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It is the scent of blueberry perfume. Something so mundane and innocuous that, had Byakuya been in a better state of mind, he would've never noticed the scent.

But it had been a draining day. Going out into the post-Tragedy world is always especially difficult, both physically and mentally. Even for someone as cold as the former heir apparent, it still brings a chill to his spine to realize all of the horrors that the Hope's Peak survivors missed- and all the terror that still occurs.

There had been a survivor outside who was critically injured, and despite Byakuya and his team's best efforts to aid the young man, they were unable to save him. His injuries were far too severe, and Byakuya honestly contemplated whether they should even waste resources on the man.

But that voice in the back of his head (that sounds suspiciously like Makoto) told him to not give up hope. Although it did indeed end up being a waste of both medical supplies and time, the young man seemed grateful to not be alone in his final minutes. Byakuya begrudgingly admitted that somewhere deep inside him, he found himself wondering if there was someone who cared deeply for this man. The blond shuddered at the thought of Makoto in his place, bleeding out with no one to comfort him.

Not that he cares deeply for Makoto. Surely he respects him and has even come to find comfort in his presence, but to say that he feels anything more than a mere camaraderie is...

It's too overwhelming for Byakuya to consider for more than a moment. He quickly pushes these strange and foreign emotions down into the depths of his mind. (He fears that his brain may soon overflow with these asinine "feelings." That boy really warped his mind.)

As he returns to the Future Foundation headquarters for a debrief, he feels exhausted. Of course, he is sure that his physical state is not noticeable (unless someone like Kyoko were to look at him for more than a second. Thankfully, she is at Hope's Peak Academy today).

Byakuya turns a corner in the maze of hallways and finds himself stopping his movement without even realizing it.

He is suddenly removed from his body and, without warning, is back in Hope's Peak.


It's before the Tragedy and he's in the library. The dorms were far too noisy so he is taking refuge in his usual location. He has come to realize that being surrounded by books brings him some comfort and reminds him of the few "happy" aspects of his childhood.

He is perusing the non-fiction section when he senses a presence behind him.

"Oh! Sorry, Byakuya, I didn't mean to bother you." Chihiro slides past Byakuya and crouches down to scan the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

"I shouldn't be surprised anymore that commoners such as yourself interrupt my solitary time. Of course, it could be worse I suppose. At least you aren't that masoch*st woman or her murderous alter."

"Toko is nice to talk to sometimes, especially when I'm looking for a good book to read. As for Jill... I'm still working up the courage to talk with her again."

"Yes, I heard that Jill had a... less than acceptable response to your coming out."

Chihiro huffs out a half-hearted laugh.

"Yeah, she was a bit worried about how to act knowing my gender wasn't male or female. She said, um, that she wasn't sure whether she should insult my prudish fashion choices or... put me on a giant dartboard and throw her scissors at me while I spun around. So, um... I guess despite the murderous intent Jill was kind of accepting in her own way?"

Byakuya can't help but let a small smirk escape him at the absurdity of the situation.

"Indeed, that is fairly tame for her. At least from my many unfortunate experiences with the woman. And that can be said for Toko as well."

Chihiro pushes themself off the library floor and faces Byakuya. Although they look a bit fearful, their eyes remain focused on him.

"You know... I think you could be a bit nicer to Toko. I know she seems to... like it, but it's not good for her to be treated like dirt." As Chihiro speaks they appear to be on the verge of tears.

Byakuya's smile drops as he gives a scoff to the programmer.

"Is that so? And are you going to be doing something if I don't comply with your wishes? Will I be exiled from your little 'friend group'? Will I be banned from speaking to you? As if I'd need any of you to get through school. In fact, knowing you all has only impeded my work ethic." He glares intensely at the person nearly shaking in front of him.

Were it a few months ago, Chihiro would've backed down instantly and likely started crying. But Chihiro wasn't who they used to be. Their voice is loud as they respond to Byakuya.

"No. No one is forcing you to do anything. It's just a suggestion because we're friends. I know you don't want to admit it but we are friends. You don't just choose to eat lunch and hang around people you don't care about. But I don't want to be friends with someone who intentionally hurts people all the time. I don't want Toko to feel bad because you're too stubborn and, and dickish to change your ways!" Chihiro's voice wavers a bit near the end, but they never look away from the icy glare of the Ultimate Affluent Progeny.

