & Co., T o l e d o , O h i o .

Une of t h e most g a i n f u l and dis t ress-ing diseases to which t h e flesh is he i r is ing Pile*. DR. BOSANKO'S Pli.K RkMKDV hail been tr ied, tested aud proved to be a n in-fallible remedy fo r t h e c u r e of all k ind* of Pile*. Pr ice 50 cent*. Sold by al l druggist*. |Hy|


S E W I N G MACHINES. Whi te . New Home, and Royal 8 t .

J o h n . Three of t h e latest and best machines in t h e marke t . NONE BET-TER. All wi th tho latest improvement*. Sold cheap f o r ea*h at Chas. Al thon ' s ClothiDK hou ie . Lowoll

Buy Pariiuilee's Condi t ion ' P o w d e r s Ful l ' pound lockage*, price 35 cent*, j For sale bv Hunt A- Hun te r . I5m3

W ' > 0 0 H o w a r d . We will pay the aborr f n a r d for anv cat* of i

Ur r r Complaint. l'yi|>f|"4a. fclck liea^Uchf. In I dlitrttlun, Const.'iMilion or CodtiteurM we ran- | not cure with Weaf* Tmtable Uver Pill*, when-' the dlrcctlom are strictly unuplied with. They i are purely vegetable, aud ne»er fall to glre a il Uf action. Hugar Coated, t^ixe b-ixes. con taininfSO pilin. Vi cents. Beware of count ei ; feltonand Imlutorm, ThcRi-uuine mamifactu i L ed only by John C. " i t t A Co.. "The Pill Mai I ert," 181 A IBS W. MadlnoD 81. Chkaito. Frn-trial pavkaan tent by mall prepaid on receipt of a three "ent ttamf J C. w»«t. Xrl, Lowell |



D g X R O I T . l V l f C H




A L i v e P n p u r I n » L l v u T o w n .

D e t r o i t , ( I ' d l l u v e t i & M i l w i u i k e t -

i c . i t i . n o A i i



HlMmboat Exums, • • 7 30 a a ThruiiKh Mall, • • • II » a a Evening Eiprraa, • 5 « p a Mixed to Uwotao, • • • I M p a Through Freight, • 0 10 p a

OOIKO WEST: Sat unlay Might Mlx-I. Through Kreiglit, Night capreia. Through Mail. Mixeal. Staamlioat Exprew.

t Ma a & SO a a « ITr a

r.' 31 P a II 10 P M

East . f y Through ticket* to nil rrinclinl i«lnts for sale at the Cotnnanv'* offiw. Lowell.

Ladles and Smoking Can) on all day trnins. Pullm in Sli-epUig can on all IIIbIu trains.

F. O. TAFT, W. Ft FIUT11. I»well Agent. Clen. l'a««, Ag't. Detroit.

L o w e l l I ' o s t - O l l i c e .

MAUJJ CLOSE For D. fl. II. A >1 Fjist. II a. a,: 4 « p. a. For D. 0, II. tt M. West, I SO p a ; H:!» P. a. For Fallassburgh. Alton (Irant and Orattan

' Far Went Campbell. Clarkaville. Campbell. Carlrton CVnter. Ilastinp. North Irving. Fillmore. FTeeport. Ilowne nnd Alto. 7 o'clock t . a

For Keene. mall close* eveir Friday at 3 p. a. PoM-offlce hours from 7 o'clock a. a. to 11:30 p.

" ' O ^ r - W t o l o ' c ^ B u n d a . ^ , ^

A . O . U . W .

Regular m'etlngs of lyiwell Loilge No. SS. flrst and third Fridavs of each" month. Quarterly meetings third fiHay evenings of the months "f March, June. September ap'Ml-jrcmhcr ^

Tnto. B. C i a n a . R'c.


t e i e ;



\ i J- &


DLTlUJlT. MICH. $lw2

I M. KATniWtOJI. Jiwmi Wl'EXBVlO.

M t T H E W S O N S W U R Z B U f G .



I /)well . Michigan.

R e n w i c k & W a l k e r ,

A T T O R N E Y S a n d S O L I C I T O R S


I v I O J S i E ~ V L O / V l S T ^ D . Over Nai. mal Dank.

L o w e l l , M l c l i l g n n .


P t R R Y Sc A L G E R .

A t t o r n e y s n n d S o l l v l t o r s .

I t e u l E a t n t c & L o n n A n t ' s .

Insurance, Collections and Conttjandiig at-tended lo wltbprumptnns utid oni-m. v

Office In Bank Block. LOWELL. MICH.

f o W E L L N A T I O N A L H A N K .


C A P I T A L ,

S U R P L U S . - -

DIRECTOItS: C, T . W o o d i n g , C . O . S t o n k . N . A . S t o n e , A . S . S t a n n a r d ,

j a s .

*50 000. $10 000.

E . J . BOOTH, C. R. Hink, M. N. HINK.

E D W A R D B R A D F I K L D ,



CI E U . W. HOl'SK Practical Horw- Sho*r. X Broadway, wmt ot Union Block. weki side.

Sign of Big hone shoe.

RICKERT 4 nanr .BTSON. Dental Sur geon.. 11. mi over Scott's Ilanlwnre Store.

W»rk warranted.

HN. TAYLOIl. Iron Founder. Munufariin.r Dealer in Agricullural Implements. Cor

Jackson and Avery Street*.

Lowr l t Journa l .


1 Local news i t ems solicitetl. 3 Poetical cont r ibu t ions not wan ted . 3 Lengthy comiminicat ion* rarely ac

cepted. 4 Obltuarj- not ices of over ten lines,

sent iu for publicat ion, will la- charged

t t the ra te of five cen t s |ier line. 5 All local not ices sent in for pnblli-

ca t ion , Ihe object of w hich i* to ndv. r Use any business or profession, must be

paid for at regular i i i lver t is ing rates .

l l o n i v a n d V l c l n i t j ' .

Look for tho JOL'llNAt. next week.

Our Cannon le t te r w as mifcorr l i i l la»i

w i n k .

A Grand Rapid* a lderman is o b a r p i l

wi th brila-ry.

Bogus ten-cent pieci-sareallont. Now

we're (ill Inlen-sted.

Amos Hall of Cliarloile acc identa l l j

shot nnd killisl Thurs iUy .

Chas I". Bur no* of B i l t l e Cns-k ha»

bought the Reed City Clarion.

Zadoe Howe of tbi* village is giving

Instruct ions in danc ing at Sarannc.

Thanksgiv ing to-morrow. Remem-

ber t h e p o o r a s well a t yourselves.

Have your dol lar ready for a year s subscription to t h e JOURNAL next week.

New and e legant designs fororuatnei i -

tal pr in t ing jus t w e i v e t l at ibis ofllce.

Boys caught la t lh ing in Flat r iver th is mon th or nex t will In- seven-ly deal t

wi th . y

The colored K n i g h t s T c m p I a r o f G r a n d

Rapids will have a thnnksgiv ing ban-

q u e t . Dan Kelley baa been held for trial at

Ionia—charged wi th steal ing a pocket-

liook and $35.00.

Ionia ha* eleven churches and only one jail . Talk abou t you r " l aw of supply

nnd d e m a n d . "

Major Kelsey of Ionia lost a Imrrel of flour on Hanco*ck . Anybody lose a bar-

rel of a n y t h i n g on English !

Wish you a merry Thanksgiving.

I tems of interei t solicited f rom all towns.

Christraas—four weeks from nex t Snlttrday.

Real estate is advancing in price all over the state.

Alonio Kennedy uf Qreenvillc recent-ly suicided. Domestic trouble.

Attend Tbankig iv ing services to-mor-row at 10:30. at the M. E. church .

An Interesting letter from Fleet Doty will appear in next week's Joi'RNAL.

Them was a sharp advance in t h e price of wheat Monday in all home mar-ket*.

The sleighing here is pret ty good. Mure snow would Improve it in the count ry .

Mesamore did more s tumping in Mich-igan than we thought;—Ihe Republican plurality is over 53.000.

Mrs. J . B. Shear of this village fell last Friday, breaking two of he r ribs and re-ceiving other severe in jur ies .

Fin ley McDermott , of Grand Rapids, j umped f r o m a third story hotel win-dow and only sprained nn ankle.

The post-oftlco will be cliwed to mor-row (Thanksgiving day) from 1 t o 3 p. U.—while the turkey is being gobbled.

Thanksgiving services at t h e M. E .

church to-morrow, a t 10:30 o'clock a . xi. P reach ing by the Rev. t 'bas . Oldficld.

• This is the t ime of the year when " t h e rollers work bad"—judging f rom t h e

"measloy" ap|icarancc of some ou r ex-cliangos.

Prof. Crane, the artist, is in town and If you want to see some line pa in t ings step into the Oil Miniature f 'o's rooms. Graham's Block.

Have you a friend in Mimeothercoun-ty or s ta te? Send him or her a copy of

the Journal one year . It will cost on ly oue dollar to do it.

The prospectus of Tlie Echo, the week-ly edition of the Detroit Evening News, will be found in the JOURNAL this week. It is a very newsy paper.

W. M. Chapmiui will organize his n ight school Friday evening, a t Music Hall . Those desiring to join will please be present on that evening.

The Joi'RNAL has received a compli-mentary ticket to Coon's r i ianl .sgiving party a t OreenyiUe. but we 're not the coon tha t walks 22 miles to a dance .

Have the girls forgot ten that th is is Leap Year and tha t the golden oppor tnni ty is fas t gliding away like a gui l ty boy f rom you r watermelon patch?

A series of home enter ta inments would la; acceptable this winter . Lowell h a t h excellent musicM and drnmat ie talent , and it ought not to be kept unde r a


The R. P. Society of Rockford will hold its next ipinrterly meeting Dec. II and 12. beginning at 2 p. M. on the I I th . Rev. J . 11. Bitrnbam of Saginaw is ex-pected to Ik- there.

The '.MHh annual meeting of the Mich-igan S ta te Teachers ' Association will l-e held in I-aiiMiig. beginning Tuesday evening. Dec. 28th. and con t inu ing through tbe'Jfltli and 30th.

Mrs. St rong 's s inging . l a s s g a v e a very creditable enteiiaiiinieiit at Train 's Hall last Wedm-sday night—to a fair sized audience. The weather was bad but

the oratorio was good enough to m a k e


Tax receipts, large *ize and on best pa|«er. fo r sale at the Joi'RNAI. office a t 40 cents i x r hundred . These receipts are much larger and fa r super ior t o many offered at the same price, else-where.

We ask attention to the adver t isem*nt of tho Ohio Farmer of Cleveland, O., in th is issue uf mir paper, ami recommend it as one of the oldest and most valua-ble ugr icul tural and family |Kipers nf the coun t ry .

C. T. Chapin lias become sole proprie-tor of the Cadillac News, one ol the \ e i y las t ci un t ry paja-re published in th is slate. We a lways welcome t h e Newa to ou r table and IIII|k; it will neve r fail to arr ive " o n t ime."

G. Paul Smith, w houamo here u n d e r the auspices of the L. L. C. Fr iday night , had a fair atidicnce, a l though the net receipts did not add much to the (,'liib treasury. His imperbonatioHa were very good. For a boy hu excels.

The L i k e Shore Democrat , publ ishe 1

a t Au Sable, is a new venture . J o h n -son and Gardner a re publisher*. The Di'inocrut is a neat hsikiiig sheet. Johnson was formerly publ isher of the S a m n a c Local. We wish h im suc-


M. A . Rialman of this city has a piece <•1 If .••oak n i t f rom the Lawrence, llag-ship of I 'oiiimodore Pi r ry , which sunk in t h u b a l i l e o f L i k e Erie in 1H13. and was nitsed in IHiil by A. P. Churchi l l of K r i i v l ' " I be piece waa a present f rom C^fp i in Allen of Batt le Creek .—/oma mfiurl.

Mr. A: Mr*. A. t". Davis of G r a t t a n liuva jus t rc lurni i l f rom a few weeks vi.it among old fr iend* in Ohio. Mr. Ilavia i.i\ s i vi'ty Rrpublican iu the Bin k< >1' s tale weigh* a ton nnd a be t t e r feeling muli i t i ide he never saw than the lio n » ho bnriabvd lor tlnrlleld.

laad—A Knighl* Ti tnplnr Malted' ('|ii«s ••did gold, black und n d enamel ,

wuh i ro«s and i rown. und var iotu o the r tnasonlc deMigns, oil one side; on tbe i i l lm a chapte r keystone. Tho c h a r m « as ullai lied lo a •mull gold chain . A liberal reward will V - paid to the |>arty

leaving it at this ofllce.

