Shopping in Geneva – Best Geneva shops – Time Out Switzerland (2024)

Shopping in Geneva – Best Geneva shops – Time Out Switzerland (1)

Need some retail therapy? Follow our Geneva shopping guide to some of the best boutiques, department stores and more.

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Hansine Johnston
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We want to show you just how creative your shopping in Geneva can get – once you know where to go. The block around Place du Molard may be well stocked with designer boutique options and department stores, but the surrounding side streets and downtown villages like Eaux Vives, Carouge and Quartier des Bains have a wealth of interesting and creative one-offs. How about a unique mechanical art gallery complete with flying structures? Or a world-renowned vintage clothing collection? One of a kind jewels? Retro home design at affordable prices? Book-stores where you can buy art and get your hair done? Geneva has so many original outlets to discover on any shopping tour. Plus a big advantage to shopping in the city is its bijoux size: you can cover most of it on foot and the remainder via the super efficient tram system.

Le Bal des Créateurs
  • Shopping
  • Plainpalais

Le Bal des Créateurs is a concept store devised by Geneva’s most famous hairdresser, Christophe Durand. Housed in an old art gallery, it features a bookshop, beauty room, hairdresser's and 150m2 gallery area, making it a favourite with local designers and the fashion press.

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Les Enfants Terribles
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques
  • Plainpalais

Part design workshop, part vintage emporium and part café bar, Les Enfants Terribles pulls off a feat of multi-tasking to be one of the coolest spaces in Geneva.

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Ozone Design
  • Shopping
  • Antiques
  • Eaux-Vives

Turn your back on the lake and hike up the hill towards Geneva’s upmarket Florissant quarter for hippy-dippy interior design shop Ozone. Inspired by 1960s London, it offers an affordable range of retro goodies – think bright Perspex vases, Warhol prints and quirky Quadrophenia-inspired mirrors.

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Le Panapé de Caméla
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques
  • Plainpalais

The intriguing and busy bazaar window display at interiors shop Le Panapé de Caméla catches the imagination of passing students from nearby Geneva University as much as local big-spenders.

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La Teinturerie
  • Shopping
  • Geneva

Tucked away in Place des Augustins, this shop is known for its selection of unique pieces by Swiss and international independent designers.

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Globus Geneva
  • Shopping
  • Department stores
  • Old Town (Vieille Ville)

Any shopping trip to Geneva should, and inevitably will, feature this busy department store at some point. Fashionwise, the selection has become more adventurous in recent years and now includes edgy, contemporary brands from the likes of hipster favourite Maje and Sandro, while the vast lingerie department stocks every “it” brand from Elle Macpherson to Hanky Panky.

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Les Recyclables
  • 4 out of 5 stars

  • Restaurants
  • Contemporary European
  • Plainpalais
  • price 2 of 4

An antidote to big-name chain cafés and a pocket of calm amid the bustle of Rue de Carouge, Les Recyclables is a delight. Half café, half second-hand bookshop, it lures you in for a drink or lunch and tempts you with a selection of new reading material.

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La Muse
  • Shopping
  • Boutiques
  • Old Town (Vieille Ville)

A welcome addition to the designer fashion scene in Geneva, La Muse offers an edgy and eclectic mix of brands passionately sold to you by its owner, Viola. Her creative mix of labels includes established British and international names such as Vivienne Westwood and Hudson, and newly emerging homegrown talent.

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  • Shopping
  • Boutiques
  • Old Town (Vieille Ville)

Poetry and art inspire the décor of this uptown multibrand store. The tone is set by the words to the French poem L’Apollinaire printed across swathes of linen, and specially commissioned pieces of Italian designer furniture fixed to the floor.

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Discover some of the best restaurant's and café's in the city, from budget friendly to luxury dining experiences.

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    Shopping in Geneva – Best Geneva shops – Time Out Switzerland (2024)


    What is the famous shopping street in Geneva? ›

    City Center – Extending from the banking district to Eaux Vives, the parallel streets of Rue du Rhone and Rue du Marche (becoming Rue du Rive further east) make up Geneva's most famous shopping district. Designer retail stores and world famous watchmakers line the streets packed with window shoppers.