Byakuya's glare turns into a look of of disbelief, and he nearly drops his jaw in shock. The two stand in silence for a minute or two, both seemingly stunned by what just transpired. Finally, after what feels like hours, Byakuya clears his throat and speaks up.

"I see. I must admit I was not aware you felt that way."

"Um, yeah. I think most of us feel the same, actually. We were just too scared to tell you, or you wouldn't listen to those who did."

That's right, Aoi and Kyoko did tell him off on two separate occasions about his attitude. It had been before knowing anyone very well, however, so Byakuya did not pay them much mind.

"Interesting. Well, I suppose... Perhaps I will consider your words. Not for any sentimental reasons, but simply because it would be quite difficult to efficiently learn in a classroom filled with peers who despise me." He crosses his arms and pushes his glasses up in an attempt to regain his arrogant persona.

Chihiro's eyes seem to sparkle after he finishes speaking, but perhaps that is just the remnants of the tears they shed previously.

"Are you serious? I knew you weren't as mean as you try to seem! Oh my gosh, I didn't mean to say that, it sounded so rude I'm so sorry! You must think I'm some terrible person now." Almost as fast as it appeared, Chihiro's joy seemingly evaporates into the dry library air.

"And to think I was just going to make note of your increased confidence," Byakuya states in clear disappointment. "Well, I suppose it'd be strange if you lost all insecurities in a matter of four months."

Chihiro found themself giggling at Byakuya's attempt to subtly compliment them. They took a few seconds to find the book they were looking at previously before placing it in their bag.

"Thank you, Byakuya. I really appreciate you trying to be a better friend. And I'll make sure to show you my appreciation tomorrow. I'll see you then, okay?" Chihiro begins to walk away with a wide smile on their face, looking back to Byakuya every so often.

"I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Do you care to enlighten me?" Their words peak his curiosity as he glances at his watch. It is nearly dinner time. Perhaps he should eat this time.

"You'll find out! Don't worry, it's nothing bad! Bye for now!" Chihiro gives a small wave before nearly skipping out of the library.

Byakuya stands in the library alone, and despite his headache he finds that his head has never felt clearer.

A bloody corpse lying on the locker room floor.

A devious plan put in action with no remorse.

He didn't know their history then. But that's no excuse.

He's a monster.


"Um, Byakuya? Togami? C'mon, don't tell me I have to call you 'sir' or something to get a response!"

He blinks and he's back in the hallway. He's no longer the 17-year-old who's preparing to take over the Togami Corporation, or the 18-year-old tying up a human body; he's 20 and he has lost nearly everything (and yet he knows it could be so much worse).

A scuff mark on the grey vinyl floor comes into focus and he takes a moment to realize that he's being spoken to. He finally begins to return to his body and as he lifts his head up he sees-

"Hina?" Ah, that's right, he did run into her while he was walking in the halls of the Future Foundation. Yes, that's where he is now, isn't it? He feels a headache coming on.

"Oh, now you respond to me, but only when I call you 'sir'? I was calling your name for a full five minutes! You really never change, do you?" Aoi rolls her eyes. She walks to the nearby mirror hanging on the wall before reaching into her bag to pull out a hair tie.

Five minutes? Did he really allow himself to reminisce about a deceased classmate for that long? And why did he even get reminded of that specific memory? There was just no logic as to why he'd be thinking of Chihiro. They were long gone. Nothing could bring them back.

"Byakuya? What's wrong, did something happen on your mission?" Aoi is back in front of him giving him her full attention. The concern on her face leaves a sour taste in his mouth. Her hair is up in a ponytail, looking similarly to how she often styled it at Hope's Peak.

He wants to respond by saying something snide, or perhaps something completely cruel, just so she would leave him alone. However, he finds it difficult to speak at all. His mouth opens but in place of words he hears a wheezing breath escape his lips.

What is happening? Why is he struggling to breathe? He tries desperately to reach inside his brain for a logical explanation, however it seems as if his neurons have stopped firing. Or, rather, his neurons are firing so sporadically that he can't make any sense of his thoughts.

Byakuya does his best to feign apathy, hoping that his act is enough to prevent Aoi from following him. He quickly begins to walk towards the hallway where he believes he has to meet his supervisor. He loosens his tie, as if that miniscule strain on his throat is the cause of his distress.

Of course, with the way his day is going so far, it is no surprise that the swimmer worriedly chases after the panicking man (and with her, that damn scent of perfume follows).