A. C. Morgan will run thu m o w plow-on tho west sidu this winter provided

tbostr to Ije benefited thereby will pay hiiti ' cha t it is worth to do i t . W e t rus t he will llnd the cit izens of thu west s ide ready to contr ibute liberally. Morgan will do the work '.veil and is a deserving young man. Give h im the job and pay

h im well.

Messrs. Atkins d ' A d a m s haye sold their stock of Agricultural Implements ,

We would suggest to t h e L. L. C. and other like organizat ions that there is more money in " H o m e Ente r t a inments" than in any other , except those given by the very best ta lent from abroad. The ' ' average" t ravel ing talent is as a rule piMir stock to invest in. They al-most invariably taku ou t more than they br ing in.

Tho Clinton and Slllaw-assen Union, it-

self one of the liveliest and liost printed pa|a'rs in the stale, oflfers this:

" T h e LOWELL JOURNAL, every one knows is well nnd ably edited, but iia typographical appearance , clear print and handsome m,ilte u p . does Hine great credit , and should IM- an encouragenipnt to di r ty or careless p r in te rs of the state, to a t t e m p t better th ings . "

(Our experienced fo reman and print-ers a re enti t led to a good share of tbe above credit , a l though for a few weeks,

imperfect rollers, Ac. , have not given them a chance to show what they can do.)

THANKSGIVING PARTY .—Don't forget the g rand par ty to be given by tho Ex-celsior Qimdrille Club, a t Music Hall , Lowell, Thursday Eve . . Nov. 25. 1880. Music furnished by Balcom's full Orches-tra. Bill 75 cents; supper extra .

To A d v e r t l u n .

Next week's eddition of the JOURNAL will be about 1,500 copies. Businessmen not already adver t i s ing in the JOVRNAL.

will do well to begin now. You cannot make an investment tha t will br ing bet-

ter re turns . Try it a n d see.

Clioten Friend*.

A Council of t h e order of Chosen Frientls was recently ins t i tu ted in th is village, with the fol lowing oflicers:

Dr. A. P e c k - P . C. C. W . J . Medler—C. ( ' .

Mrs. Will iams—V. C. W . E. K e y e s - F . R. Mrs. Dr. McDannell—R. Mrs. C. Johnson—Trea*.

KMllauharg Newn

Died—at her home in Keene, Sunday evening, Nov. 21. Carr ie , wife of D. C. Johntion. Funeral services a t the house Tuesday, Nov. 23. at 1 p. m., conducted by the Rev. R. C. C r a w f o r d . She will be buried in Ionia cemetery .

.Mrs. Bowen. one of the oldest settlers of t h e town of Keene, died at t h e resi-dence of her son, Alpheus Bowen, on Fr iday, Nov. 19. aged 81. The n ight lie-foro he r death slie ret i red in usual heal th . During the n ight tho a t ten t ion of her f r iends was called by an unusual sound and upon en t e r ing her room they found her dying. All tha t t h o u g h t f u l affect ion could sugges t was done for her, it was unavai l ing and " a t t h e d a w n -ing of the niornini;" ahe passed peace-ful ly ami uuietlv a w a y . FRANK.

Houth lloKton Newt.

Winter , and corn not ull husk oil. Oyster hiipner a t the Hall, Nov. 25. 8

o'clock. Mrs. Mosher nn old resident of So.

Boston, who has lived in Saranac for a law years past, was buried in t h e South llostim cemetery last Sunday .

A very interest ing session of the Po-mona Grange ot Iqnin coun ty , was held with the Berlin Grange on tho 10 and 17 Inst.

W e understand t h a t it has been decid-ed to hold the meet ing of the Early Set-tlers Association of Boston and vicinity on Wednesday. Dec. 22. 1880. We hope that those having t b e ma t t e r in charge will give the notice pro|)er circulation.

Can i'. bo that t h e spiri t of coldness which the Greenbackers and Democrats have exhibited toward each other in Ionia county , sinco election, has had its effect ii|ion the wea ther r

The next ineeting of t h e Lowell Grange Council will be held at t h e Vergennes Grange Hall, S a t u r d a y . Dec. 4, IS-^i. This meeting occurs on ' the 13th anni-versary of t h e order , let there be a good atteiid'ance. COR.

Urat lan UiUberlnga.

There is no mis t ak ing winter , in its varied and coldest f o r m s , the |uial few-days .

A social was held nt t h e narsonnge of Rev. T. Robinson. Ashley. Friday night .

Nov. 22, II. Lessiter. shipped the shor thorn calf "Oakda le , " to I . M. Slay-ton of Asbton. Mich., lor thu consider-at ion of $80.00.

We all wish Mr. a n d Mrs. Isaac Cus-ser, whose marr iage was recorded in the JOURNAL, joy in t h e eightieih mag-ni tude. " U n c l e Isaac" was for many years a resident of Gra t t an .

There has lieen a case of diphtheria in mild fo rm, at Gra l t an Center.

As Thursday is regular meeting of rang1 ""

in hay ing a Thanksgiv ing stinper. Married; Nov. U . by Rev. E.

' Get your dres* good* of J . M. Wenth e rwax. R E A D E R S !

T h i s I s F o r Y o n ,

i M . O O ! I j l l . O O ! $ I . O O !

Next week, or tho week fol lowing, im-

portant change* will be made in the J o r n -

n a l , wh ich we t r a i t and believe will bo

hailed with great •a t isfnet ion by onr j . _ . CASH PAID—For ox-bow t imberde-

many rentiers and patrons. The paper | | j m w , 1 > | | l l , F > a T A i . - | ' .

will be changed in fo rm to a seven col- j | 7 J i 0 0 w j | | l ) l | y „ M 1 | o m | | , i y,.w o r g a n

umn folio, (Hize of l j in* ing Republ ican) , ' 5 octave, 2 set Is and !• slops, just | from tho ' fac tory worth f 125.00 and war-


Dare to tell your friend* and neigh-I sirs w h a t Parmalee ' s U n i r e m l Linl-nient will do fo r t h e m . How it is


Dr. Whi te ' s Dandelion Al ter t t ivo . the great blood puriflor and renovator , a stiecillc for liver complaint , biliousnesc.

HOME AGAIN! Beautiful Chromos at Kopf & Longi

Neetlle* for all sewing maehines l a - t valunble' in cnsV* of rlienmatism. twu- cliilis t n d fever, d y . ^ psia, k idnev dl*-nilpnt Althon'H corner s tore Train - r dg a, gout , lumbago, sciatic. Spinal imisos, rheumat ism, a n d constipation of t d e a t Al then* , corner . lore , i r a i n ^ ^ The merit* o f , the bowels. Remove* pimples t m l t t l -


made block.

Wootl for sale by Enos A Bradfleld.

Wood for Mil" by Eno* & Bradfleld.

Woial for sale by F.no* i t Bradfleld.

and will be all pr inted a t home on new

nnd handsome type. The various de-

p a r t m e n t s of the | « p e r will be found

moro complete t han ever before. All

r ead ing mat te r will be submit ted to tbe

"ba i l ing d o w n " process, so as to give

o u r readers the greatest variety of new*

ranted six years. J180,00 will buy a New Fintt-Clasi

7 1-3 octave Orand Siptare Piano, Inquire I IU Third St.. Grand Rapid-


The unders igned having sold their place of business a n d st<ick in trade, re-quest all persons indebted to them to call at their old place of biHineas and

possible in a small a m o u n t of siiacp. In j settle, they being desirous of closing u p

shor t wo propose to m a k e the JOURNAL | b u , l l M ' M n H M > o n

Ihe biggest /xr;>ci' of itn si'jc in Ihe Slate!

Every inch of reading will be f resh and

new, not old and stale ns in " p a t e n t "


We propose also to m a k e the JOURNAL

Ihe cheai>rst jxiprr in Ihe Stale! Our

faci l i t ies are a b u n d a n t . W e have steam

power presses and eve ry th ing necessary

to do the work in t h e best possible man-

ner—with neatness and dispatch.

W e shall reduce t h e cash price of the

J O U R N A L t o

$ 1 . 0 0 A Year ! and ahal l 'expect to add several hundred

new niimes to ou r suliscription list in

less t han six weeks a f t e r the change is

m a d e .


We are confident tha t ou r readers will

lie delighted wi th t h e c h a n g e in t h e pa

| .er. aa well as the price, and tha t all

ou r interests will be Ik-fi " i ibBentd

t h e r e b y .

All who have |>aid #1,50 in advance

will receive tho benefit of the reduct ion

by an extension of their subscriptions.

And for thu next t w o months each new

silbscrila-r, and each present subscriber

renewing, will


receive a copy of t h e JOUKNAL one year

nnd a coj)y nf Dr. A ' i mlaWt Treatise on

the Horn ami hit Ditratei—n very val-

nable lunik to all horse owners.

This is an ex t r ao rd ina ry inducement

—bet ter than any other pajier offers in



The JOURNAL will be sent to a n y ad-dress. six months . No postage to lie

paid by subscriliers.

Send in you r names now. All sub-

scr ipt ions to be paid in Cash nnd strict-

ly iu advance. Tell you r ne ighbors !

Tell everybody—that they can get the

belt local paper iu Ihe State , (nnd a val-

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U w e l l , Nov. 22. I8«0.

A nice line of I nd i e s nnd Misses nil wool Hoods, l^'ggings nnd Hosiery at

Weatberwax 's .

FARMERS 1 If you w a n t forty pounds of flour pet

bushel of whea t and thi r ty llis of buck-wheat flour | s r bushel, go to the Spring-brook Mills.

NOTICE. All persona Indebted by no te or book

account to tlie late li ni l of How k Ar White, a n requested to call and settle at their earliest convenience.

Dated Oct. 27. 1880. A. J . HOWK. I7tf F. N. W h i t e .

Doctors recommend Hall 's (. 'atarrh Cure. Taken internally. J . Q. LOOK. Agent . "


A good fa rm of 117 acres, s i tuated on sections 19 and 30. of Vergennes , with

Ibis l iniment a re 'veil known througb-o t i t i h e civilized world. Compounded entirely f m m pure oil* of grent value. I rom tho great n u m b e r of lailtles sold no complaint bus ever reached us. Price Vi r en t s i"'r bot t le : sample bottle 25 rents . Sold by Hunt & Hunter .

The most sensiblo remedy, nnd the only safe, sure and permnneiit cure for all diseases of the liver, blood and stom-al It, iticliiding bilious fevers, fever nnd II cue. d u m b ague, jaundice , dyspejisia. •Si'., is Prof. Uni lmnt te ' s French Liver Puds, which cures by nlisorption. Ask your druggis t for t h i s noted cure, nnd take no other, and if he baa not got it or will not get il fo r you, send #1,50 to French Pad Co.. Toledo. Ohio., and they will send you one post-paid by re-tnrii mail . Sold by J . C. West.

All Wool Cashmeres in colors. 30 inch-es wide, only (WJ cents per vard at

\N sat her wax's .

A swarm of bees and several movable f r a m e hives for sale. A. B. GRANT.


Don't buy f u r n i t u r e unti l you have examined our stock nnd prices.

K O P F A Lanus.

The Jnmes town alpacas nre t h e best Dress Goods eve r produced for t h e price. They nre super ior in oii.ility and li'iisb to any o the r goods in the m a r k e t and will stiind twi o the wear and never fade or change colors, they can lie wash-.-I a n d look as br ight ns ever . For sale bv J . M. W e a t h e r w a x .

•rv 1 40 inches wide, only 35 cents per yard ju-l received a t Weatberwax ' s .

QUERY—did you see Eclectric oil hand In nnother col? 17yl

T W O F A R M S FOR SALE. *1.000 will buy 27 acres of improved

land with good buildings: one mile buildings and tools in giaal repairs.^ southeast of Lowell on sec. 12. *000 Will be sold a t a bargain. For price antl ! will buy 20 acres improved, with good terms enquire of


lowties* f rom the skin, producing clear complexion, it is prepared f rom j dandelion root, in commnat ion wi th o ther valuable roots, barks and lierbs; i* entirely linrmlesa. and nleaaant to 1 take, and has a larger wile and gives \ M l e r satisfaction t lmn any other meili-cine in the marke t . P in t bottle* only one dollar, and every- bot t le war ran ted . For sale by J . Q. Look antl H u n t A Hun te r .


RochsMT. N Y.. Feb. 15. 1*74. li*. >1 M Fssvt*. Fredonl*. N. Y.

Hear Sir;-A young man herehaa had a terrlhle i||«ea«e of the fare for many yean. He had nerer lieen able to get any relief till he be-.can taking your medicine. He i« now on the •lull hotUe of rnur Illoo.l and Llrcr Remnly and Nerve Tonic, and hit faco in entirely well.