    What's good to buy in Genève? ›

    These stores and many more are mostly centered around Place du Molard, the Rue de Rhône and the Rue de Marché. Swiss army knives and chocolate are the two things that immediately spring to mind when one thinks of Switzerland and the best chocolateries are Coop City, Arn Chocolaterie and Rohr.

    Are clothes expensive in Geneva? ›

    Clothes are expensive in Geneva, but H&M or C&E are good places where you can find some deals. Also, there are two Vet'shop locations around. One is right by the college on your way to rue des Vollandes and is a quite small one, and the other is right across the tracks at the Plainpalais stop.

    Are shops closed in Geneva on Sunday? ›

    Important information: Stores in Geneva are generally open from 8 am until 7 pm, Monday through Friday and until 6 pm on Saturday. They are closed on Sunday and on any bank holiday!

    What is the prettiest part of Geneva? ›

    Follow this article and make sure you don't miss any of the city's most beautiful spots!
    1. The Jardin anglais. The dance of the swans against the backdrop of the Jet d'Eau. ...
    2. Perle du Lac. Where Mont Blanc emerges. ...
    3. St. Peter's Cathedral. ...
    4. The Rue Etienne Dumont in the Old Town. ...
    5. Jonction. ...
    6. Salève mountain. ...
    7. The Bains des Pâquis.

    What is the best thing to buy in Switzerland? ›

    • Cuckoo Clocks. Cuckoo clocks are the top things to buy in Switzerland, known primarily for their charm and detailed artistry. ...
    • Swiss Chocolates. ...
    • Swiss Watches. ...
    • Swiss Army Knife. ...
    • Cheese. ...
    • Decorated Cowbells. ...
    • Music Boxes. ...
    • Traditional Swiss Clothes.

    Is Geneva cheap or expensive? ›

    Geneva ranks among one of the most expensive cities in the world. There is no such thing as a cheap hotel or meal in this city.

    What should I wear in Geneva? ›

    It's good to have a basic raincoat (a cheap plastic one will do) and a lightweight umbrella as well. Geneva is a slightly more smartly dressed city than some, but for general tourism certainly wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

    Do I need cash in Geneva? ›

    The most commonly accepted payment options are cash, credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere. The most common are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. It is advisable to check in advance...

    How much is a cup of coffee in Geneva Switzerland? ›

    Geneva and New York City, tied at third place

    If you find yourself in either of these two cities, a cup of cappuccino will likely set you back by about the same price—CHF4. 79 (US$5.49) in the Swiss city and US$5.48 in the Big Apple.

    What can't you do on Sunday in Switzerland? ›

    No noisy activities

    You aren't allowed to mow the grass, you can't hang laundry, and you cannot recycle your trash. Switzerland is known for its recycling laws, but not on Sundays. If you are caught sending out the trash to the recycle centers close to you, you will be fined.

    Why do Swiss supermarkets close so early? ›

    Work/life balance, essentially. Relatively small shops, which maybe just one or a few employees, close in such a way that they can relax and enjoy lunch, as well as making it home to have dinner with the family.

    What day are things closed in Switzerland? ›

    In general, most stores are open Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Many stores are closed on Sundays. However, stores are open at train stations, airports and gas stations.

    What is the expensive street in Geneva? ›

    The road of Rue Du Rhone is most famous and expensive road in Switzerland.

    What is the main street in Geneva Switzerland? ›

    The principal shopping area is the Rues Basses (The City Center), which encompasses several streets, including Rue du Rhône and Rue de la Confédération. This is the place to come for the very best shopping that Geneva has to offer.

    What is the famous square in Geneva? ›

    In the very center of Geneva's Old Town is Bourg-de-Four Square, a must-visit square, the oldest place in Geneva, where the Roman marketplace used to trade its wares.

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