"Hey, seriously, what's going on?" Aoi's concern begins to overlap with impatience at Byakuya's stubbornness, yet he can't ease her worries even if he wanted to.

All he can do is continue to make his way to the meeting. Then he can... Then he can what? Continue his moment of weakness in front of an even larger crowd?

He feels as if he is in some sort of daze. His body is working overtime to keep him functioning, however Byakuya feels as if this trembling vessel is not his own. It is not Byakuya Togami that seemingly forgot how to intake oxygen, but someone weaker, someone pathetic.

This distance from himself does not make these feelings any easier. The anxiety he is feeling has only grown exponentially since this incident began. Beads of sweat drip down his face and he can feel his stomach twisting with sickness. He just hopes he can keep from retching in the pristine hallway at his job. In front of his coworker (and friend, his brain adds in a whisper).

He nearly trips over his own feet in his panic but is able to regain his balance. His pace has slowed down, allowing Aoi to get in front of him to stop his movement.

Aoi keeps her hands placed on Byakuya's shoulders, and she stares into the heir's eyes in an attempt to bring him back to reality.

When she scans his pale face, Hina's eyes widen at Byakuya's clear look of fear. He doesn't even have the strength to hide it, which isn't like him at all.

His knees feel weak and he doesn't need to look at his hands to know they are shaking. He considers leaning on Hina for support but decides he would rather perish than admit that kind of weakness.

It seems, however, that perishing may become a reality for him sooner than he would like.

"Byakuya, c'mon. Get off your high horse and let me help you. We've been over this, you know that we all care about you. And despite your... Well, despite everything about you, I know that you care about us at least a little. So drop the act."

Togami can't help but let a scoff leave his lips before he continues taking in desperate breaths.

The thought that he would care at all about these people is ridiculous. They will never be anything but filthy commoners to him.

And yet...

And yet.

Byakuya finds his body nearly collapsing into Aoi for support. She lets out a small gasp of surprise but shortly after, she puts her arms around him as the heir rests his head on her shoulder.

"It's okay. You're okay. Just breathe with me." Hina speaks in a soft voice that Byakuya wasn't previously aware she was capable of. Not that she is always shouting, it is just that she always speaks with such confidence and passion. But her voice now... he might even say that it is soothing if he wasn't currently feeling his body cease proper functioning.

"Shut up. I know how to breathe," Byakuya sharply replies. Yet in spite of that, he feels himself attempting to match Hina's purposefully slowed breathing.

He closes his eyes and allows himself to just stay like this for a moment.

It takes a few minutes (or maybe longer, Byakuya is admittedly a bit out of it at the moment) for him to stop feeling the booming sensation of his heartbeat trying to rip through his ribcage.

His stomach has settled a bit, though he knows that he will be skipping dinner tonight (unless that pesky man he lives with forces him to eat some kind of disgusting commoner food).

The trembling of his body has not ceased, but it has lessened in intensity. Had Byakuya not had such a strict upbringing that taught him "proper etiquette", he would have surely fallen to the floor in a pathetic heap minutes ago. His shaking legs are keeping the rest of him up only through the will of his pride.

After letting out a deep exhale, he opens his eyes and startles upon realizing that he was resting on Hina's shoulder. And worse yet, she is still... Holding him. Her arms are wrapped around his back now as if he's being hugged.

Byakuya quickly removes himself from Aoi's embrace and pushes himself back into an upright position. Looking down at his clothing, he spends a few moments straightening his tie and checking for wrinkles on his suit.

Certainly he isn't doing so to avoid eye contact with the woman standing in front of him.

The longer he stares, the easier it is to see the small spatters of blood drying on his suit coat (he couldn't get the stains out no matter how hard he scrubbed. His hands are still pink and raw as a result.) Byakuya knows if he allows himself to think back to the untimely death of (Chihiro) that survivor, it is very likely his body will react in the same way it did only minutes ago.

With one last deep breath, Byakuya gradually raises his head to meet Hina's eyes. Thankfully, she is not looking at him with pity, but simply with a soft smile.

Byakuya reaches deep into his mind for the right words to say to Hina. "Thank you?" Or perhaps something to the effect of, "My apologies, Asahina, for my temporary loss of mental clarity. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to attend?"

"It was unnecessary for you to follow me through the hallway like a dog following a bone. Your help was not needed, as per usual."