Your*Truly, MR* L. C. SMITH. Dr. Fenner 's Improved Cough Honey

will relieve any cough in one hour . Dr. Fenner 's Golden Relief cure* auy

iiain. ns toothache. Neuralgia , Colic o r Headache in5 to 30 minu tes , and readi-ly relieves Rheumat i sm. Kidney Com-plaint . Diarrhoea, etc.

Dr. Fenner 's St. Vituu Dance Specific. One bot t le a lways cures . For snle by J . 0 - Look Ixiwell Mich.

13 T



We have a speedy a n d positive Cure for (. 'atarrh, Diphther ia ,Canker m o u t h , nnd Head Ache, in Shiloh 's Catarrh Rem-edy. A nasal in jec tor f ree wi th each 1 Kittle. l '*e it if you desire health a n d sweet breath. Pr ice 50 eta. Sold by H u n t A Hunter .

JOHN A. COLE. Vergennes.

house, on sec. 33. town Vergennes. two miles nor thwes t of Lowell. This is a rare chance. Address. A. T. PAGE.

Real Estate dealer. 21 w2 Grand Rapids. Mich.

Shiloh's Ca ta r rh Remedy—A marvel-


Parmelee's Blood Purif ier to c l e a n s e . . „ . „ „ an impure circulat ion or work u p a d o r - ; ' " , , s Cure for Ca t a r rh . Diphtheria. Can-tnant liver has no equal. It does the l^ r mouth nnd Head Ache. Willi each business thoroughly every time, pro- . b" t t le there is an ingenious nasal in jec t -moling act ive bilious secreiion. and re- or for the more successful t r ea tment of s tor ing to the life enrrent tho puri ty of compla in t , wi thout ext ra cha rge perfect heal th . I'rice <1 jK-r Ikittle; s.1111- ' ' ' i ' 'e 80 ct«. pie bottle* 15 cents. Sold by Hunt & STOP T H A T CO'-OII .

If you are suf fe r ing with a cough. Probably no one preparat ion has re- oold . 'Mthma. bn .nchi t i s hnv fever con-

ceiveil so much praise I rom its patrons. ' ; " "P t ion . low of voice. I ^ b n g m_ Hie nor is so deserving of commendat ion an Hall 's Hair Renewer ! W e but echo the yoice of tho million* who have usetl it when we pronounce it tho best hair dressing in the world. I t s tands unriv-alled. Those w ho are affected with dis-

throat . or any affect ion of the throat or litngs. use Dr. King's New Discovery for conMimption. Tills is the great rcm-1 dy that is caus ing so much exci tement by its wonder fu l cures , cur ing thousands nf hopeless cases. Over one million bot-tles of Dr. King's New Discovery have ease* of the scalp accompanied wi th U e s o l u r K i n g s .>ew uisrovery nave

itching or irr i tat ion, llnd relief and re- hs-ii Use,' w i th in the , ^ 1 y ear and newnl 111 thi* invaluable remedy. When ! m v " given ja-rfect sat isfnct ion in every the hair is inclined to fall off. a moder- i " ' - t ' tuce. \ \ , : can unhesitatingly say a te use of t h e Renewer will s t rengthen 1 t l ! ' , 1 1 1 S r ' ! a l > , l u , <'"1.v . ' i u r o cure for the root* of the hair , and preserve it. ^ a f fwt lons . and can and if it exhibi ts a tendency to tu rn 'beerfnlly recommend 1 to a 1. Call gray it will r . s to re ihe na tura l" c o l o r . - " " I f « l " ' , l ' ' f % t c n

(Fulton (Mo.)Telegt tpb. M Z " 1f o r f o r b J ^ u n ,

1 — — - - A Hunter . Lowell. Mich.

T H E LUNGS. i Over a mill ion of Prof. G u i l m e t t e s

Are strained and racked by a perei*-1 K r , , R . h K i d l ) t . v p l u l s h a v o been sold in lent cough, the genera s t rength wasted K r . | M C ( . w l u ; w i l | , | a r , , M v t l , e v . i r e a and an inctir.ible complaint o f ten es ab-1 | 1 1 1 I n , m K i go ld by J . C. West . ' lialietl thereby. H a m l l t o n s Cough 1 2 -Balsam i* an effective remedy for coughs A n i i i m l M e e l l i i f ; ami cold*, and excert8al)et ief ic ialel l i ci f t i i f on the piiltnonary aud bronchitil organ Sample bottles 25 cts : large size 50 els Sold by l imi t & Hun te r .

Wht at $1.00.

P ro f . J a m e s C. Watson , t outer , died yes terday. Solomon say s: " A merry b e a n tnakelb ^ 0(noe of the Comna..

a glad conntenance." but the heart is ; rinif day. January S. I(j81, commencing at II Corres|>ondeiice f rom Alton, C h a n d h r 1 not apt t o b e mer ry if one is suffer ing • "•

and Freeport received too late th is week | f r , ' m dvs|M'iisia. biliottsnesa, indige*.

fiu'oii Mutual I'ire hn. ComiHiny of Kent. Uarrj and Ionia Coiinfi'r.t. I In- regular annual niei'tlng ol the membet* of

'.h.- r s to s Mcn ii. Fun Lsjcaasct Company of K.-nt. Il.irrv and Ionia Countlr*. will be held at tlie office of the Company In the city of Ionia,

Ora t t an Grange, t h e members will un i te

of I H d i n g , Mr. Tun i s 'S to rey of E t i r e l a Mudp

and Mis* Cornelia J e n k s of Gra t tan . Anotlier now and bad case of diph-

ther ia i* just reported in Mr. J . White 's family , who has au unusually large numlier of small ch i ldren . One terrible fea ture of thi* diseane is. tha t jieople flee f rom 11. and a suffer ing family are, a* it were. iHolated by having it.

Mr. P . J . Weeks is get t ing one liun-dred dozen rake* ready for the marke t ,

newsy jmt,.,,,! 0 f hundred as stated G. G *. N o v . 10. MAID .

The Journa l Would I.Ike To Know—

If this is you r p a p e r ? If tho snow-plow* are to be run th is

win te r? If church social* a rc a* social a* for-

merly? If i l won't be a close shave for four

barber sliop* to pull Ihrongh in I»wel l? If it is r ight to go to work and 'pile

Flat river bridge t h a t w a y ? If anybody will be d r u n k to-inorrow'/ If that "wood on lubscr ipt ion" ha*

la-en cut yet? If wicked men ever have lioil*:


To the . m n t N A I . J o b f r ln t l i ig Dept.

New and elegant design* forornamen-

ral printing. The latest and best *tyle*

of plain and fancy ty 1*1. And are pre-

liared to du'a* l ine work, at as low pric-

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Call and see *pocimens.


The Holt on the Note.

O o-o-h ! Ibis ea r th is full of sorrows,

and this life replete wi th woes: but none create such swear ing ns boils upon the

j nose: I 've k n o w n a wooden-bottom chair , with a w f u l groans recoil, and

| every leg aud post to swear, when sit-and business, to Messrs. S. P . Curt is* o n j(H |M l j | . i m t t h e ^ . eannot evolve and Dayton Church. It is hoped t h a t | blaspheme, or genera te a yell, as in the Messrs. A, & A. w ill not leave t o w n for | yO U | , u m p a beam, with laiils upon

Sor ry .

Mrs. Sinclair, wi fe of Mr. A. (! . Sin-clair of thi* village, a f t e r a prolonged illness, died yesterday a f te rnoon .

Ult . lND I'l It KM EN'S HAM..

C'lirl»lnia< Kve.. nt Train 's l lnll .

The Lowell F i re Depar tment present

their con ip l imentsand cordially invite "yourself and ladies" to a t t end their g rand Chrintmaa ball a t Train 's Hall, on Fr iday eve.. Dec. 21. Room manage r s : J . C. Moore. A. Brnner . A. B. Ransford , Frank Howard . Music by Balcom's New- Orchestra . A first class supper

will bo served a t tlm Hall Dining room* by Emmet CluiRe for 75 en ts per

couple. (If)

' T u a . u ' t t>ur Lowell,

The Grand i tapids Daily News of the IlUh said:

" A n 8 year old girl was arrested in the streets of l / iwel i the o ther day for drt inkennes*. and the ofllcer let he r lay In a cell in thu jai l insensible for ten hour s . "

W e were just ge t t i ng ready to give thu News a broadside that would locate t h a t inst i tut ion somewhere lietween O m a h a and San Francisco, when on t h e Odd it saved itself the j ou rney by ex-plaining as fol lows:

" T h e village nmrsha lu f Lowell, wri tes tbe New* tha t Lowell, Kent comity, waa not tbe nlace where they arrestisl an H-ycar old girl for drunkeiines*. H e also gia-s on lo say tha t Lowell ts a vil-lage of Sabuath school*. The Lowell re-f e r n d to Hhutild have read Lowell, Mass,"

L IST OF I.f.TTKII* r e i n a i m u g In t h e Post ofllce at Lowel l . Kent County Mich, Nov. 28. 18W). I.-idien List.—Miiw L. L. Dcaring. Mi** Eiiima Earl . Mrs. I ' l iarle* LoUlell. M i « Terrena Malono. Mi«* 11. 11. Smitl i . Mi*s Harr ie t Warner .

Gent* List—Dr. A. W . Flower*. 1, M Robbiim (2), Chas. Whi te , S. E. Woixl.

At this meeting, ilx Director* are tolia elected • . , • — . ' , - l'pi|ioaition* to aniend the Charter will al*o Is* or liver coniplaint . Fur the cer , on-Mwied for action. J.C.TAYLOR.

' " I -Jla* iSda.

im-tlafl I nla. Nov.




FARMERS! K.-nil for a Specimen Copy f tho

Ohio Farmer, (E*tabUalied ISC)

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h t v e done for me, a f t e r 1 had "jieni • I . -ouo and made one i n n to Arkansas I Spring* wi thont get t ing any help, 1 al-

i way» take plea*iire 111 n rommendi t iK | tir rcniedie«, uid you are ai lila-rty t

I m


T H 13



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Pengelly's Womaa's Frieod! For MAIDEN, W I F E and MOTHER.

Ill a test of nine tears lu thlrtv dllterent states has proven Itself rightly named.

It needs no Ualderdasli aud 1'ulTery. but only aplalu iiitroductlun into a cominunity. and al ways after it live." and grows tlirnngli the goo<l uonls uf those wbu use It. It is a remedv foi thoaecouiplaints (no nirntlun ueedrd". peculiar to Women, young or old. J. C. West. Agt. '"uiS

ORDER OF PUBLICATION.—State of Michl gan. Tho Circuit Court for the county ol

Kent, in Chancery, At a •ew.inn of said Court, held at the Court

House. Iu tbe city of (jruud Rapids, iu -aid coun ty, mi the tuentv elgbth day ol September. A, D IwV Present-Hon. Blruey Uoyt, Circuit Judge

HANNAH MEACH. Complainant.

MARK C, MEACH. Defendant. Iu tills cause. It a|i|iennng from affldatlt on

llle.lhal the defendant Mark C, Meach is not a resident of this State, but is a resident of the I'emtory of Montana. On mollou uf Taggart and Wuicott, Complainant'* Solicitors ordered that the appearance of u id non-resident mil Mark C, Meach be eutered herein witli three month* from the date of this order, and case ot Im ap|iearanee In Ibis cauic his ansa lo the bill of complaint to be tiled, aud a cop) thereof to be M-r<cd on the Cemplalnanl's Solici-tors within fifteen days after service on him of a copy of said bill aud notice of this order; and In default thereof, said bdl will be takeuas confeu-ed by said nou n-aldent defendant: Aud II Is further ordered, that within twenty days the Complainant cause a nmice of this order to be published in the Lowell Jncasau a newspaper pruned. publUhed and circulating lu said coun-ty. and lust said publicaliuu be lODIInurdtllicrr-lii once lu each Week for six weeks in sueees-•ion. or that sh« cause a copy of this order to lie |>eisonnlly served on saidnon n-udint defend-ant at leant twrnly day* Iwfore the time al>ove prescribed for his appoarance

DIRNEY HOYT. Taouiar ,t Wouorr, Circuit Judge

Complainant's Solicitor*. 10"'


Corrected on T u c t d n y of enrh week .


Persons Cftlling fo r these letter* will I n f e r a n y Indies to me lronble.l with a please say '•Auvf.RTIHKD" and give the | w. akne-A similar to mine d a t e ol tiiis notice.

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Tiie upper aud unde r m is of teeth you made , lit is r f f i t ly and the workman-sh ip is all that I > •aild wish. You have the abi l i ty to sa t isfy all who pa t ron i /e you and I u rge all who may have work lob's Porons Plaster. in your line to give you a call liefore go- bv Hunt iY Hun te r . ^ ing elsewhere.

