Kathy Najimy age, height, net worth 2024, husband, boyfriend, kids, weight, family, biography, wiki & more (2024)

Kathy Najimy age, height, net worth 2024, husband, boyfriend, kids, weight, family, biography, wiki & more (1)
Celebrated Name:Kathy Najimy
Real Name/Full Name:Kathy Ann Najimy Jr.
Age:67 years old
Birth Date:6 February 1957
Birth Place:San Diego, California, United States of America
Height:1.68 m
Weight:68 Kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Husband/Spouse (Name):Dan Finnerty (m. 1998)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Samia Finnerty)
Dating/Boyfriend (Name):N/A
Is Kathy Najimy Lesbian?:No
Profession:Comedian, Actor, Politician
Net Worth in 2024:$10 Million
Last Updated:June 2024

Kathy Ann Najimy Jr. is an American entertainer, scriptwriter, and political personality. She is most recognized for her appearances in the movies named Sister Act in 1992, Hocus Pocus in 1993, Rat Race in 2001, and her NBC comedy Veronica’s Closet from 1997 to 2000 and the cartoon television show named King of the Hill from 1997 to 2010.

She rose to prominence with her revolutionary play The Kathy and Mo Show, the show that she co-wrote and acted with Mo Gaffney.

Maybe you know about Kathy Najimy very well But do you know how old and tall is she, and what is her net worth in 2024? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Kathy Najimy’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, husband, boyfriend, dating, divorce, kids, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Najimy was born on 6 February 1957 in San Diego, California, United States of America. She was born in Lebanon, and her parents were Lebanese-American parents. Her mother’s name was Samia Massery, and her father’s name was Fred Najimy, and both of them were postal workers. She grew up Catholic and completed her schooling at Crawford High School. She graduated from San Diego State University in the year 1995.

Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Being born on 6 February 1957, Kathy Najimy is 67 years old as of today’s date 17th June 2024. Her height is 1.68 m tall, and weight is 68 Kg.

Personal Life: husband, boyfriend, dating, divorce, kids

Kathy Najimy age, height, net worth 2024, husband, boyfriend, kids, weight, family, biography, wiki & more (2)

Najimy got married to Dan Finnerty, who is an actor and a singer, of The Dan Band, in August 1998. The event was officiated by Gloria Steinem, who is an American journalist. Samia Najimy, a musician, is Najimy and Finnerty’s only child.


Kathy Najimy starred in the movie on stage, and she quickly rose to national prominence with ‘The Kathy and Mo Show,’ a tremendously popular comedic piece with feminist undercurrents (1986). But it was not her only brush with a celebrity; she had already been on television.

In 1981, the female actress featured on the Television program ‘Family Feud’ with her family, and she received a $10,000 reward. In 1985, she also competed as a contestant on the game show, which was named ‘$25,000 Pyramid.’ She also starred in the broadcast film which was named ‘Walls of Glass’ that year.

Kathy’s big year occurred in 1991. She co-hosted a show named ‘The Kathy & Mo Show: Parallel Lives’ with Mo Gaffney. The pair received a ‘CableAce’ award for finest acting in a comedy routine. She made her film debut in the police procedural action movie which was named The Hard Way and she later starred in the comedy movie named The Fisher King which was released on 1991.

Kathy gained her most well-known position as Sister Mary Patrick in the movie named Sister Act’ in the year1992. One year later, she reprised her role in the movie named Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. She went on to play Mary Sanderson in the immensely popular and critically praised 1993 comedy-horror film ‘Hocus Pocus.’

She appeared in many roles in the Ellen DeGeneres-starred comedy ‘Ellen’ in 1994. That same year, she also worked on her lowest-rated film, which was named It’s Pat. She then proceeded to alternate between movies and TV series. The Kathy and Mo Show, which was named The Dark Side, was returned in the year 1995.

In 1996, she was featured in the highly acclaimed medical drama ‘Chicago Hope’ as Dr Barbara ‘Bix’ Kronstadt. Kathy was cast as Olive Massery in the comedy series named Veronica’s Closet, which was cast between the years 1997 to 2000. She earned two OFTA Television Awards for her outstanding performances.

WALL-E, her most successful animated film, was released in the year 2008. Step Up 3D in the year 2010, The Guilt Triin the year 2012, Descendants in the year 2015, and Dumplin in the year2016 are her most recent features in the year 2018.

Awards & Achievements

  • Sister Act: The Funniest Supporting Role in an Animated Feature in the year1992.
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement for Female Voiceovers in an Animated Media Production King of the Hill in the year 1997.
  • Featured in a Comedy Special Kathy and Mo’s Show: The Dark Sidein the year 1995.
  • Featured in a Comedy Special Parallel Lives on The Kathy & Mo Show in the year 1991.
  • Best Performance in a Voice-Over in the year 2001
  • Best Series Supporting Actress in the year 1998
  • Best Comedy Series Supporting Actress in the year1998

Net Worth & Salary of Kathy Najimy in 2024

Kathy Najimy age, height, net worth 2024, husband, boyfriend, kids, weight, family, biography, wiki & more (3)

As of June 2024, Kathy Najimy is a wealthy American actress and entertainer with an estimated net worth of $10 million. Kathy has had a phenomenally successful profession in broadcasting. Among her favourite TV shows are ‘Veep’, which have been cast from 2014 to the present, Younger from 2015 present, Unforgettable from 2015 to 2016, The President Show in the year 2017 and Good Witch in 2019.