Ah, of course that is his response before his sense of logic can catch up to his mouth.

"Okaaay, guess we're back to old Byakuya for now, huh? I'll be sure to yell at you about this when you're more... In your head."

"I am very much 'in my head' now, actually. Have you considered that this is simply who I am when I don't feign kindness?"

"You're really gonna make me argue with you about this? Fine. If you are so 'in your head" now, then what was that freakout you just had?" Hina's smile vanishes and she places her hands on her hips. Clearly she has dealt with far too much of Byakuya's belligerence these past few years.

Byakuya bristles at her question but attempts to keep his hardened demeanor. "That was...perhaps I overexerted myself on my mission today. That's all it was."

An unamused Aoi stares at him. "Uh huh. So 'being tired' made you dissociate and have a panic attack."

"You- I was just lost in thought." His head is getting heavier and it is becoming more difficult to defend himself, especially with someone as stubborn as Hina.

"Yeah? Thinking about what?"

"Blueberry perfume." Byakuya crosses his arms to hide their slight shaking.

"Huh? I mean, uh, why?" Clearly Aoi didn't expect a genuine response, and she certainly didn't think that the man would say such a random thing.

"You have some of it on you, do you no? It reminded me of someone else who wore it often. Although I must admit, the memory was unrelated to the scent, so I am a bit perplexed as to its relevancy."

"Hmm. I see." Hina removes her bag from her back and pulls out a glass bottle of blueberry perfume.

"Kyoko gave this to me as a, uh, gift. I think she noticed that I loved how it smells on her. It's nice because now when I miss her and we are apart for a while, I can just spray this on and close my eyes... And it's like she's almost here with me." A soft smile rests on Aoi's face as she speaks.

Suddenly, the swimmer's hand tightens on the bottle as he smile becomes more solemn.

"But... The scent also reminds me of Sakura. She liked this perfume too, and her dorm was almost suffocating with the smell of it. So... When I smell this, I think of Kyoko. But I also think of Sakura.

"It still hurts a lot to think of her. I used to get so many nightmares and woke up having panic attacks after she died, and I didn't have her to lay with and tell me it would be okay. I don't know if it ever will be fully okay, honestly. Sakura was really special to me. I loved her. I still love her. So much."

Byakuya could only watch as Aoi spoke with tears rushing down her face. He knows she is saying this all in some way to help him, however it is clear that she needs to let this out for herself too.

"But," she continues, "I know that getting to love her and losing her will always be better than never loving her at all. I will never regret loving Sakura. She was my first love. And even though I'm so happy with Kyoko, that love will never really end, ya know?"

If Byakuya was a better man, this would be the moment where he would apologize for his awful attitude during the Killing Game. He would get on his hands and knees and beg for forgiveness for saying that Sakura dying would be a good thing. He was so cruel to everyone. He deserved far more than a slap.

But Byakuya is not a good man. Or at least, he isn't quite there yet. Maybe sometime soon, he will work up to an apology.

"I... Understand, in a way. Though, the person I am remembering was certainly not as close to me as you were with... Sakura."

Byakuya hands Hina a cloth to wipe her eyes. She grabs it delicately as if it is worth millions (it most certainly does not, it was a measley hundred or so). After drying her tears, she holds the cloth out for him to take. In an act of grace, Byakuya holds back his disgust and nonverbally tells the woman to keep it.

"I mean, I figured the person you were thinking of wasn't someone you were in love with. You always only had eyes for Makoto, and he's still alive and well. I mean, maybe a bit overworked, but still!"

Byakuya finds it incredible how quickly Aoi seems able to bounce back into her happy-go-lucky persona. Her smile wide and her eyes shining as if she wasn't grieving a loved one just a minute prior.

She certainly is stronger than Byakuya gives her credit for.

Wait, what did she say about Makoto?

"Makoto? How did you...?" Is it that obvious? He's not ashamed of Makoto by any means, but the thought of people being aware of his private life makes him shudder.

"I may have overheard that you two just moved in together, and also the whole 'gaydar' thing. And if you could see the way that you look at him. I mean, come on. But anyway, let's stay on topic. So, it was someone who liked blueberry perfume and actually bothered to talk to you at Hope's Peak... Let's see..."

"Is such a comment really necessary?"

"You know I'm just teasing, but also you were kind of intimidating back then. Anyway! It was Chihiro, right?" Aoi claps her hands together and gleams up at the blond man.