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i improvetl method . Of late, t h a n k s to J 1 . . at I .. k- . .. I, .11..

. . , i d e n *of our city, have ret nn veil to Lowell Where they have a r ranged to go into business, Fred L. with hi* old pre

Edi tor Woos te i of the Downgi:" ' i ' 'busi-

Tinicfi waa Iswlly bruisisl in a railroau _ ^ We arc sorry to lose these g e n t b -nma*h-up last Wednesdav night . ' men f rom among onr business men . for

1 they are companionable a n d wor thy . A man named A. Dyle died very ami-1 q,j1(;v | , , ave many fr iends in thi* coun tv

denly in Grand Rapids last Wednesday , whose well wislies follow them. -Hast-

night . W a * probably poisoned. ingt Joimial.

they a r c a never fai l ing remedy and p<<s- 1

.. . Y n -i t ivelr cure where all other* fail tbe Electr ic Bi l t e reand he convinced of

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lav . To avoid d isappoin tment engage-1 Henry Van Nortwick. of Toledo. Ohio, men t* may lie made In advance - i tbe i 1 lavn: - A fr iend prevaibsl u i j m me to |

bv mail or in person. All communica-1 trv an "Only Lung 1 ad , aud 1 obtain- j t ion* p rompt lv answered . ' immetliate relief f rom a racking

N. B . - W e guaran tee sat isfact ion in oough. 1 Avioip the Pad helped me. See everv case. a d v

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tab anil lioui all lawerfnl • i n,.!, .ug. |.|ii.i,|.i li auslug, utul llli -sli«.

• . . nn i n . It I. the pun st. ..ill - t . i, in .-.t <11 i nn I alterative niedii'lue

;iX'a 11 alibi t'l tlm pilblle, Tlies.1-. . .l ui.-ili lie- andI'lietliUlry luive never

I., 1,1 I 1 Milualile a remisly. nor oue -> ii' • ire all divast-a rntiltlnit from t.. : - . | It i-un« Herofiila ami - lulii luti* illsrasea. Krysipebi*.

,, < . or M Anthony '* Fi re , IMmplea ii t I hi p-nrtib*, I 'nsltilr*, Ulotcht-s. i.iil•. I i imors . Te t t e r , Humors , i l : l l l i r i im. Srubl-heni t , RinR-n 'orm.

11-«. Sores, Khe t imut l tm, Mercur ia l .Veiuulgla. Female W e a k -

. . . s a n d I r regulnr l t le* , Junml lce , vil i t l un* of t b e Liver, D v s p e p t U , .iii.iciutlou. anil ( i eneru l Debi l i ty . l.> • Mai. bitiB ami cleansing ipmlillcs

i,; . . nut tlie loul cotnipliun* Willi li .. mi i,ate the Llixxl and eausn ilcrungc-

, . ii,il .le. nv. It sliunilates nml enliven* ,i- 1 ii lull.tion*. promotes ttiercy uinl

— ... testor. s and pwtervea health.and . - - new liie and vigor ihroiighiait the

i . . . »• .'.-in. No sufferer from any ills- I . ill. h arises Itoiu iuinurlly ol lh« ;

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anil Im- "Oil the unipialilled conn-i .,1 imilion- « bom il has bonedted.

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areeu rhe<-se |iel lb. p*rn |ier bu lat*- per il,,», fresh Flour ts r e a t . Hid**, dry

" itreen, l - u d i"-r lb. Oats (H-r hu ' in Ions iwr bu. Tallow per lb I'lilatoes


f lU ' l ifc \ to 7c Ite »J10c

14. ••


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We have now on hand t h e hit) st sty-les of Cloth and Oval Caskets also Cof-f ins. Shroud*. I labbi ta . nnd eve ry th ing in t h e u n d e r t a k i n g line. Mr . Lang* is well known ns the best u n d e r t a k e r iu town . H e lias had Ihe exper ience of keeping Ixxlies fo r a >uml>er of days in hot wea ther and luu .tevei failed to g ive good sat isfact ion in a t t e n d i n g funera l* . We have the best hearse in town and use ou r own team w i t h a good d r i v e r Free of Charge lo u l l ou r imtron-. Par-t i e* h a v i n g t o buy a n y good* in o u r l i n e of businesM w i l l d o w e l l t o c a l l a n d o x -amine ou r goods and gel o u r pril l's be-fore b n v i n g els. where.

K O P F & L A N O K .


LOWELL JOURNAL. - Lowell Ledger Archivelowellledger.kdl.org/Lowell Journal/1880/11_November/11-24-1880.pdf· LOWELL JOURNAL LOWELL MICH. A LIKE PAPER IN I LIVE TOWN. TerniH!—ii»1.50 - [PDF Document] (3)

/ i > ? M

'mky 3 "Krta vJI


r •

I i


MI8VELLA JfEO US. Prtrolcnm liM liwm found Rl k Oenlh of 680

tM( nt Voter, heK, 22 mllm wmt of Kloux ('Itr, Trh'Jo ilrlllinu for coil. U Is not flowing murh yet i l i n e U Brent vxdtemrnt In tlie Tlclnltjr.

Thenolorinut Dr. John llndinonn wm nr-ndjpiM In court and pli'«d«l Rullty lo two dMiffe* ot eelUnB nrtderolc defftee*. Ben tence WM deferrot.

Tbe Toronto Etenlnc Telemm wv* the ncnt ulvee the Pnclllc ndlrond njmdlctta

.,000 In ca'h nnd 2^000,000 ncree of Und, I Uto potliont ot the roul nt pmen t

_J i t luc te4 nnd b u d * them orer with the •^.Hoiwnlreidjroonntnicted to tbeeouipnnj when the whole lino la flnlihcd. Tho rnlueot tho poftlons of the line oonrtrucled U rouuhly eetlmated nt **>,000,000. The btom eulwldy tepreeenla f 105^^0,000.

Tbe count ot the population of Maaeachu •etts HM l>een completed by the ceneui office. Tlie tolnl population of Ihe state U l,7RS,088, ot which Wh,£21 ore males nnd V2AJM feroalF*.

Lncrrlia Mult died nt I'hUadclptiln Wjed Wi yenn.

The employes of the wrecking company which has been nt work sevenil weeks nt Bound Island, above Peeksklll on the Hudson rirer senrchlnc for the Venture Rnlley, the resnel which (%nlaln Kldd commandtd, during one of his piratical cnil«is bate discovered n wnck of a veeeel 100 feet long containing n lance gun, burled 40 feet deep In the mud.

Two tanks fnlled at Hackeniack, N. J , nod many laboring people lost their savings. Tbe tashler of oneot the tanks embezzled f 120,-000.

Fhllp, who wrote the nrt'ele published in connection with tbe Morey Chinese letter, has been held liy Judge Davis ot the N. Y. supreme

, Court to answer to n charge of crlmlnnl libel. TIM Jodge In Ids opinion dedane that Uie

' letter is a forgery, Uiat there Is no sach man u H. L. Morey, and that other parties are Im-piloited with Vhllp In the consiilracy nnd pub-Utnllou.

Tbe Dernociallc National Committee de elnres that <1 had nothing to do with the Chln-eee letter until nfter its publication In Truth nnd thnt itn purchase ot tnc simile plnten was made In good faith, they supposing the letter

The state ot New York h u adopted the coo-stltutionai nmendmenl retlrtug ]nd|M over 70 yean ot age with toll pay.

Thirty-two llTte nre supposed lo bare been lost by the St Peters (Mmn.) uylum fire.

At Jnmeston, Cnl, 40 houses. Including a eral ss loons anl tine hotel, three stores, Hn. . . .

oilier buiiness place*, n n burned. Judge McCrary refused to grant the motion

ot tbe state attorney general so transfer Uie case of Indian agent Berry to Ihe stale courts on the ground thnt the i'nlled Statfe bns ex-cliwlvelurlsdlcUon on tbe Indian reservation.

fhe sugar crop uf Ixmlslana, partially wU-,^ls2»7,«W bogshenijs, an Increase of

f The

mated, - - — , 7,100 boffshNds over ll>iW. Tlie molassea

eld will exceed UmtotlS7U by 810,000 gnl Ions.

to be genuine, nnd they say thnt If the letter Is bogus tbe guilty pnrtica ought to be severely £ d t w i t h .

Central Pnrk It to hnve the World's Fair In 1BE8.

Spotted fever Is prernlent In Washington Co, Ky.

Tbe weather prophets predict n winter ot tremendous eererlty.

Thirty three ot the missing coal mlnera nt Stellorton, N. S , are married and liavo large tamUlM.

A man In Tudlnnnpolls has lie?n grante<l a dlrorce because his wife did not properly per form her household duties.

AdntanUienerai Drum in his annual report unree the importance of having the state m.v Utik drilled In the regular army tact'cs.

Secretary Sherman In his forthcoming report WUlnrommeml thnt tho coinage of the stand-ard sllrer dollar bo discontinued, or If the ooln-ag* is to be continued, that the wclglit lie In-creased so as to make it equal In vnlne to a gold dollar, nnd thnt the nmonnt to be coined monUily lie left to the dlscreUon ot the eecre-t u y of the treasury.

The returns of November 1st to the wheat departmelit nbow nn Increase In Uie wheat crop of tb3 United States ot 31.000,000 bushels since 1878. Tho yield uer nere is somewhat loss, hut the lacrenM In Arizona more than counter-bolaotcd tbe loss o? yield In Uie states of Mln-neeota and California. The yield tier acre, as well as tbe acreage, shows an Increase.

Theonlcropof treOfhows n slight decline ns comnnred with Uie crop of ItftO. Tlie area sown was one per cent more than In tbe pre-vious year, but Uie yield per acre Is li

A railway man ot Chicago, Is Mid lo have n 550,000 nn Uie result of the presidential

and local elrctlons, and hat given hit sister a check for onc-lialf of Uie nmounl.

I t Isprolinbletbnt the Ume-hon ot connecting tbe great lakes and the dppl river by means o tn ship canal wlU be revived In Uie next congtws. It Is esttinated Uiatiome $15,000,000 wUI be nece«ar>- to complete the plan.

Ken ward Phllp's bond, given for his exnmln-aUon In thr Morey letter case,is renewed again, guaranteeing Uie nppenrancu of Mr. Phllp tor trial. Uoneral Splnola It the'snrety on this as on Uie oUier bond.

The oldest negro in Virginia died nt tbe home ot his relnUres. nearUtiUford, In l-ondon connty, nt the advnnced age ot 121 yean.

A dUpatch from S t Paul snys that fire In the Mlnnn">lalnsane asylum at St Peter origina-ted In the uorth west turner of the basem*nt of tbe north wing, and nt about the same time there was a Cre in Uie basem*nt of the ad-etilng t'-clion. Tbe cause ot tbe Dm Is un-

o\ni. Knone knows bow many perished, but it Is feared that the number will nt least rendi So. It will be some Ume before tbe ex art number can be given as some ot the palleiits. tnklng advantage of Uie ennfn--Uon, ran nwnr, while oUiers vandend off aimlessly, and it wlU not be surprising it some have perished from cold. Tbe loss on the build-ing Is estimated at from 1100,000 to •ISO.OOO. No Insurance.

A terrific storm ot snow and wind lias been raging tliruugbout the hills of Deadwood the post two days. Tlie cold Is Intense. Tbe ther-mometer Is 4 below. -

Henry Merrill a wealthy Cnlltomlan 70 years old, was tound <kad In bed lu tbe S t Cloud hotel nt Philadelphia. Papen tound among bit eftecto show that he has a brother living lu Chicago, anotlier In Saginaw, Michigan. A list ot registered liondt tooUng np coDsi>rably over tlUi.UOO and other valuables were also fonnd.

The Catholic church nt Galenbnrg was rob-bed ot all the altar furniture, including two chalices nnd the vessels containing the incre-ments. Tbe prints' rulie* were nlto stolen. There It no clue to the sncrellgioni thieves.

Nnmerout gold diggings hav&been tound in

Sltkn. Alaska, has been torn np by n cydone and n shock of earthquake.

The reccnl cold storm give snow to Louis tille nnd LltUe Bock, five indica of mow nt St Louis, 14 degrees below zero nt Denver, 89 deg. below zero nt Breckenridge.

When Daniel Burr, n watdiman In Uie ni l mUl al Cleveland left home for work In tlie evening, bis wife nnd three children wore well, nnd hit 8-year old daughter foUowed him to the gate, killing him. When be returned in the morning the house was locked and there watno sign ot life. Climbing threngb the window he was horrified to find the whole family Iring senseless. A powerful odor of gat from the base burner stove pen ive pervaded Uie

lan kissed Idm

FOttEIOy. Scarcity ot food luu driven 3,000 dtlzeus out

of Dulcigno. The suburbs ot So ViJ Bolak, Persia,eon taint

2,000 unburied bodies. Famine still prevail!.