Kathy Najimy is among the industry’s most upbeat actors, has received several honours and nominations during her career. She is a very accomplished woman who is content with her job and her annual salary.

She has experimented with voice acting, participating in the animation series Hey Arnold, which was cast between 1997 to1999 and another animated feature named Cats Don’t Dance, which was cast in 1997.

She also provided the voice for the award-winning character of Peggy Hill in the cartoon series named King of the Hill.She has a happy and fulfilling life with her husband, child, and job.

Kathy Najimy age, height, net worth 2024, husband, boyfriend, kids, weight, family, biography, wiki & more (2024)


How old is Kathy Najimy now? ›

Then: 35/Now: 66

Kathy Najimy was 35 when she played Mary, the quirky and sensitive sister in the Hocus Pocus trio. Before this role, she was known for her performance in Sister Act and her career became even more diverse after the 1993 movie, with roles in various TV shows like Veep, Numbers, and Younger.

Who is Kathy Najimy married to? ›

Kathy lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor/singer Dan Finnerty (the Dan Band) and their daughter, Samia Najimy Finnerty.

Was Kathy Najimy in American Dad? ›

American Dad! (TV Series 2005– ) - Kathy Najimy as Cheryl - IMDb.

What is Kathy Najimy famous for? ›

Kathy is internationally known for her award-winning portrayal of “Sister Mary Patrick” in the Sister Act films, Hocus Pocus, Rat Race, Pixar's Oscar and Golden Globe winning WALL-E, Madea Christmas, Say Uncle, Hope Floats, Zack and Reba, Soapdish, The Hard Way, The Wedding Planner, Jeffrey, The Big K, Blowtorch, ...

How much weight did Kathy Najimy lose? ›

Kathy Najimy made headlines more than a decade ago in 2012 when she lost a significant amount of weight - a whopping 50 pounds. What made it even more astounding was the unconventional method she used, which is Zumba. It's not every day you hear about someone shedding extra pounds through dance fitness.

Are Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Aniston friends? ›

Aniston and Najimy have been friends for several years, and often share snippets of their friendship — including Thursday's dinner date — on social media. Both of Najimy's parents were Lebanese, and her mother, Samia, immigrated from Lebanon to the United States in 1946.

Is Kathy Najimy Middle Eastern? ›

Kathy Ann Najimy is an American actress, comedian, director, writer, producer and activist. Born in San Diego, her parents are Lebanese American.

Who is Virgin Mary married to? ›

In Nazareth, a city in the northern region of Galilee, a young girl named Mary was betrothed to Joseph, of the house of David. Before their marriage, an angel named Gabriel was sent to Mary and said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.”

Why did Kathy Najimy leave numbers? ›

She also was created to be another person to guide Charlie. Millie was only scheduled to appear in two to three episodes. With series regular Peter MacNicol's departure to film 24, her role was expanded. Kathy Najimy was not interested in work in television at the time.

How did Kathy Najimy know Brittany Murphy? ›

Kathy Najimy, who became close with the actress after co-starring on King of the Hill, recalled asking Murphy if she was okay, concerned over her "diminishing" appearance. "She said, 'That's what I've been told, if I want to be considered as a leading lady, I needed to lose a lot of weight. '"

Did Kathy Najimy do her own singing in Sister Act? ›

But none of us on Sister Act were pressured into being big Broadway singers because we were nuns, not Beyoncé. I can only speak for myself, but it was my real voice and Whoopi's real voice. We had lots of music rehearsals. They were always lots of fun.

Was Kathy Najimy on Broadway? ›

Najimy recently made her Broadway debut to rave reviews in Dirty Blonde, directed by James Lapine.

Is Kathy Najimy still married? ›

Kathy lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor/singer Dan Finnerty (the Dan Band) and their daughter, Samia Najimy Finnerty.

Was Kathy Najimy in Desperate Housewives? ›

"Desperate Housewives" Careful the Things You Say (TV Episode 2009) - Kathy Najimy as Detective Denise Lapera - IMDb.

Is Kathy Najimy Peggy Hill? ›

Najimy starred as Peggy Hill in Fox's King of the Hill from 1997 to 2010.

How old are the witches in Hocus Pocus 2 in real life? ›

Currently, Sarah Jessica Parker is 56, Bette Midler is 76, and Kathy Najimy is 64. There are many fun facts about the iconic witches of Hocus Pocus. Below, we have compiled five such fun facts ahead of the sequel's release on September 30.

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