"You- How do you even know so much about people? Knowing Makoto works too hard, and now something as mundane as Chihiro having liked blueberry perfume."

"I know a lot about all of our classmates. I think that you know a lot about them too, you just act like you don't."

Byakuya can only huff out a breath of exasperation at Aoi's assertion. He supposes that he does have more knowledge than he wishes he had about his classmates. Even those who are long gone.

Byakuya can feel the discomfort in his stomach getting stronger, and he finds himself taking purposefully deep breaths in an attempt to alleviate the malaise.

"You should probably go home and rest, panic attacks can really take a lot out of you."

"I... I came here to attend a debriefing." He doesn't even bother denying that he should go home. He isn't in the right state of mind to converse about what his team witnessed today.

"Is it in that room right over there with that balding guy who owns like 50 cats? I'll just go tell them you weren't feeling well and you'll call them about it tomorrow or something. Does that sound okay?"

If Byakuya had the energy, he would question Hina about a few things she said. But at the moment, it is just a miracle that he is still standing. He gives a small nod towards Aoi to confirm her plan.

"Okay, I'll text you tomorrow, you better respond or else I'll come over." Hina speaks with a smile, but there is also an underlying threatening tone in her voice.

Byakuya makes a mental note to check his phone as soon as he wakes up tomorrow morning.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Did you want this? I can always get some more." Hina holds out the blueberry perfume.

"That is unnecessary. I have my own."

"Oh. Okay, that's cool." She brings her hand back and puts the perfume in her bag.

"Thank you, Hina." The heir avoids eye contact as he says this.

"Hm? Oh, yeah, no problem. I think I saw a mall nearby with a ton of the stuff actually."

"No, I mean... Thank you for... Your help."

"Oh! Of course, that's what friends are for, right?" Hina gives a small smile as Byakuya glances at her for a few seconds before averting his eyes again.

Friends. It seems that is a running theme with his classmates.

"I suppose you are right. I will see you around, Hina.

"See ya, Kuya!" She lifts her hand and waves to Byakuya as he begins to walk away.

"Don't push it."

He can't help letting a smile out as he leaves.


He's in his dorm at Hope's Peak. Summer is coming to an end, and outside he can see the trees beginning to change color. He takes a moment to watch the wind move the leaves. A crisp green leaf is blown off of a branch and gently falls onto the grass.

Suddenly, he hears a knock on his door. When he opens it up, he is greeted by a warm, smiling face carrying a pink present.

"Was there something you needed, Chihiro?"

"Ah, sorry for bothering you! Were you busy?"

"I don't believe I said anything that would allude to you inconveniencing me in any way. Didn't we discuss this before? You cannot keep letting your worried thoughts warp reality."

"I know, I know. Sorry, it's hard to stop my anxiety from taking over my brain sometimes."

"You've made considerable improvements since last year. Perhaps you could have a conversation with Genocide Sho now?"

"Don't even joke about that please! I mean, maybe eventually, but... Well, anyway, the reason I came here is kind of related to that."

"Did you want to come in?" Byakuya holds the door open and lets Chihiro in his room.

"This will be quick, since I'm working on a project right now, but I just wanted to give this to you. As sort of a 'thank you' for all you've done." They lift the present they're holding and place it in Byakuya's hands.

"I cannot recall doing anything to warrant a gift. Are you sure this is meant for me?"

"Just open it, and be nice about it please!"

The progeny unwraps the bow holding the present closed and lifts the lid to reveal a small bottle of perfume.

"Perfume?" He takes it out of the box and examines it closely.

"Yeah, blueberry scented! You mentioned before that you liked how my dorm smelled, so I got you the perfume I use a lot. Oh, but you don't have to use it!"

"Don't be foolish. Of course I will be using it." He opens the bottle and sprays some on the back of his neck.

Seeing Chihiro's face brighten up makes Byakuya feel a warmth in his chest. He doesn't detest the feeling.

"I'm glad you like it. Oh, and another thing before I go! Most of the class is going to the mall on Saturday and we wanted to know if you want to go too."

"I see. You all want me to pay for your outing, is that it?" He arches a brow at the programmer.

"No, that's not it at all! A lot of us already have money anyways! Well, Makoto doesn't really, but you always buy him stuff anyway so I figured that isn't an issue.