Only two more bodies recovered from the Stellarton mine. There was another heavy explodon Saturday night Tbe whole mine seemttobeon fire, nnd, ns n last reeort efforts nre being nude to let water into It from Uie water near by.

Tbe IntemnUonnl ilngle ikuU race for the dinmplomhlp ot the world nnd tor 91,000 between Edwnrd Unnlnn, ot Canada, nnd Edwnrd Trickett of Austrnlln, came oil Nov. 15, on the river Thnmes. It wns won by Hanlnn, who led trom Hnmnietsmllh bridge to Uie finish, winning easily. The start was an excellent one, and Uie race wns well contested unUl Hammersmith bridge was reached. ShooUng under Uie arches ot Uilt bridge the men were nearly abreaitot each other, but Im mediately after clearing the bridge Hanlan took the lead and forged ahead ot his compet-itor, keeping tbe lead, eonstanUy increnslng It, nnd winning easily. The excitement nil nlong the course was Intense.

French monks not aUowed lo land at Barce-lona.

Hanlan's time was 20 minutes, 19 seconds. Utnu and Cnllao were startled by nn earth-

quake shock reoenUy which frightened every-body Into the streets.

There Is no very great change In affairs at Stellartou. A meeting was held Tneidny In toe company's offlce, nnd It was resolved to send the following appeal to tho ma|or and wardens ot various towns tbroughoat Canada and tbe Doited States.

A terrible calamity has bnppened In this ~ In tuctesslon " ' '

P ' J V leaving S3 widows nnd UO orpbnns. be1 C" ce. Two dlsaslen

means ot killing 60 men and b«, ring 33 widows and UO orphans,

hundred men, ropresenting a populnUon of 2,-000 people, nre Uirown out of employment lu thefnccofnCanndlnn winter. We nppeal to Uie generous pubUc for Immediate help. Con-tributions may be tent to nny of the under-signed: JnmeiHudion, manager Albion mines Robert Slmuson, manager Drummoud's mines, Henry Poole, mannger Acada mines: John Orelner, manngerVale mine; H. Lnngel, man nger Nova ScoUn mines; the Bev. WUUam Mac-Donald, P. P.; the Rev. D. C. Moore, rector of ot Christ chnrdi; tbe Bev Charles Dunn ut Church of SeoUnnd; tbe Bev. Thomns Cum-mlng of tbe Pnebyterinn church; the Bev. M. K. Thurlow of the Methodist church.

An unknown steamer lias been lost with all on board, off St (iowan'i bead, toulh coast of Walei. Six bodies hnve been washed ashore

Bright nnd Chamberlain, memliera of tho BriUsh cabinet nre said lo oppose coercion In Ireland.

The manager ot the Daris Journal U Com-mune and Gen. Chtoeret have each been sent-eaoed in default to 15 months' imnrisonmeut and a fine of 2,000 francs for defending a crim-inal act Tbe director ot La Civilization has been condemned In contumaciam to three months' Imprisonment and a One of 2,000 franc-tor InsulUng President (Irevy, the tribunal of conliicls and Uie coundl of state,

(inlrdner, n landlord In Hal way county, was tarred nnd fealherod by a crowd ot armed men.

Pnrnell tas reduced Ihe rents of all bis ten-ants.

A Chilian squadron left Valparaiso a tew days ago with troo|>s, for the purpose ol landing at Callao and beseitf ng Lima.

The Dnroness Burdetl-Coults has granted £2,850 lo the Cnpe Clear fisherman to enable Uietn to start operations the coming senson.

Sheik Abdullnii nltacked Ihe Persians nt Drumlnh on Ihe lUUi lust Ixiss heavy on both sides. The Kurdl wen* repnUed. Tliey Imrnfi the village nnd massacred 200 InbabllanU In their retreat

A dispatch from Bombay csnfinas ihe re-port of the revolt In northern Cashmeie. A small force is holding thr tribes in check.

The steumer lately foundered off the Welsh coast was the Alisa, from Bristol for (ilasgow.

The British steamer Mildied from New York September 28, for ManeUles, has foundered lo theAtlanUc. The crew, 2.,{ in uumlier, were drowned.

The anti-league movement Is spreading In the north of Ireland. A meeting of li-nanl farmera of Monaghan county has strongly de-nounced the ngllaUon.

A dispatch has been received at the depart-ment of slate announdng that the treaty on the subject of ImmlgraUon has been concluded lidween the United States oommbisloneri and the govern ment of China

An explosion of fire-damp occured In a coal pit Dear Mons, Belgium, Friday. Twenty-sev

ere In the pi . " 15 have been rescued more or less Injured. I t en men were In the pit at Uie time, of whom

more or less Injured. I t it feared that tbe men rtill in the pit me dead.

D E T H O I T M A E K E T b .

M ' L L E B 1 R N H A E D T .

B y Bioipt lon In Hiw York and Bar Appearaaoe.

Tito New Y o r k Sun of the day fol-lowing her t i n t appearance in N e w York l u u t b e fol lowing concerning tho newly arr ived French actress :

Mile. Sarah BernhardtBp<<nt th i r teen hours yesterday a t tho labor of her profriMion. A f t e r nn early b reak fa s t a t the hotel nt which she Is s topping In Hroadway, she was dr iven w i t h her maid to l iootb 's Theater , and there she remained ull day, except ing an hour of iiitvrmlssiou a t luncheon l ime, rohears-Ing with he r company the plays of "Camlile" aud "F rou -F rou . " 8ho was even more exac t ing t h a n usual wi th tho players, and pa r t s and scenes, es-pecially In "Frou-Frou , " were rehears-ed and re-rehearsed, l ietween 6 and 0 o'clock in t h e evening she dined, and by half p t s t ti o'clock was again on the stage.

Mr. Abbey said t h a t she became more nnd more nervous a s t h e hour for her appearance approached. 8ho frcuUently gave expression to the most anxious sol ici tude as to he r reception by the Americans.

The dipper-l ike constellation of elec trie l ights iu f r o n t of Booth 's Thea te r In Twenty- th i rd s t r e t t shone a t half past 0 o'clock upon a few l i t t le groups of men and women upon t h e s idewalk next tho thea t r e and upon the nucleus of a l ine of persons wai t ing for t h e sale of t ickets nt the box offlce. The line grew unt i l It reached fa r down Twenty- thi rd s t ree t beyond the rear of the theatre , and the groups grew In number and size unt i l they formed, a l 7 H o'clock, a mul t i tude t h a t block-aded both s idewalks of t h e street, packed the s ta i rway of the elevated railroad s tat ion, made t ravel dlfflcult on Sixth avenue nea r the down-town corner of t b e cross s t reet , and tilled the en t rance to the play house so com-pletely t h a t when the doors were th rown open t h e progress of the throng t h a t entered the thea t r e was almost Imperceptible.

A like scene had no t t e e n witnessed In Now York, and was only approached by t h a t on the occasion of Miss Cush-man'a farewel l . Six or e ight police-men on du ty a t t h e thea ter door proved an lusuflloient force for the control of the eager crowd. The sidewalk opiMi-site in f ron t of the Masonic Temple, was as crowded. In f r o n t of Ihe thea-ter speculators and admission ticket peddlerselbowed.shoved, and squeezed in and ou t among the people crying their wares. They carried grea t wisps of bank notes and packs of tickets, and they made the a i r melodious wi th their cries. Orchest ra chairs, of which there were bu t a few, sold for 810 and 812 each, seals in t h e llrst balcony brought 84 e tch, and s i m j l e admission tickets, which were being rold nt the office for 81, brought 81 *>0 on t h e sidewalk. Carriages a t the ra te of one a minu te rolled up to the curb opposite t h e door-way, nnd thr* wealth and fashion of the city al ighted f rom them, contrib-uting rapidly more and more of broad-cloth, satin, silk, and jewels to the crushing^queezing throng in the s t r e e t I t seemed as though all the men whose faces nre specially fami l ia r to the pub-lic were in t h a t throng, (iov. Cornell led the way for Henry Bergh, w h o was side bv side wi th F . B. Thurbe r . .lames (i. Blaine, Surrogate Calvin, W. II, Mundy,Corpora t ion Counsel Whit -ney, Sheriff Bowr, and a host of other well-known people. Probably for t h e first l ime in the experience of tho old-est man on Hie force the policemen found themselves bat t l ing with sat in and feathers .

To the cries of the t icket speculators was added the chorus of those who sought to sell cheap edi t ions of t h e life of tho great actress, and her picture. Books of the. play were also on sale on Ihe s idewalk. A t lifleen minu tes to eight, when it had been learned t h a t many of those who were In tho l ine of purchasers of the t i cke ts for general admission were selling thu t ickets over again on the street, tho sale of those tickets were slopped for a t ime Unt i l half past S o'clock the blockade In the s t ree t temnined apparent ly as lirm as at l l rs t The reason for th is was t h a t there was b u t one entrance, and the mul t i tude was narrowed Into a single file a t the inner doorway, where Isaac Wall was ga the r ' ng tho t ickets and re-pulsing t h e seekers a f t e r f ree admis-sion wi th a l l the rapidity of action t h a t an excited m a n could command.

Mile. B e r n h a r d t expressed herself u delighted w i t h h e r reception (n and out ot tbe thea t re .

Among t h e floral t i i b u t e t t h a t foi* lowed tho a o t r e u t o t b e hotel in • »ep-a r a t e carr iage w a s a pagoda of rones presented by Mr. Abbey nud a g r e a t t emple of flowers In which was a card bear ing an Inscript ion In F rench .

B U P E U M E C O U R T .


leom WesUnghnusen v. the people. Krror to Saginaw.—Afllrmed. ITnnuey, Tenntnt A Weadock, nllorneyt for plaintiff; Olio Klrdmsr for the People.] Opinion by Cnmpbell, 1, r ia lu l l l f was convicted under tho

l iquor law of 1870 of Bulling l iquor w i thou t h a v i n g paid the required tax . T h e coso comes u p on two s|iecllled objections to t h e const i tu t ional i ty of the law.* I. T h a t the a m e n d m e n t whereby the untl-llccnse clause In the orlglubl cons l l tu t lon was repealed was not lawful ly submi t t ed to the people; aud 2 t h a t t h e law does no t indicate t h e object to wh ich thu tux Is to be ap-plied.

T h e lust point refers to art icle U , section U , uf t h e const i tut ion, which declares t h a t "Eve ry lax which im-poses, continues, or revises a lax shall dist inctly s t a t e tho tux and t h e object to which i t shal l be appl ied; and It sh i l l not be sulllclent to refer lo any other iaw to lix such tux or object ."

This section, which does no t seem to have been discussed nt all In the con-s t i tu t ional convention, waa evidently borrowed f rom an amendment to the con i t i tu t ion of 1835, proposed In 1842 aud ratllled in 1843, which provides In sulistance t h a t every law creat ing a s t a te debt shou ld specify the object for which the money was lo be appropri-ated, and bu conl lued to as lng le o b j e c t and all money raised under It should be applied to the sperified object stated in t h e law nud n o other purpose. I t s In ten t is m a n i f e s t to prevent the leg-islature f rom being deceived In regard lo auy measure fo r levying taxes, and f r o m fu rn i sh ing money t h a t migh t by some indirection lie used for objects not approved by t h e legislature. Inas-much as the const i tut ion In another place confines all s t a tu te s to single oli-jecta, the restr ict ion Is less impor tan l than under the old const i tul ion. It m u s t receive a reasonable construction to carry ou t Its design. The tax, it is admit ted. Is delinite enough. I t is tu be received by t h e county t reasurer of each county aud placed by h im to the c redi t of thu cont ingent fund of the township, city, or village f rom which it is collected, aud paid over to t h e proper local otlicers to he used for Ihe purposes of t h a t fund . We can see n o reason why the increase of the contin-gen t fund of a corporauon is not n specillc o b j e c t A s the other objection applies to several amendments and is of general impor tance it requires a comparison of t h e consl i iut lon in its var ious pa r t s und some leferem-e to Its antecedents. [Here follows a very elaborate and ab le discussion of Mils sub jec t which we mus t omit for t h e wan t of space.]

T h e quest ion presenled is w h a t is mean t by tho t e rm "general election." T h e only way t o de te tmine th is is to see whe ther the re is any th ing in tbe const i tut ion llself bearing on the sub-j e c t and how f a r t h a t light can bu had in c.ise of doub t f rom other sources.

