Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 7 (2024)

MAnKBT Sale of Baking tig the after ad Juvenile this Town motored to Park and played the ho this opportunity or thanking Mi Cornell Mr Luke Lyons for the liey look making trip a success The visiting nest of play till the 1st of the 3rd innings when Rut- lodge got a good- hit Marks counted for lho first run Marks was good at pitching got two nice ones in Gibson got a ankle did well on third base Ames a of wild throws ill missed a couple of hot I lie Ihougltl going to hum his mil also made a wild thro- I lit Doug Ma Khali did welt hoboya were paying wilJi Hoy of the Boy Scouts from Toronto Wednesday what could ho done to r kot Major Serious of- rested by Con THE DEBT PROOF or Hie quality of our product la the treat number of monuments wo erected In the local cemeteries You have to take our wore for it get allsl of work have done- in your cemetery and examine It This will the claim thai we do only the highest grade of memorial work NORTH END FRUIT STORE hey going for iuftjng J Ames Marshall 3r llic holiday next he no place with bigger program of flporla ai as in Proceedings will open by from the dopot to a grounds by way Main and Water streets Med by Citizens Band of pieces It in expected that the procession will leave the North End about as the Ball is vllh Rev P On ham and possibly his Boys shower on Monday moili ng did a lot of good to gar- The switch at ho tral Telephone exchange fit on Monday and gave tin of trouble for of I Testing the fire on Tuesday morning Orange parade Clntrch on Sunday evening Thy Home Burners meet oil July to pass accident at oclock afternoon illo with a chisel WlHch slit Ho will be laid irk for ton days at least visited Wig Home yesterday for lliii annual inspection din ner was provided for them Mi ami Mrs Wo won get any further infor mation going to press Ball On Wednesday evening Rich team came hero ant defeated by the local senior- by a score of Our boys art going strong and Ihcy need to win the Championship District is the loyaf support of to lie result being special ted in an emletwiin Ins tin- best of kind ever held in Of special interest to it alike will be moving lho Ja il of the Oh Boy real Band i hand far llic will lie of patniolic nahiic and lie past or speak on Our ilanee illk to the children on Our Na tional l J lie -iIid- will lie in barge of Rev Waldo Smith Methodist minister of the An hour morning and evening the Lords Day is si much time to spend your life chance to develop me Pastor -J-lll- CREAM Delicious Made Parlies Phone FIRE WORKS FORI J WRIGHT ECONOMY is the watchword today You will fully realize the meaning of the word dealing with us If you do not get a bill at your door look tor our Advertisem*nt the Toronto papers each Thursday SUPERIOR STORES North End Newmarket ally line game are rivals and have been anxious to have a crack at each other They are the Banforlha and Oak- mounts from Toronto this game is going on there will be a list of Field Sports run Off the in cluding races for boys girls men and ladies and Jumping Tho Ladies Soft Ball Tjkjrna- is also to commence at oclock Open to Ladies teams in North York Silver Cup do nated liiy Office Specialty Mfg Co to be compered for annually un til won 3 times Rules of and already do not HOLIDAY TIME TABLE METROPOLITAN ELECTRIC Dominion Day i last car midnight Toronto for Hill at a and every half hour horse rat about several entries J though the close till lomo At Ihow game in the of lacrosse may be between Weston anil A combination Bo Band won Hie Glass Competition at to Exhibition last year ami all lovers of good music will enjoy a at Sheet Fair will open at Folk Dancing and is en tirely flee This will be lowed by Community Dancing music being provided by three Dancing on the Iween street and Street beautifully illuminated by York Hospital The following donations been received since lasl publica- Murray Kay Co Toronto en doznn napkins dozen linen traj cloths Gordon Wilmol doen eggs Hope Pine jar Cane jars jss rose- and lions for ild1cllows cake Women- Institute pair blankets sheetH spread pillow slieefsf bath towels i berries and flowers Sirs Clar roses Moved to Newmarket We following Tijiies of Worship In church oil id M lb SUf This week on sale balance of our of Mens and Young Tweed Suits want to make a final clearance and have marked down to the loweit possible notch Divided into two lots Lot No 1 Tvesd Suits well made and trimmed sizes 33 34 35 and sold regularly at to ON AT SUIT Lot No Mens Tweed and Suits in brown