Tocks Island River Gauge (2024)

1. Delaware River at Tocks Island -

  • ... River at Tocks Island are issued routinely year-round. Default Hydrograph, Scale to Flood Categories. Return to Area Map · Upstream Gauge - at Montague Upstream ...

  • National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

2. Downloads for Delaware River at Tocks Island (TKSN4)

  • 3 jan 2024 · Downloads for Delaware River at Tocks Island (TKSN4) ... Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS) River Gauge Current and Forecast Flood ...

  • National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

3. Current River Conditions - Delaware Water Gap National Recreation ...

4. USGS 01440200 Delaware River near Delaware Water Gap Pa

  • Stream Site ; Gage height, feet, 2013-10-01, 2024-05-06, 7414 ; Suspended sediment concentration, milligrams per liter, 1964-07-07, 1972-09-29, 815.

  • USGS Water Resources   

5. Delaware River near Delaware Water Gap Pa - 01440200

  • Gage height, feet from 4/30/2024 8:00:00 PM -0400 to 5/7/2024 8:00:00 PM -0400 May 01 May 02 May 03 May 04 May 05 May 06 May 07 6.50 6.60 6.70 6.80 6.90 ...

  • Monitoring location 01440200 is associated with a Stream in Warren County, New Jersey. Current conditions of Gage height and Temperature are available. Water data back to 1955 are available online.

6. DCP Meta Data - Hydrometeorological Automated Data System

  • DELAWARE RIVER BELOW TOCKS ISLAND NEAR COLUMBIA 6N. Latitude, N 41°00'47 ... (min), Coefficient Self-time, Coefficient Random, Constant, Base Elevation (ft), Gage ...

7. Delaware River at Tocks Island - National Water Prediction Service

  • Bevat niet: gauge | Resultaten tonen met:gauge

  • Thank you for visiting a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website. The link you have selected will take you to a non-U.S. Government website for additional information.

8. Delaware River Basin Commission|Flood Resources Portal


  • DRBC: Flood Resources Portal - Flood Information by Location

9. Flood Warning System Improvements Planned For Delaware River Basin

  • 29 mrt 2001 · Re-installation and modernization of a stream gauge at Tocks Island, N.J., in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Improved ...

  • DRBC News

10. Tocks Island (HADS), NJ - NJ Weather Network

  • Tocks Island (HADS), NJ. Latest NWS Forecast. Mostly Cloudy ... Heated Rain Gauge, No. Activation, 2013-07-10 ... Toms River, NJ · Townsend, DE · Trenton, NJ ...

11. Ida rain threatens to shut Delaware Water Gap Rec Area as river rises

  • 1 sep 2021 · While the park uses the Montague gauge as its benchmark, there is also a federal gauge at Tocks Island at the south end of the park, which is ...

  • The Delaware River will be closed through the national recreation area as the rains from Ida bring river levels to the danger level.

12. Will it flood near you? See forecasts for Lehigh, Delaware rivers

  • 18 dec 2023 · River gauge forecast map for eastern Pa. and ... river gauge forecasts in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. ... Delaware River at Tocks Island.

  • The heavy rain has moved on, but the effects will be felt along the Lehigh and Delaware rivers through Tuesday evening with flooding still expected in some places.

Tocks Island River Gauge (2024)


How high does the river level along this section of Buffalo Bayou need to reach to be considered a flood stage? ›

At levels above 60 feet major lowland flooding begins as homes above the gage begin to flood and several streets near the gage are inundated. At levels above 59.3 the bridge at Briar Forest SW is inundated. At levels above 57 feet moderate lowland flooding begins as portions of Briar Forest Drive begin to flood.

How cold does the Delaware river get? ›

Water temperatures can drop from the 50s to the 30s by December. No matter what time of year you are visiting the Upper Delaware Region, it's essential to plan ahead and be prepared for a variety of conditions that can change rapidly.

How fast is the current in the Delaware river? ›

River current is approximately 2 miles per hour. These are moderate water levels with waves between 4 to 5 feet and swift river currents of 2.5 miles per hour or more. Only larger rocks are exposed in rapids with open and wide channels.

What is the longest bayou in Houston? ›

Buffalo Bayou is the longest and largest of the bayous which flow through Houston, following a 53-mile (85 km) route from Katy through Memorial, Rice Military, Downtown, the East End, Denver Harbor, and Channelview before meeting the San Jacinto River at Galveston Bay.

How deep is the deepest part of the Delaware River? ›

The deepest point of the Delaware is the Big Eddy at Narrowsburg, N.Y., at ~113 ft. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area was one of the top ten visited national park sites in 2020.

Is it illegal to swim in the Delaware River? ›

Swimming in areas of the river outside the life guarded beaches is permitted, but not recommended. Strong currents, sharp drop-offs, and constantly changing river conditions make many areas unsafe for swimming. Wearing a properly fitting life jacket is strongly recommended when swimming.

What is the deepest depth of the Delaware River? ›

The deepest point on the Delaware River is located at Narrowsburg in the Town of Tusten, where the Big Eddy runs 113 feet deep.

How deep is the Delaware River tubing? ›

A: The river averages at 2-4 feet deep for most of the trip. However, some spots can exceed 10-12 feet deep, especially if the water levels are higher than average, but this is rare in this section of the Delaware River.

How shallow is the Delaware River? ›

Along the shorelines, river depth may be between 4-6 feet, but drop off steeply to an average of 30-40 feet away from the shore.

How far can ships go up the Delaware River? ›

The Delaware River is navigable 30 miles upriver from Penn's Landing in Philadelphia to Trenton, the capital of New Jersey. Hospitable ports of call can be found at Burlington (about 7 miles beyond Dredge Harbor) and Bordentown (8 miles farther up and 4 miles short of Trenton) for shoal-draft boats.

Why is Buffalo Bayou called Buffalo Bayou? ›

Little doubt exists that buffalo once roamed over the aptly named Buffalo Bayou. In fact, fossils found close to Armand Bayou point to bison in the area 35,000 years ago. But the history of Houston's bayous doesn't begin and end with a species stampede.

What is the river level in New Orleans? ›

Latest Data 05/01/2024 23:00 Central
Latest Stage11.37 Ft.
24 Hr. Precip Total0.00 In.
Latest Air Temp77 °F
Latest Water Temp67 °F
4 more rows

How polluted is Buffalo Bayou? ›

However, environmental progress was slow, and Buffalo Bayou was still heavily polluted through the late 1940s. Today, the bayou still faces significant environmental challenges, including elevated levels of indicator bacteria, low oxygen saturation, and heavy nutrient pollution.

How high does the Mississippi river go? ›

Above the dam, the river's elevation is 799 feet (244 m). Below the dam, the river's elevation is 750 feet (230 m).

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