We think the langu ige of art icle 20 of the const i tut ion, taken wi th all the various other provisions which re fer to general elections, very plainly tuler to the tall elections, and tliat th r prac-tical construct ion put upon i l is correct and binding.

Wo therefore a re of opinion t h a t the a m e n d m e n t of 187.1 was properly sub-mi t ted , and became a par t of Ihe con-s t i tu t ion by the vote of the pi*, uie : u 1870.

T h e judgmen t of conviction must be afllrmed.

advouc td to s l l , t i g h t , t en and t w e l v e sent*. Tho flrin also pay t w o cents per hour addit ional Into a retem f u n d , which i s paid to thoee appren-tices w h o tlnish the i r f u l l t e r m o t ser-vice; f o r t h e i l x years t h i s a m o u n t s to 9400.

T h e organlxen ot t h i s scheme, Messrs, Ulcharde & Dele , propose to require of each appren t ice flfty-elght hours a week of shop work and n i n e hours uf s tudy. This , w e a re Inclined to th ink . Is too much work a n d too lit-t le study to secure t h e best results , especially wi th t h e younger appren tlces. Still the p lan Is well wor th a fa i r tr ial . I t Is said t h a t t h e appll can t s for nppient lceshlp already ex-ceed the n u m b e r t h a t can be taken, which speaks well for t h e p lan and fo r the young mechanics of S p r i n g Held.—Sc/euffflc Amtrinan.

A E c a n d a l o u a D o g .

Once upon a t ime there lived lu t h e ci ty of New York a weal thy old gen t lcman, who had a wayward son. The young mtiti liked to r u n wi th t h e boys, and managed to use up considerable of t h e old gent leman 's subs tance fo r wine

O t l U K k f J f c ' J j D u o c T e t y

The c iedi t for t h e " lugs is claimed by France , Spain and Scotland. Some believe I t bad i t s origin In t h e l a t t e r country , M late a t tho s ix t een th cen tury . The In* v e n t l o n i s also a t t r ibu ted t o a Span* lard, on the s t r eng th of Mrxernl, who asserts t h a t silk stockings wore worn by Henry I I . of Franco ut the wedding of his sister . In Jfi5D;but liefore t h a t Edward V I , had graciously accepted a pair f rom t h e merchaii t pr ince. Sir Thomns Gre iham, who imported them f rom Spain, tho land where they were first manufac tu red . T h e s tory goes like th i s : A loyal grandee, t h e happy possessor of one of tho llrst pairs in Spain, thought he could not d o he t t e r t han present his novelt ies to h i s Queen, and to t h a t end placed them In t h e hands of t h e first mlnlslvrof the crown, greatly to tho dlscompoiure of t h a t modest man , who astonished t h e inno-cent-meaning noble by r e t u r n i n g him the stockings, and bidding h im to re-member t h a t ' the Queen of Spain had no legs.' Queen Elizabeth of England , not ashamed to own t h a t she had legs, received a s imi lar gill i:i a very dilTei-

suppers , fas t earns awl o ther unholy f n t 1 D u n ( i e r . I n u „ , l l l t l d y e a r o f

dissipations. Consequently, this young r i . i K n ( i w ) he r sBk-woman . Miss Mon-

Conference of 1881.

A n Ecumenica l Conference of the

man WHS a lways In debt, consequently. In ne fd of ready cash and continually making requisi t ions on his governor 's exchequer.

A t hist thu old gent leman took a tumble , whatever tha t may m e a n ; bu t tho young man , describing the course his fa ther had concluded to pursue, re-marking to a f r iend t h a t thu old man had taken a tumble. Th is said tumble consisted In his no t i fy ing his son and heir t h a t f rom t h a t on a n d henceforth no more cash for any f u n n y business', and tbe < Id fellow was us good as h i s word. Down In his hea r t of hear ts the young man was grevlous sore, but he assumed a smile though he fel t i t it not, und made earnes t protestutloiiB of reform. Meanwhi le be kept on run-n ing with t h e boys, on tick. Tick Is one of those th ings t h a t has a limit, and one day the way want son found himself a t t h e end nf his rope, s o l o speak, and at bis w i t u ' e n d s for f u n d s to keep up his end witli the o ther boys, and, a l t e r canvass ing Ihe mat te r in his mind and assur ing himself t h n t the old gentlmnaii was Inexorahlu and tha t no coin could be squeezed out ot him on a square )iro|iosillon, hu hi t uihui a happy expedient. Enter ing the pater-nal presence, and assuming a look of business, he sa id :

"Fa ther , have you read about tha t man over in Brooklyn t h a t can leach dogs to t a l k V

If the old man had been in t h e hal-cyon days of youth , he would probably have said, "whatyerg iv inus ," but , being the f a the r of a family, ho said: " W h a t nonsense ure you ta lk ing about now V

' F a c t , sure 's you live," said the young hopeful . " I ' ve seen lite th ing myself, and I dont know hu t wha t 11 migiil liea good idea to taku old Tige over and have him t a u g h t ; a ta lking dog would be a cheerful t h i n g to have, about the house, and would make lots of amusem*nt for the children."

"My, son," re turned Ihe fa ther , solemnly. "1 am an old man , and I 've seen a powerful s ight of the world, and I tell you th i s Is an age ot hum-bug."

" r i i a t ' s all r ight , fa ther , but isn' t it l ikewise au age of progressV Look nt the locomotive, nnd the' telephone, und the At lan t ic cable, and the pa t en t what -do-you-ca l lem, and all those other things they didn't know of in those days of our revolut ionry fath-ers,"

Certainly, certainly, m y son. glad lo see you showing such knowledge of the world's progress. And you really think the man can teach dogs lo talk V

'•Sure pop! But It dosn ' t cost a cent If i t ' s a fai lure. The profehsor says he don' t wan t uny money if t h e dog can ' t be t augh t lu one week to carry on a conversation wi th any body The terms are j u s t these : You Ink)

! tlm alaifr ovur fitifl titil* K'.iI in f i d •

denominat ion fo r several years, bu t no decided acllou was token nutil last May. when at the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In Cincinnati , a p lan was d r awn up and agreed to by t h e representa t ives of t h e

nlr. Tbe litUe daughter who was deal Tbe mother nnd Um U-ysin old ofcogbter were on tbe bed ind nn infant on Uie floor, tiDConscloos. A nelgbbor't daughter, vWUng, WM also Insentible, nnd n woman friend of Um fniully was silling nt Um foot of the bed in a seml-comatoso condiUon. Tlm last named mny recover, the others wUI pro knbly die.

Tbe emimernlkm ot pnUeolint Umbanied SL Peter insnno asylum is completed and It It found thnt tW nre miiiliig. Of thit six nrs known lo he dpsd, and tlieir bodiei recovered. The only one IdenUfled Witt oertnlnly Is thnt of J. P. Abremt, who wns imoUmred, not burned. Among others reported to Im dead nre I)r. 8. P. Pruden, Col-umbui Newmin, O. F. Sbnktple, J. U. Turner, Hint Lirenson and John Brennnn, but there It nothing certain nbout Umlr fnto. Tlm inlts-Ing victims not killed nre supposed to lie wnn-dermg nbout the country or hid 'n Um woods. Tbe DLffller of dead may be ticrensed by f r ea lag-

All Um SUUt were represented nt Um session ot tbe Nnllonnl Orange nt Wnthinglon.

The report of Um lighthouse board wUI rec-ommend the nppropmUon of •KUKX) to glte the electric light n proper test More adopting H for general use hi Um UghUmuses. Tlm nmounl tifcewary for earning on the work of Um bureau it 92^00,000.

Secretary Shermnn says be win not more than 102M for tlx per cent bondt Dec 81,1880. 83,000,000 offered nt Now York were rejected because the price wci nbove toe Secretary "i figurw.

Extensive frnndt hnve been perpetrated in bouMBtond entries in Dakota.

A private hotel to cost 8500,000, nud n new opera bouse to coti 8500,000 nre among Um

iH. new enterprises nt Chicago. •v Tbe newly-taken cental of BL Louli increases

Ihe number ofinbnliltaiili on tbe li t of June last to SSVB1C, ot 28,719 more tbao were report-ed by Um flat offloere.

T te Morm gave Canada good ddgblng. are nlaifaig from tbe aayhu^aad fourteen

rg destroyed property lo tbe

Fuinu—Oily pastry bnuida.t6 W @ b 'i't State brsoda 6 00 ^ 6 15 Second 6 00 (a 5 15 M i n n n o u ps tec t s . , 7 35 (it 8 UO LoWRrsdr* 8 •0 (1} I 7 i Bye 6 00 BackwbeKt 5 60 f t 5 75

Wmtw-Nn. 1 while 91 05 © t ' S,'* Seller Not 1 1 0 6 Heller Ore I Uf I Seller J . u 1 W t f d 1 07« HeUer Feb I C S I 09Jfc No. 1 white 1 0 t K « t IU'1. No. 2 red 1 OSK0 1 M X

tUaLXV—C«n»n», $1 Ulutl 76per Ibulo-. t •JbQl 60.

Cork—49-,'per bn. Oats—S6<fl J7e per bn. B r a - S i f t 7 0 c per bu. AlTijt<—1 1001 25per bbl. flcmn—Prime quali ty, 20^22. Medium IHfit

9Uot*. Boos—Prmh 18(g2IoU. n*v—Choice, e m ® 17. Hoi--—I5g20o per lb. Boxav—Sttsined, l O j t l t e pet ib. Com I lift

lOots. Osioxx—f2 6X32 75 per bbl. Bunt—Unpicked , HOofitl 15 per bn . Picked,

t l 60. Cbjjoikewxs—(5^7 60 per bbl. Obixsx—IS)V9Hc per lb. D a m A r r u f — 8 J < o per lb. Unnssu i H o n s - l o 2 i®5 60. QjlMK—Quoted te rms are shou t as fiilluws-

Torkcys, lOo to 12a: Taniaon csrcsses 6c to So; do u d d l r s , 103 tn 12c; qnsil , • 2 to ( 2 26; psrtr idgrs, 60c t<> 70a; Usllsrd docks, 50c lo 60c; oammun do, 20o to 8 V , woodco*ck, ( 2 60; snipe. • 1 ; rsbbits . I t 26; sqairrels, 75o lo t l .

Po t A Tors—ISc per bn.; t l 2) per b b l Poin-xav--Dressed Ohickeiu, 7((8c; turkeys

9310o. Pbovimoms—Pork men". tl5 60^10 00; l«r l

He 0; bBms,ll, ,4(jtllil(o;sbonldcrs, 7 f t 7>{o; bscon, l l n ; •x t ra mess beef, tO 60(Bi0 00 per bbl . dried Ix-e1, l le ta .

Bai . r—tl 0((gl 10 per bb l . C lmr r . 14 G6(g4 70 per bu.; Tim (thy

t 2 66(42 75 Hwacr P o m o t s — 1 8 4'<sS £0 per b b l ; T*i.low—5><c per lb. TcorraBLKs—BilllnK n i t * ; Osbbsees, t S 76

«!< per 100; oelsry SO to 85c; tnruipa, SOc; carrot", S6a: bests, 85c; r n l t bs-gsa. 21 t o 21c,

W o o n - M 0005 00 per eord 8

Methodist Episcopal Church nnd t h e A t ' different b ranches in the Uni ted States,

half | last 8 o'clock a ca i r iage rat t led , The denominat ion numbers over 4,ooo,-up to the Sixth avenue entrance, and a ooo of actual comiounicanta. and a


with United Slatea troops wnt Texas, and torly-dght

killed. of offlcere show Um Patrons of be Inereadng Uiroughuut Um

kchief of the liurr-an of statistics reporta I the total values of exports ot domestic :ff5 J r a s the Usitel Stsus dsriog , ISSO. were f25,711,4iS, duilng Ccto


rush was made to see i t s occupants. I t was supposed t h a t Sarah Be rnha rd t w a s j u It. b u t she had been behind the scenes already t w o hours . T h e pale and nervous woman who stepped upon Uie sidewalk and took t b e a rm of her husband was Miss Clara Morr is who was adiui t ted to a pr ivate box through the stage entrance. The cu r t a in rose a li t t le later, the th rong a t the en t rance gradually disappeared, a d ihe electric lights t h e r e a f t e r shone upon only a few score loungers who remained unt i l the per formance wi thin came to an end.

Three thousand people witnessed the performance. The 2,200 seats were all occupied, and the eight hundred e x t r a siiectators formed double and treble lines behind the chairs on each floor. Among those who were obliged to stand were many ladles. An a t t e m p t to find scats fo r these was made by t h e managemrn t , b u t only a fow men were discovered who were wil l ing to su r render the i r chairs .