and Blue grey and brown worsted suits that formerly sold up to 3500 sizes 36 37 383944 ON SALE AT 1250 S0IT At these prices these suits wont last long so be on hand early Saturday morning NORTH BEST ST Cor North Tor the convenience- of in York it lias been in the Christian church with llic Metropolitan day Thursday and next Belfast June A terrific oclock for the teachers tornado in the Vacation of Or old oily ibis eemn in ex- suitable for use for the tensive damage kindly let were wrecked and a number o once people injured crowd and a good game on when the Junction Shamrocks meet He A at A Juniors lost a game to Weston lasT Saturday by a lo which they should have easily had they shown any life in Hie home field The de fence was good enough and with any breaks on the home should have won easily Saunders got two of he goals Any time hand the bait to this lad ho is bound to got on the jhccl- lleui got Hie first goal and as a defence player be is about the best in those parts Meredith and Evan turned in a fair game of Aurora shows a improvement and is a great strength an a defence fielder in goal put up a great game This boy would look good out on defence Both teams played a for of Day lea- it Stock Winner At Hie Aurora lair llu colls Baron Bobs owned by Messri J xt week Do- Anyone having maga d off 2yearold Sunday School Picnics on July yih at Island Grove July at River side Holland Landing Presbyterian on July at Dont Porget Tho monslerous celebration of the glorious of July is go ing lo bo held i Newmarket on Saturday July There is going lo be he- Parade over held in North York Tho Local Brethren ate making great preparations for a huge crowd is to be given away in prizes There is going lo be Baseball other sports as well as speeches by prominent Orangemen you will be sorry Ivy Brass Band will be in ali day Further announcements play put a lot Intermedin Agency and family Monday lui- her has been a resident of a great many years and has been a very useful citizen active in all public affairs for the wel fare of he community and be People in the morning passout Checks the ill be given noon so that the whole May joyed at the price of one Holders of school child tickets which distributed among all the school in North York will be admitted free when accompanied by fc p p m It C I WILSON Supt H0Q6INS REAL Booths on Hie grounds are fa charge of Messrs Ted Doyle and Bert Day Mr Doyle is chairman and also has charge of the distribution of tickets to the cashiers Mr is purchaser of supplies and Ernie charge of the Booilm Main street an the lie Field are in charge of Messrs J Stephenson A Hugo Alex end Basil J be sale of the Official Pro grams are in charge of the Hos pital lie Coll Mr etive of he Methodist eek Mrs Barber was made the of a handsome clock at ho hands of the members of Allies Ard Society was one of the office staff On Saturday June Anglican of Mr James on T McGonigie officiated The who was given away by her father looked in a gown of while salin trimmed with sliver and liliesof with veil caught orange blossoms and ried a bouquet of Ophelia CO il- had a day and was the real of Hie A downfall One result of his defeat to bring nut Sutherland and and tie will be in hero on July It is a si The Postal strike AM through the which have of the postal strike IhSstaff at market have shown their loyally Hie Coed side Park July The tornado swept over lho beau of Hie oily will tensity Roofs were torn from like paper be slate shingles flying in all directions Hundreds of people had to cling to lamp and fort safely house were wrecked and others heavily damaged Enormous damage was caused to by lho violence The tornado on lllf at the home of Mi and Mi John Cook of Bradford when their only CAMPAIGN the bride of Gardner OPEN8 IN son of Mr and Mrs Gardner formerly of litis town June The I lie was by business men of Britain are J The that Ihey cannot was given away by pete with sober America her lathe louked charming in a elated Sir George Foster in gown of white Canton crepe an on Hie temperance cause in St Church to night hat and slices match and ried a bouquet of white Lions After the ceremony a The massed forces da nit luiieheon was eiveii after and jit rict filled the happy couple left for the large church lo capacity Niagara J alls ami Buffalo J he ExPremier declared presents the purpose of the campaign is show Premier Ferguson able local field oraway home Com by Hie Mr hi Town on his Director to fill he Board occasioned lise of Mr he Head of the Company hen all their Branches and travellers I The