"We want you to come because you're our friend, silly. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"You all must be complete fools to believe I am all of your 'friends'." He scoffs as he puts his perfume on the bedside table.

"Well... You're mine, right?" Chihiro looks away from Byakuya as they tightly hold their arm.

Byakuya almost answers "no" right away. But something stops him. Chihiro came here just to give him a gift and to invite him to hang out together. And Byakuya must admit... He trusts Chihiro. Is that what friendship is?

"It's okay, you don't have to answer now. I think that in time, you'll start being able to call us your friends." Chihiro gives a soft giggle.

"Chihiro." He steps towards the small brunette with a meaningful look.


"You— I... I appreciate your gift. As a return, I will pay for whatever you would like at the mall this Saturday." Why can he never say what he wishes to say?

"Oh no, you don't have to do that. I'd just feel too bad to buy anything." They wave their hands in a panic at Byakuya's offer.

"Then perhaps I will just find items that I believe you would like at the mall and gift them to you later on, starting with a new bottle of blueberry perfume. Are you agreeable to that?"

"I mean, I don't want you doing that. But I doubt I can stop you. So I'll see you this Saturday, right?"

"A Togami does not go back on their word."

They put their hands up to celebrate.

"Yippee!!! Oh geez, I've got to go, see you soon!"

"Goodbye, Chihiro." He gives a nod as they rush out the door.

Alone in his room, Byakuya sits on his bed and glanced at the gift he just received. In spite of himself, a toothy grin washes over his face.

He truly believes that he can confide in these people.

For the first time in his life, he feels at home.

Byakuya opens the door up to his home and notices the lights are still on despite it being late.

Was Makoto still up? He remembers that Makoto said he was going to leave Hope's Peak early today, but Byakuya thought that would mean he could go to bed early for a change.

He tries to be as quiet as he can, beginning to tip-toe past the living room where his partner appears to have fallen asleep waiting for him.

Of course, he should've known that Makoto would wake up at the faintest creaking of the floorboards. Partly because he grew up with a sneaky sister, and partly because of the trauma of the Tragedy.

"Kuya? How'd the mission go?" Makoto wipes his eyes before shifting his body to look at Byakuya.

The former heir can't find the energy to respond, he simply plops himself next to Makoto on the couch and leans into him.

"Oh. Not good, I take it? Did you want to talk about it?" The Lucky Student gently caresses the blond's hair, and in response he lets out a shaky breath.

"I... I regret my actions during the Killing Game." Byakuya speaks softly in a tone used only when with Makoto.

"Okay. What has you thinking of that?"

"A memory. I remembered Chihiro. We were... We were friends. And I... I tied up their body like they were nothing to me."

"But you didn't know that they were your friend then. It was messed up, but it was also in a situation that no one should ever be in."

"I enjoyed doing it. I thought it was fun to desecrate a corpse and use them to make the game entertaining." Byakuya is not crying, but his voice is wavering slightly and he finds his stomach churning violently.

"Hey, Byakuya, look at me." Makoto grabs his lover's face and lifts his head up to stare into his eyes.

"What you did during the Killing Game isn't who you are now. Your memories were erased, and we were all under a huge amount of pressure. We were just teenagers forced to kill. I don't blame any of us for what happened. It was Junko's doing. And I didn't even consider her unredeemable."

"I never told them." Byakuya speaks so quietly that Makoto almost didn't catch what he said.

"You never told who?"

"I never told Chihiro that they were my friend. It's such a childish word, but I know they would've appreciated being referred to as it."

The brunet man lets go of the blond's face and instead grabs his hands. Makoto knows that touch helps Byakuya feel grounded.

"I'm sure they knew. You were always supportive of them in your own way."

"Look at me," Byakuya laughs grimly, "Chihiro is the one who died and I'm here whining about my feelings. It's pathetic."

"Hey, you're allowed to grieve for people you lost. I doubt you even took the time to grieve before now. It's okay, I'm here with you."

Byakuya does not cry, but he does bury his face into Makoto's shoulder to hide his watering eyes. He loves Makoto more than he can ever express.

He loves his classmates. It took a few years to admit it, but now he is sure of it.

All the people they lost are never really gone. As long as they have memories of them, they will continue to live on. Byakuya Togami will make sure of that.

His classmates taught him what living truly is. Whenever Byakuya's brain brings up a memory of a classmate, he is reminded of those that live through him.

The memories remind him of home.

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