A t ten m i n u t e s to twe lve o'clock the last of the specta tors had qui t ted t h e theatre. A f e w persons were a w a r e tha t Sarah Be rnha rd t would leave t h e theat re by t b e Sixth avenue entrance, and those l ingered near t h a t place. The secret was bet rayed by t b e sudden arrival there of severid jiollcemen, who were Instant ly provided wi th dlfllcult work In keeping the th rong away f rom

DETHOIT STOCK MARKETS. Recdpls at Um Michigan central yards for

tbe week were; Cattle 1,408; bogt 11.138; •Imep^M".

The cattle market was ndive nt last week's prices, and tbe same may be said of Um hog market. Sheep were not in demand.

Ca-ituc—Snlee: 22 stockets, nv. weight 835, sold nt t£2o per cwL; 31 good tleers, nv. 1105, §3^5; 17 butchering bend, 882, 92.70; 4 good iteen, 1,183,93JI0; 2 choice oxen, 1,690^25,

HOGS—Tbe entire range of prices wnt from $125 to ftGO, with but few tales at tbe out-dde figures. Good hogs weighing above 200 sold at 9150.

Seksp—Sold at 93^0 to 9340 per cwL One nle of very light sheep was made at 91.66 per bead. ,

E N G L I S H G R A I N M A R K E T . London, November 1ft.—Tbe Mark Lane Ex-

press in IU review of tlm British grain trade for tbe past week, says; Tbe weather lias been mUd bat rainy, and altogether a Urge proportion of the Wheat sowing hat been ac-compUsUed under very favorable drenm-stances. Tbe deliveries of English wheat show a very indifferent condition, bales of Engiith wheat daring the week were 42,771 qunrten at 4Si Cd per uuarter. against 39^65 Quarters at 48a 9d daring the oomqwnding period last year. Imports into Uw united kingdom for Um week ending November 6 were 970,930 cwts. wheat, and 24^19 cwts flour.

I t la not theCblnamn apw, »mt the turkey that must go.

the door. Several women of t h e t roupe preceded Mile. Bernhard t . As each woman stepped f rom t h e t h e a t r e doors, comments were made by the people in walling. One was pronounced "too fut," another was prejudged because her ha i r was dark, and another because she came o u t wi thout an e t o o r t When Mile. Bernbar . l t a t last appeared, lean-ing on the a r m of Mr, J a r r e l t , and wi th her face half hidden under, a cloud of luce, tbe u tmost energy on the part ot tlie police failed tn keep a thorough-fare open to the carriage. The slender F renchwoman was jostled aud shoved by t b e more r u d e oned among t h e idlers, and mor^ than one woman struggled past he r neighbors, and craned her bead a lmost u n d e r t b e lace tha t cast a shadow over t h e actress 's already fami l ia r face. When t h e cab door closed, and t b e vehicle moved ou t in to t b e roadway, the people on t h e sidewalk cheered again and again.

Ar r iv ing a t t h e Albemar le Uote l Mile. B e r n h a r d t was londly cheered. Mr. Gi lmore '8band,on the s tand in t h e middle of Twen ty - fou r th s t ree t , s t ruck up "Hal l Colufnbis" ac she appeared a t the window. T h i s w a s followed by "The S ta r Spangled Banne r " and t b e over tu re to Semiramide, she clapped her hands hear t i ly a t t b e na t iona l aim, but dur ing t h e ove r tu re she was ab-sorbed in t h e mus ic and spoke t o s o one.

T h e r e are , a t least , t en thousand people here," said t h e S a n reporter . "You have an a m y t o gree t yon. A t the serenade to t h e E m p e r o r of Brazil

J T -tho th rong was i

" H e was only Mile. Colombler. i ,a,l„ J-v... WlDOOW.

Methodist popula t ion of about 15,000,-000. There a re numerous branches iu Europe and In th i s country, and they will all be rei resented in the confer-ence. Tho m e m b e r s of the conference will number 400, one-half of whom will represent the Brit ish and Conti-nen ta l Methodism, and one-half t h e churches iu the U n i t e d States und Can-ada.

A s nearly as possible the conference will be composed cf lay and clerical d e l e g a u s equal ly . The 200 delegates f rom the U n i t e d S la tes will be assigned to t h e c h m c h e s a s fol lows: The Meth-odist Episcopal Church 80 delegaten; Methodist Episcopal Church South, 38; A f r i c a n Method i s t Episcopal Church, 12; Methodis t E p l s c i p a l Z l o n Church, 10; the Colored Methcdls t Episcopal Church of A m e r i c a «; t h e Evangel ical Association 0; t b e Union Amer ican M. E . Church, 2; t h e Union Amer ican P r o t e s t a n t Church . 2 ; t h e Methodist P ro tes t an t Church , 0; the A oierlcacn Wesleyan Church 4 ; the F r e e Metho-d is t Church, 2; tl ie Independent Meth-odist Church 2 ; the Congregrutional Methodist Church , 2; t h e Methodis t Church of Canada , 12; the Methodis t Episcopal Church of Canada, 4 ; tbe P r imi t ive Methodis t Church in t h e Uni ted States a n d Canada, 2; the Bible Chrlstain, 2; t h e Bri t ish Methodis t Episcopal Church , 2. The remain ing six members a re l e f t to lie d is t r ibuted by the Western section of the General Execu t ive Committee. The assign-men t of delegates to the Euroiman and cont inental churches have not yet been made. Tbe delegates will be named by the conferences as they meet be-tween th is t ime a n d next Ju ly .—/ 'W/o-ilelphia I'rtu.

A p p r e n t i c o s h i p .

T h e difllculty in get t ing thoruiighlv quallUed mncbaiiics, aud the practical l a i lure of t h e old system of appren-ticeship, have led a manufac tu r ing lirm in Springfield, Mass.. to devise a new plan, involv ing bolh school and work shop. E o r beginners, under twen ty years of age. the te rm of ap-prent iceship Is fixed a t six years, l u th is t ime It is bel ieved t h a t an appren-t ice will bo ab le t o acquire t b e theore-tical and prac t ica l knowledge needed to make him a flrst-class journeyman . ThOM w h o are over twenty a re allow-ed to finish t h e i r apprenticeship in Ave years, and those who have work-ed i u the shop a r e advanced according to proficiency. T h e beginner is first pu t to d r a w i n g f r o m sketches, then takes up projec t ion aud d iagram, and advances regular ly according to h i s abil i ty. I t Is bel ieved t h a t in t h i s way one year wi l l q u a l i f y h im to w o r k as well f rom d r a w i n g s as four o r five years ordinari ly. Al l appl icants o re taken f r e m f o u r to twe lve weeks e n t r i a l and If n o t sat isfactory a r e then dismissed. F o r t h e first year ' s labor five cents pe r b o a r i s paid to

tague, tendered h e r n s a N e w Year ' s g i f t , a pi.ir of black silk socks—tho first p.iir of the kind nmde in England . Elizabeth lost n o t ime in i iu l l ing t h e gift on her •limbs,' and was so pleased with the resul t t h a t she sent fo r Miss Montague and inquired w l n r e s h e pro-cured such comfor table foot-gear, made them very carefully on purpose only for your Majesty, ' replied t h e silk-w o m a n ; ' a n d , seeing these please you so well. I will presently set more In the hank. ' 'Do so,' said t h e Queen, 'for. Indeed, 1 like silk stockings so well, be-cause they a re pleasant, fine, and so delicate, t h a t honceforth I will wear no more cloth stockings. '







l o - o x r r , S O R E N E S S

or TMM C H E S T .






i B X T X t a r s i n


GaEnl Bodily Palo,




A C H E B . "

ilallalu. mguTlok* lit KIXVKt UlU'lVtS. i i a 07 • i.cc, - . v : m ucmoui

A. v c a e i X R ?. c o .

T i m

S Y R U P ELGIN WATCHES •ifIs*, il >11, Slltsr snd Nlckal. I M S

l to u m . nisins. •u . , smi c . a n., u l b s sismlntd- Writs for eslslos

HrsXnAKIl A MUSIC** WATOI PltUbursh Ps.

Do Tim wish to oblsto | vslld Vit'tnur thaawrlte upon X b o a . H . S

Ml snd 1 orull |

I'.i-l-vm 81. Ilfinill, Mich., AttnT -nernlnPsionlCiuies, K>islillib'

J ny i - f r s . Oenilforpsioplilol,trae-

Beet and Fntett

rrw** M prr

Wry iimny well-niennlng )*ople will pre. wrilie for vour Cough snd Cold snd jou will lose time In taklui; their mnlldne; ergo, tslce Dr, Bull's Cnugh Syntp snd lie relieved at once. Price 25 cents.

A nmn it,ust first govern himself, ere Im be lit to govern a f ami ly ; nnd his fttmlly ere he be lit to bear t h e govern-ment of tho CommonweftlUi,—8fr Waller lialeiyh.

'Fort Wayne, (Ind.) Sentinel.] Will Wonders Ever Cease!

Mr. Jolm li. Fleddennsn, the well-kuown Merchant Tailor, in Union Block, wtites: -C was n sufferer for many years wlUi Neumlgls and Rlieuinatlsm, nnd found no relief unUI 1 tried SLJieoba Oil. After usiog two bottles wasenllri'lycureil"

Tho Czar 1ms bpcume so nervous thiit the sound of a wash boiler falling down sta i is a l midnight will raise him out of b.*d before It s t r ikes Ihu third stair,

ICIillllcuthe, (Ohio) Ross County Retrl>t«-r.] A Lady in tho Matter.

That "woman's wit Is often su|ierhir toman's wisdom," was convincingly Moved In a dr-c*mstaneo thnl occurred Tn tills city recently. It sppesra thnl Mr. Ludwlg Kchwaraler. a widely known Urocer on Station Road, suffer-ed with a very painful rlrnumalic headache to such a degree, llrnt he was obliged to seek the aid of a iihyslrlau. AU medldnes he used were of no avail This Induced Mrs. Schwartler to buy SL Jacoln OIL She procured a botUe for her husliand. With the si<cond application he found relief. The |>.iln left him, aud he Is m well as ever sgiun. A remedy act ng as pnuuptly as this certainly desenes universal fatronage.

What the milkmnn said w h i n br found a fish in the milk: 'Good gra-cious! thai br indle cow has liven in swimming again.

The connection of Prof. Estabnxik with Olivet College, has greatly sllmiilated the Normal HeiiartmenL Few men are so well Hied for Uie work of leaching Tenchenyuid the class of the past suinmer has been more tlmn evertucoeMfuL The College Is cotuplelo In all Its roursftt. nnd the rale* of tuition, linard, ete, are exceptionally low.

Allan's Lung llalsaui has proved lUell to Iw

mak ing son,"

"Well , i l would be odd lo have old Tige ta lking a round the bouse, and 1 guess we'll t ry t h e th ing anyhow. You may lake the di g over tills a f te rnoon. If you like."

A n d the old man went down In his "k ick" as the boys call If, and handed t b e boy a 8.*.0 note.

Tige lef t t b e house t h a t day. F r o m day to day the old gent leman

Inquired of bis son as to tbe progress Tige was making In h i s s tudies. The Invariable reply of tbe son w a s : " T h e professor says he's jus t ge t t ing on fine, and is going to m a k e a ta lker f r o m the base."

At last the even t fu l day came when Tige was to be b rough t home, and t h e young man took tbe other fifty f rom bis t rus t ing parent . T h a t evening he came home wi thout the dog.

"Where ' s Tige I" asked the govern-or.

"See here, fa ther ," said t h e young man , "I 'vo got someth ing to say t h a t won ' t do to speak out liefore all the fami ly . I 'de l ike to have five minu tes conversation wi th you iu another room."

F a l b t r a n d son retired to another room, locked the door, s tuffud paper In the key-hole, and t h e y o u r g man spoke as fol lows:

"Well , 1 wen t over tu Brooklyn aud got Tige, and he was d r ead fu l glad to see me. you bet . When we got on t b e boat 1 jus t t h o u g h t I 'd have a l i t t le t a lk wi lb the old dog, to kind of get h im broke In, and as tonish the folks when bego t home. W e sa t down a l the bow of t h e boat, and 1 sa id :

" H o w do, T ige?" "I 'ooty well," says he, "how's the

fo lks?" "Hang up," says 1. "Gals all wel l?" said he. " F i n e as a fiddle," said I . " H a s Miranda and t h a t big beat uf

I hers busted any mote of the pa r l r r s I chairs, s l t t lu ' on 'em doable?'* says be.