passing of our friend and VicePresident Mi George M of London Ont the Organizal been for mor Mr bat ilh this Com- an thirty yean supporters during all to advii Meeting of the Board of of- the Mia J ley The Town Council is ozen is cars to Main street to be the fro other people requested to decorate homes and grounds is to Biggest Day ends and the glad hand The Trusly of Ton de chine gown becomingly drap ed with hat and gloves to match and she carried a bouquet of The flower little Hilda looked sweet in a pink dress with lace cap to match carrying a basket of pink sviiel peas The groom was suppored by Leonard Little well presided at Hip A buffet to the guests at the brides home The happy couple left later for Toronto by- motor accompanied by the bridesmaid and best man hence to Forest The bride travelled in a grey canton crepe dress with and shoes raed her gold cufflinks Wednesday June Mr Smith who Superintendent hi villi this Company in more than thirty Smith is also spoken V and Em ployee being the first man em ployed by Messrs Vawman they first started thf forly odd ye ell sed JO problems of th one who has been identified with every in the progress of this The Board of Directors were unanimous in lho Hon of behalf of the Company for many market when Company their Factory here in just 21 years ago as Superin tendent and he occupied the position ever since He has pot confined his services entirely he Company but has taken an in the mail from the north or the rural For some son a parcel of Eras for Hie went astray last day and we had numerous Saturday from people hut heard since whethe ached fheir destination are inclined lo think pared has been wrongly i held ihe ivheln I should be second round of the mixed is taken doubles tournament Is now being games yet that ng demand for a plebiscite that before t POMICE LOCATE Guelph June Over stolen from he Dominion Stores Ltd Garden Street on Sunday First If and hi defeated Carroll and Mtss J Young and Mi- defeat- on a faun south of Don and Miss Ross 0ntario College F sua Taylor where if had been hidden by four Perry had a bad street One bank with and Con- Kirk Ithe cars Con Kirk one in fault a few words of advice and he settled on the On Monday night a man named Smith from Toronto was running his car on the Sharon roads with out lights and ran into a horse and buggy driven by Ivj and harness broken Con Kirk was notified and driver of the car has been si lo appear before this Friday morning Death of Mrs E Lloyd It with sincere regret we re cord the death of an estimable young lady well known and much beloved in Newmarket in per son of Mrs G which sad event at Hospital Toronto on Tuesday last Deceased daught hell of Newmarket and familiarly known as Miss Jean Campbell who spent the greater part of her life in Newmarket being educated the and high schools here For a short lime before her marriage she was with the firm in Toronto Shortly after lie war she married Mr and with him went to a chicken farm near Mr Lloyd had been during he and order that health J undertaken night few months ago couple moved to on the appointment of Mr Lloyd lo the position of Postmaster of that llifini Ramsay 1 one sister of Aide of California Leather J Carroll and P o years of age youths who worked in lipped off their chums epN Hall lho left the d that their companions Smillie John Lister and Miss Pearson Hunter and Miss Cane and Miss Woodco*ck defeat Hunter and Mis Slralhmore June Cornelia and Marie aged and years respectively were burned o death and their mother and Bound little sisters Injured when and Morning defeated J to Miss Staunton the ground bis morning Dr Dales and Miss father had left for work when the Mathews and Miss Ml broke out Crowfoot June Thinking he would have a June Not returning to fun just lo break off the monot one of an accident cost diaries of farm life Harry Holland of this city and costs in set off a charge of He ran a milk wagon here at did not slop to learn- the extent of l killed by the explosion Ha was struck on the head and his fhroal was cut by the flying rock MAIN STREET NEWMARKET After July ths 3rd we will be operating on the AND CARRY PLAN This system reduces our overhead expenses so thai we will be able to sell on a smaller margin of profit This Means BARBAINS and 1 CHEAPER LIVING for You For the benefit of our old customers and other with to take advantage or It we will deliver all orders of or over Save for Us and Save Money OP TORONTO



Newmarket Era , June 27, 1924, p. 7 (2024)
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