" I don' t pay much a t t en t ion to tbe gal 's luve affairs ." said 1, "and, Tige' you mus tn ' t talk ubuut such th ings ; they a re sacred." ,

"Look a here, J i m , " said Tige, kind er solemn like, and wink ing ou t of Ihe corner of his eye, "look A here, docs the old man keep it u p kissing t h a t cham bermaid w i l b t h e red cheeks a u d pug nose, every t i m e he catches her on t b e basem*nt s taircase T

' F a t h e r Just imagine how I fe l t to have t h a t dog ta lk ing t h a t way about t h e au tber uf m y being. rNuw, wha t wns I going to d o under the circum-s tances? Cuuld I br ihg t h a t d u g h o m e a n d have h im scandal izing ou r fami-ly aruund t b e nelghborhoodjand before company? N o t much I1 1 j u s t coaxed old T ige to the boat and pushed h im uverboard. Dead dogs tel l no tales."

" T h e j u d g m e n t uf the cour t is t h a t t h e murder was Justif iable ant* Btrictly in self defence," said t h e old man , and gave the protec tor of t h e family hunor anotlier fifty, and suggested t h a t i l might be Just as well to tell the fo lks t h a t Tige died in a fit, and not to men-t ion any th ing abou t bis convensalional powers.—Virginia Enterprise.

of Brvaliilng, all the above •yniptums will be cured,»nd the w hole system again restored to IIMIUI,

For sale by all Druggists aud General Deal ers

S, J . Vail, Acent American EzcrcaaOo. VpfllsnU. Mich , nndi-r dsls of SepU II, tMD. wntss- "Vour Wlihori's Ksrer nnd An* Tonic U U» only rcllibla Asuo car* lbs! I mer tried, snd, I litre awd s sn . l mmr SISrrMI klodi. Wilbon i cum eicrr tlm* uid do fall. I kasp li la Iks bouts Uw ysar land, snd If I feel lonu of a chill, one doae axes It. 1 h u e rorommended II tu > (real miUJ Itoublnl IlkuwUe, who like mrwtr hsre Uksn II • l » i report, and 1 h»rn jrt | lo leant uf one a u * where II b u failed."

D u r a n g a H h e u m a t i o B e m e d y . Thl» creal reined)' Is aaaln before oar people,

ana we an fiee to ur. Is a •ore and reliable core lo: altrunai ot rbeamstlia. 11 bat been before a •cuUnlitn* public six j a m and at Ihe ean of lhal yertud enjoja Ihe repnlaUon of neree hartnji railed lo cure Ihe worn cue- 11 ta taken Inter-"ally and caret qolcklr and permanenHr. Atk year Divalu for lk or tend for free 41 pace pam-Phllk lo K. K UelphentUne, Wubliunon. 1). C.

PIso's Cure for Consumption is fint effectual, Ihen good to take, then cheap. What more need tie said In its praise? If you have a cough, take Plso's Core, and be well. Sold by drug-gisU at iUSc and f LOO per bottle.

Y O U f f l i W h " ^ | Kt-rr t • jtfif-fMurl'rB.

rlllt.Wu. Add ttt P.. ValeaUne. Mauaier. Iin.ttllle.l

Bnech-UadlusSbiil Hum IVi< lo IHOO; Dnnlileslus Ouns IX lo sIKu: SbiiTe lluni lo »*U', Hln-e l i li n s : KerolTen It lo IJS. !»ii.l lor Isiw lllu Iiain* Mice calaluut. AUilteu UI1KA1 «fc.- :l.l.N HPS WOKKS. HlWmnch, l*i

J C O • CtUBLE GL'NS UI..M IM. I v. I* i livl.ltl.ut

S i i 4 . " ' -i-.''*> r . ' . L M m • P X T T •:!:>: r-K .W1<1 lAtlttKt>

$to Hrullirl ll IHiU'. II -I Km., unit ll.ll.-for III * V ,

usritt-nil l<rl.<r.* I i ,«* -iCnml. BUOIO JAMfE r oyt, f, SONS,

fso.t' i.ix ir*" ' nn-i.iiiuh, r> PWTERPaiSK 00.N VC1 Ka. E-.tkblllh-d IMI

CNCYCLOPytUiA tTI0UEn£5EUSiNESS Thin It Ihe ehesprvt and oalf ounplele snd it41>b*t

wm* onKllqmlt'aiiO ISelnna and >o<lal lonua "" Mit how In prrfrnn all Uie tatl-tit d lift or llli-.i how lu spirar tu ihe bnt adrsMte: i't occaid nv

Affenu Wanlad.-Send lor elieu ait ouilaliiinr a full OiKrirU'lioT th' wmk iml nua tinrt In AseuU. Addma NtnostL I i-ruuiiKO Co., Ch'afu, 111.

A GOOD WIFE, and Good Biscuits made wilb Pare Iltklng Powder, mtke a man bappf. 1 hsra manuraelured t l ihe Ka>t

B A E N E S B A S I N G P O W D E H , tndl now I iopote In rarnlth a rrc ti>t to ni«ke the time lortS cenlt (fi par eipente», I Vou tate one-half on what joa ate- Alto Iwo rtlutbla lee Ipta

W . O- B A B N E 8 , UattleCreek, Mich.

8 1 0 0 P R E 8 E N T I Fsr a l seklssUsl wiQ

l * v a s F a s t mod m thla o m .

offer, ftllItr , tiinliiitt. I l ey are dnllot in nffittwork.-

, tn'l'h'ei'culinfel ,.7 ho.^ jvtftliing i cilucailnn shoidd

l>islB(c*aM "'•f

a t: enquire of Iba

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I t * 14 Coutms ltXatt.Z>«ttoiUl

Beet OMwk ftrvvBI Pltol One fcr OaanapOM.! Ilaete^leka>dlltaM|Ooa.l Deee email, be«lU laraw.]

as Iba beat. Bold trai j aim*-1 Me. and • l . M par beWa.

Yhla Is th* Kin* of Saw J t saws off a 8 foot lo r in 8 mlnntM. 80^)00 la ns*. a Th* oh*ap**t v i -* mad*, and fa l l r w a m a U d . Olnmlarfr**. Baited tlstss Maoulketurlag Co., Chlesgo, 111.

THE W H I T E CATABRH 8 M F P l«'» Mtn> rurf far ('mUrrlL H kv ir, rmit* t n 'Kirxv

Aaafn^N R B r o w n . D r u i u T w r ^ S S

Rin'iTenperuM Dotel anl K n t u n i t Cor. Dates ft Consress lifs, Del roll a r

Within two mlnulaj walk of lha (flu Hall. Optra I1""*"! P—tajSo* snd BaalP, ll.ua. nut ball* ai^tur MtbedUiri>ifti«itUiKieruitSVIawtUiMe« KunilUat He. The tari haat Oxs Iwi.us nar dsr Hnota to

— J. U 1UCX. PravtMsr


PRESIDENTIAL CHAIR Till. lith. rhrapnM and onlj mmplew and telltble

•Jf* w WJoaelte and BoHneai sad tarsal ranas. It

T u u H K T C s S f c tall detenpUiia of li Addma tiATlONA 1

Ocimit Meiical aDJ Snmcal Institute,

A. B. B P n i I i r , M . D . , P i o p .

Or«. Ml Wnndvsnl A.e,, IVtroU. Mich., crretas v- tl aliailK n lo MUt .!• AL. ITK. Kill. CI-tillUH. ID no At snd LI^U DUEilOK.

(Iffics buimett etrta cle. Free traalmeat for the onoi from 4 loC P. M, each day. OOico bnurs. IDA. M.loBP.M. llcaltb Journal and cuotultaurei by uil or la office Cree.

Common S e n s e Engine , datable, of Ihe bn* wcrt-

1375: lo-laaiu rowrr. (SCO Tims

toad AMi^fSIrowSraaeESlM

rhb eisiartn* rrpre-en j Uio 'And lu s healthf s ale.


C O N S U M P T I O N , COUGHS. COLDS ASTHMA, CBOUP, tee or Ihe Throat, Lonss and Putmo-

nary Organa.

C O N S U M P T I O N C U R E D I L C COMfM. drasiM. af Msrlne air . U Ichlsao. wai

wUrWjcWTd or UcnapUaB t>T tbe ateJAllen*! Uum Btbai. lines which OMhetsl t lane qusnUlMi IS IL Under meal dele he wrttas at; -1 am acaiu i a ttrrl; out u/ AlMil Lone Balua. Sead baltaanatat

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CIEUkii st*, Kt.. April m OentlssMO—The <eauod lar Allect Lan KnMlac cuulanUi. Tha tai'.s think ledMoa equal Is tl tar Lrouj ta^W^pl

UoUm «UI Bad U a tale sod Nre ra their cMtdr i whan aflUOed with Cms.

UKbonnlaa UUs snaldalleataihlid. It canlsiiw no uplua Oautlow.—Hall lar l _ _ . „

j sosa^aU isMUetnUtam iSSJASS

J. V. HABBIS ft OO., Proprieton, caomATi. a



ARE INVITED le esaalM tbe UfM • l e f c t

NEW H O M S Wa bees feel added satwral aee

M i * W« «BM|M*tMt . . . . , > OawlJ Ml*»ll

Oo^l taU le irr ew bsrsM Mr** asr «•*•«. »



We hare reopened sn offlce, pcmanenUy, ts lbs Abatracl Balldlns, nbere we tbsll be slsd IS terrsold snd new rriendt *bo mtr de>lre oar pro-res.lonsl terrlcet. Ppee at attention will be (trea ,0 Inniaiplete pension elslnis and tn dalmt (or aa ncniate ol inrnilnn.

MILO. B. STEVENS ft CO, Penrica Allornsra,

A tat met I'.ulldtns, t)su<dt, Micb

D. D. MALLOHY ft O O , rackenetlbf OMnled Huiiom, Bbaxii

rrMhOrtlert I'snnedlYottssndTeQ^tea^Wlo^

M —

TIE OLY MEDICI That AeU at tho Sane TIm ob


a n d t h e Kll T —e rreal onnaa are I

ir.ui ities-ilna. Ulhe* \-iU lio perloct: If Uie/ drcadfald

TERWBLE tUFniUNBt • s t o . j sr.:

dies, Conttlpstloa sad srK14-u t j CaapUats, Qraie), Diabetss,

Kadlrarut la Ue t r ies , U l k r : i . j or Eopr I'riaej or Elite

aiailc Palss aad Acbaa, - j I tre dereloied beeaate tbe blond Is 1

with Ihe hamors that sboeld hare beeaj | rtpclkd BsiBisU]r.

K I J N E Y - W O R T 1 will rennre Ifeebesllbr action and altlti iletirorlnc evils will be be) them cad roa will lire ball*

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| (tin-..I i-.it"")

Made to hm •Int end toW irt« or wiUoMt power. ALSO CIKCIXAR WOOD-SAW*. •

BATTLE CREEK MACHINERY CO, BaM* Creek, Mid Bad/dr ChnJarmd hiet-UM.

tie Ue utenl seqaseu •( I sglpeople wbopraTte le puiilliii * I

1 KMnarWort • l ~ l » prrpated. Ibe paw-1 sellbla ealebraied rraad/ now

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| la sJwajt ready, and la mora cssllr tCuoty | I SMStpeople. Prloe, II per Inttle. | UQjmAMDzmrtoxjt aw x a o o o m j

WELLS. niCHiBMOS * CO., Prop'rs, | A Birtlaclee, Vi.!


T w e n t y S e c o n d Y e a r . Tfor Both Sexes.

Claaa eat. BctealUe. Normal, froparator,. Mutle aad Art OepartmeeU. Tetton (Loo to | t . « per term. Board 11.00 per week. The Winter Tenn b» «lr.t Jtnatrr • IMI. Mend 10 Ue Beeretarj lor CMalogae.

LANDS AND HOMES In Southwest Hissoari.

LOOMBO aeree of well-watered timber and pialrie lands aleiw th* Has of lha Umls and Ha* m n -llseo Uallwsr ror tale, si froai n Ml to I* par sore.

The tvine-lltil Kunap nunt nf iii.»- iiivau . im-nlkir la wioni has sltimM s lsr»o t_, Die WnrWa Ill-pi Iitanr ami Inv-illdt' llm.-l. In a.l»|iiln-.- r,-iiir.ll". Air th- Ir i-ure- llaiir llmun raws liatr imnntllr l— n lmt,-J. Hn I*I»t»»*. f t a r l l r PnairttSI— It tha neall nr II

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LOWELL JOURNAL. - Lowell Ledger Archivelowellledger.kdl.org/Lowell Journal/1880/11_November/11-24-1880.pdf · LOWELL JOURNAL LOWELL MICH. A LIKE PAPER IN I LIVE TOWN. TerniH!—ii»1.50 - [PDF Document] (2024)
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